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Night 1: 2:00 am

2:00 am.

“Okay, I’m almost halfway through.” Rainbow said to herself.

Chica now wasn’t eating the pizza decorations and instead was staring through Rainbow’s soul.

That sent a shiver up her spine.

She checked her left door light and Bonnie was still there.

Then the light flickered and he disappeared.

She opened the door and continued looking at her cameras. Both Chica and Bonnie were in the party room. They were both staring at the camera. She checked the halls and saw a poster with a Golden Freddy head on it.

She turned off the camera.

Golden Freddy sat in front of her.

“Ahh!!!” Rainbow screamed as she shut her eyes.

Nothing happened.

She then opened her eyes and Golden Freddy was gone.

“Huh." She shrugged It off and continued to work.

She checked her doors and both Bonnie and Chica were at their door.

Rainbow slammed them both shut.


She checked the time.


“Come on! Just a few more hours!”

She checked the party room and both Chica and Bonnie were there.

She opened the doors and turned off the cameras.

She sat there for a while...







Rainbow then decided to check the lights. They weren’t there so she continued to look at the cameras. Luckily, Bonnie and Chica were still there.


Now they were both gone. She checked the hallways and Chica was there and Bonnie was in the other hallway.


“Oh no, I’m low on power... wait a second!” Rainbow shut off everything and said, “I can just fly around and avoid the animatronics! Why didn’t I think of that?!”

She flew out the hallway and flew to the party room. Freddy was on stage and he seemed to be staring at Rainbow.

She shrugged it off and explored. She eventually found a secret room not connected to the camera system.

Inside we’re two suits. One that was a bunny, and one that was a bear.

Next to them was a giant generator labeled GENERATOR. It seemed to be able to take a giant 3 foot battery.

“I got to get an extra battery.”

Rainbow looked around and saw a giant battery.


She took out the battery and the whole place powered down.

She then placed the new battery in.

Everything powered on again.

She was about to go back to the office when Freddy grabbed her head.

"No! Let me go!" Rainbow tried to get off, but these things were stronger than her.

"AHH!" she screamed as she woke up. She checked her surroundings and she was fine.

She checked her power and it was boosted to 75%.

It had a note on it the seemed to be written in a rush.



GF? What's that stand for?

She said to whoever did that, "Thank you."

She checked the time.

3:00 am

Author's Note:

Version 1.0