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Night 1: 1:00 am

Rainbow checked the camera and looked at the stage. She saw a purple bunny and a brown bear along with a yellow duck... or is that a chicken? She didn't know. She guessed the bear was Freddy, the bunny was Bonnie, and the duck... chicken WHATEVER was Chica.


She looked at the camera again. "Ugh. Dumb sta- WHERE'S BONNIE?!?!"

She spammed through all the cameras and the last camera she looked at was the party room, where Bonnie obviously was.

"Okay. There you are."


Now the bunny she just found disappeared again. She scrambled through the cameras and found him in the hallway to her left.


She closed the left door. She noticed the power draining faster.

She looked on her cameras again and found Bonnie no where.

She checked the light and saw a shadow on her window.

"O-okay... Bonnie is there..."

She checked the party room and saw Chica there.


Bonnie was now there but Chica was no where to be found.


Now both doors were slammed shut.

She looked at her power:


She checked the left door. No shadows. She opened the door. She then checked her right. She saw Chica stand in there, staring at her through the window. It seemed like she was smiling.

"Go away! Dumb chicken duck!"

She spammed the light switch.

Chica then inched closer.

"Ahh!" Rainbow screamed.


"Uh... I need to conserve power..."

She then turned off the camera.

Bad idea, Dash!

She sat there and curled up into a ball and began rocking herself back and forth, trying to stay calm.


"Oh my gosh..." she whimpered.

She slowly turned her head to the left and saw Bonnie standing at the door.


I knew that was a bad idea!

Rainbow turned the camera on. She scanned it and saw Chica in the party room. Rainbow opened her right door. She checked the light to make sure no one was there and did the same to the left door. Except Bonnie was still there.


She then re-shut the door and scanned the camera once again to find Chica in the bathroom... trying to eat the pizza decorations on the wall. Weird.

She checked the time.

2:00 am

Author's Note:

Version 1.0