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Hello! Leavin' this place permanently. Bye felicia.


Rainbow dash gets a job as a night guard for 100 bits a week! Little does she know, the animatronics are VERY deadly. Is it worth the risk?

Btw, cover art drawn by me! (It is very hard to draw Bonnie! I used markers for coloring. I know it looks bad, but for me this is really good!)

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OK no, no, and no this is a poor excuse of a FNAF crossover story. I mean this story needs more characters in it and there are not enough words in each chapter. If you don't know what I'm talking about then look at my story's at least I put time and effort in my story's this story is just a quick and easy way to make. At least I'm a real FNAF fan there is no way in hell that this story is good man try again and make it better next time.

It's his/her's story, if its good... its good, if not, then its not. I do like cover art for this story though.

Thanks! It was really hard to draw.

Have you read my description of me? It says I'm not a good writer and that I'm more of a reader.

O ok sorry about that man so what inspired you to create this story.

I think it was called "five nights at Strickland's propane". I also like the game series.

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