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Lofty Withers

If I see far, it is because I am lofted on the withers of horses.


It's not romance until someone dies.
This story was written for Writeoff event #121.

Thanks to the following for pre-reading and suggestions: Coffeeminion, Thisisalongname, Baal Bunny, alarajrogers, and Nailah.

This story has been entered into the Quills and Sofas Speedwriting contest Expanding Universes as a prompt. Some unlucky soul will have the opportunity to write a prequel or sequel to this story.

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Comments ( 5 )

Interesting. From the beginning I very much expected this to go in the opposite direction, Wallflower helping Lyra cope - it isn't clear to me from the start that Bon Bon is driving this as much as Lyra's emotions. Heartwrenching all the same.

Necromancy is some pretty twisted stuff. Like a duck penis

This made me laugh far too hard. I don't know if that was supposed to be funny in an otherwise grim, serious story but hey, comic relief.

Why isn't there a tragedy tag?

I don't think it really is a tragedy, in the literary sense. Dark yes, sad absolutely, but tragedy? In an admittedly heartwrenching way, the protagonists do "succeed".

This was pretty interesting. I admit I was unclear what tone it was going for. The first part presents everything pretty seriously, but then the jokes started appearing. If the goal was to have a tone shift, I think making a more obvious and sudden transition point would have helped. Still, I enjoyed the character interactions, and this is an usual set of characters to play off each other.

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