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B_25 #1 · Aug 9th, 2020 · · 2 · Epilogue ·

thatta boy
~ Yr. Pal, B

what in the nine hells is "unbirthing"!?

Yes. Yes you will.

You know how babies are born, right? You basically reverse that process. That is to say, you stuff the child back up the vagina.


yeah....that is a uh.....whats the exact opposite of a kink orr fetish?

Because whatever that is, that's how I feel about this.

Unbirthing the day after Vore Day? Excellent timing! Definitely gonna give this a read!

Well, I wanted you to find out, and you found out. So at least you learned something new.
If it's not for you, that's okay. It's a specific kink that is certainly not for everybody, and I wouldn't expect it to be. Nor would I want to force you to expose yourself to something you know you wouldn't like. That's why I put my tags right there up front. Truth in advertising!

Hopefully the next story I write will be more to your liking.

Thank you, shakes.

You know. In an odd way. You are alike to your namesake. It's rather inspiring. Despite the lewd field you've chosen.

I wish you luck in whatever stories you craft, and that those who do enjoy this sort of thing enjoy it well

"You- you want me to mastur- to do that, while my son is in there?" Posy asked.



what's the exact opposite of a kink or fetish?

Incredibly wholesome and family-friendly? :rainbowhuh:

Or in this case, family OVERLY-friendly!

No like. A kink or whatever makes your cock completely hard as diamond.

The opposite in this case would turn that diamond into a noodle.

Shakes, noooo! That is too much power for one, incredibly handsome, muscly and well built, young man! NoooO!


I̞̘̥̲̫̭̩̥̻̟͍͙ͭ̾̒̆̍͒T̜͕̞̟̠͈̥̼̙͓͕̺̮̦̐̽̒̎̃͒̉͌̃̚ ̟̩̗̫̫̼̺̝̻͕̀ͪ̐̽̈ͦͬ̽̋ͫ̚ͅĨ͉͓̼̝ͧͤ̾ͦͪ̚S̹͖̩̘̭̪̦͖͉̠͕̜̬̥̠̞͙̗͕̀ͨͧ̽̍͛͋̓̌͌̀̓ͣ ͎̗͕̻͓̱̠̯̼͇͍̘̦̭͎̹͆̋̃ͮ̈́ͨ̒͂ͦͮ̉ͯ̈͌ͦͫ̄T̯͓̭͖͕̪͈̗͉̘̖͍̥̅̆ͮͨ̌̈́ͭ̇O̞̹̫̟̼̮̬͎̗͉̗͇̭̻̲̭̞̝͎ͬ̅̋̾̎̿ͭ̎̋͗̐̐̋̉̊O̜̮̜̬̰̰͈̤͉̖̫̞̩̙̮̫͐ͤ́̓̎ͬͫ̆ͩ̏ͭ̈́̀̚ͅ ̙̝̺̪̞̻͋̔ͪ̀͗̅͆̏͂͑ͅL͉̭͉̣̻͖̯̲̭̘̮͆ͫͥ͊̽͋̋ͬ̾ͧ̉̃̄͋̈́̚A͔͕̤̗̮̝̻̳̠̖͚̣͚͆ͦ̓͊͂ͅT̻̺̟̜͈̦͔͑̍̌͌͊́̈́̓ͫͤ̓̉̄̓̄̔̂ͮE̞͚̜̝̳̼̬̘̹͈̲͕̠̺͔ͥͩͣͬ͑̊̾͛̊ͯͨ̉́̋̽̃̚


aww it has breastfeeding but not in anthro

Well what should I call it? Crotch-tit-feeding?

I guess just not into crotch tits

Posy looked up at him with sultry, half-lidded eyes. "I have located the water jet."

"Yes! Remember, you are still connected to each other!" Harshwhinny reminded all of them. "You are only going to feel pleasure by pleasing each other!"

Zephyr smiled at his mother, already ahead of the game.

It took several chapters, but it finally went all according to plan. :raritywink:

8/10. The birthing chapter was a bit too nauseating for me to enjoy. As for the rest, excellent! Would clop to again.

Oh boy... This chapter... I really wanted to enjoy this since this has a bunch of stuff I'm really into, but some of this story's elements are so messed up to me that I couldn't enjoy it. It had stallions forced to go through this stuff and told to go along with this new way of thinking or die. That is way too much like some stuff some friends and family of mine have had to deal with involving cults for comfort.


This statement doesn't make much sense
Whether you like It or not a fetish remains a fetish

Well, damn. Not really the angle I was going for. The whole 'asphyxiation' scene was meant more for drama, to add to the conflict rather than just having everypony instantly on board with going through with the whole thing. In hindsight, the whole program could definitely feel cult-ish, when viewed in that way. But really, it wasn't my intention. Sorry about that. :applejackunsure:

10376536 You haven't seen anything yet until you open up your eyes!



Let me tell you a story

A Big Mek-Boss once had a thunk that maybe there could be 'enough dakka'. Possessing no ready concept of 'consequences' or 'safety' or even of what 'enough dakka' might look like if he found it, the Mek-Boss constructed two epic devices, festooned with big shootas and rokkit launchas and combi-weapons of all varieties.

Painted the brightest yellow, these two devices were positioned pointing at each-other, in a configuration the Big Mek called a 'Supah-Dakka-Collidah'. With his enormous WAAUGH! for an audience, the Mek-Boss fired the weapons.

To this day, the site of the experiment is a massive void in space, manifesting even in the cosmic background radiation.

That would not be enough dakka.

How much is needed here?

<angries in nerd>

In all seriousness though, probably gonna pass on this. Not enough to keep me interested and doesn't strike me as something I particularly want to poke fun at

A well written story it allows visualizations of the environment and events without glaring grammatical error, but these 'mother' character disgust me deeply which must also lay credit to the writting quality. Endagering their children to force them to comply at risk of death? What kind of mother would do such a thing and be worthy of the title? If you put a child in a small space running out of air is it the childs fault if they die when they have no escape under their control or the parent who needlessly endagered them in the first place? Their 'agreeing' to link with their 'mother's again doesn't actually conceed anything other than a basic survival instinct. If freed from such a prison perhaps they should dangle the 'mother's over a cliff and tell them that because they arn't respecting them enough or some other such trite, that instead of dealing with disagreements like grown mares and stallions they will have to conceed or die. I'll read on in the hopes that these monsters suffer a painful death by the end but I'd wager I'll be yet more disappointed. I get that the setup needs to be there to get to the material that many 'came' here to get to, but it makes it hard to care about these 'mother's who recklessly endager the children that they 'love'.

As a person who gets all 🤢 from the tags, you know what disgusts me more?
idiots who don't read them and then downvote.

Well... I read it. Didn't push my buttons nearly as much as I expected it to. Admittedly, the process of the unbirth? SUPER HOT! The dubiousness of the consent here? Not so much for my personal tastes. Informed consent is extra sexy to me. The last sentence got a smirk and an amused eyeroll out of me though. "Of course he would."

Not going into my spank bank but I do give it a thumbs up.

Hes an ork player. They all speak oddly

Remember when sci fi could be fun?

Perpetually Confused remembers

I meant child as in the son/daughter of someone regardless of age, but I forgot at the time that anyone can be unbirthed by anyone... :rainbowderp:

You know it's bad when a fetish group can only fit it under one category when it has multiple tags. Just oooff.


Firstly, thank you for your earnest feedback. Not quite the reaction I was going for. But I always do hope that my writing can affect the readers beyond being simple fap material, and make them feel something more than just horny, even for something a niche as this fetish fic. And I suppose this reaction does qualify.

The parallel I was trying to draw, and as was stated within the story itself, was that they (the stallions) didn't have a choice in being where they were, much like the sperms they once used to be. And they, just as before, had to choose life.

Though I suppose a less severe ultimatum could have been for them to simply be trapped there as tiny ponies until they accepted the cord to be able to start growing back to full size. The 'peril of life and death' was meant to lend a heightened drama to the scene. Though in hindsight it did so rather cheaply in terms of writing execution, and worse, at the expense of the (already questionable) moral quality of the mares involved. Upon objective reconsideration, it's clear that it didn't add anything vital to serve the main narrative, so I have edited that part of the story.

I have to say, the unbirthing with the umbilical cord was very original and surprisingly hot.

Thank you very much.
I always strive to break new ground with my writing in some way each time. So that even in well-tread fetishes, I can try to offer some original elements in the narratives to my readers.

So, kinda going on what some other readers have mentioned about this chapter, I have to say it's kinda uncomfortable - and not because of the unbirthing. The four stallions get drugged, have their bodies altered without being aware of what's happening and finally forced into an enclosed space while begging for it to stop while their partners doesn't listen because it's "for their own good." I notice that the story was edited so that it wasn't a matter of life or death which is a definite improvement, but it's still, for lack of a better term, imprisoning them unless they give in to what their partners demand. No matter which way you slice it, this has a lot of non-consensual elements in the set-up.

Having read the rest of the story, I don't think there's a way to edit this to really remove these elements. That being said, I think there's an argument that the story might warrant a non-con tag, or possibly mentioning it. I admit I could be reading too much into it and putting my own negative spin on it, so I'll defer to you.

"And that's the story of how your little brother was conceived," Cadance told Flurry Heart.

I'll admit to getting a laugh out of this. I can imagine this leads to issues when Flurry and her brother are older.
"Look, Mom and Dad aren't home, so I'm in charge 'cause I'm older. Deal with it"
"Oh yeah, well technically, I'm you're half-uncle! Therefore, I out-rank you, so I should be in charge!"

Then again, the Sparkle family canonically has people in multiple different familial roles (ie. Twilight as Spike's parent and older sister), so they probably don't care at all.

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