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Creativa's struggle against Order's tyranny isn't going well, especially after another humiliating defeat punts her through one of his portals to a different dimension. Still, this eager to help alicorn who vaguely looks like her late sister seems to be a sign her luck is turning.

Seems. Order's schemes are grander than anypony, least of all Creativa and Luna, can imagine.

Originally written for Nitro Indigo's first Swapped Roles contest a year ago, with Discord and Celestia being the inverted ones while a flippant canon version of Luna tags along for the ride. The story is its own fic now.

Rated Teen for some knockdown drag-out brawls between heroes and villains. One character also occasionally cusses in untranslated Latin.

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Just a heads up, I won’t be giving feedback on this story until the contest is over, and the same will be true for all entries. This is because any feedback I give could be used to improve the story, and then I’d be giving the author an unfair advantage. What I can say, though, is that you misspelled “contest” as “context” in the description.

Ooh, this should be fun. Confronting Order with the counterargument of Equestria should be very interesting indeed. How will he react to a Harmony that has successfully incorporated Chaos? Of course, first they need to find a way back to his world...

I was expecting an exploration of your AU, and then Order yeeted his foe into the canon dimension, which totally makes sense. Now I'm even more interested.


I admit I’m hustling to bang out this fic before the month ends and the contest is over, so world exploration will be something the reader experiences alongside Luna in real time.

That said, next week’s chapter will be from Twiddle Spiral’s perspective as she tries to keep the free ponies together in Creativa’s absence. So look forward to meeting Twilight’s Chaos counterpart.

Interesting setup. I must say, I am intrigued.

My mind has gone to a very dark place. Petrification probably isn't reversible if the victim is shattered.


Updates will be posted every Thursday through the month of June

Is everything okay? Checking a calendar, you've missed the last two updates. Normally I wouldn't even blink at that, but given the state of the world right now, going Radio Silent actually is cause for alarm.

Edit x2:
Ignore edit one. The Author uploaded a one-shot on Wednesday.

No worries. Nitro extended the contest’s deadline to the end of July, so I’ve been taking it easy while I work on wrapping up my Snippet Series in tandem.

This fic oughta be done by August 1st at the absolute latest.

Like I said in edit 2, we're fine. I wasn't worried about the fic, I was worried about you. Its what happens when i post before checking the blog or other fics. :facehoof:

This is a really interesting premise. I'm very excited for getting to see the counterparts in closer detail (and indeed, more of them getting to meet each other), but it also makes incredible sense that even with their roles of order and chaos switched, Discord is still a villain and the sisters are still the heroes. It comes down to pony perspective; Discord, at least pre-S3, is a hardliner and an elemental force with no sentimental connections to anyone, so all he cares about is filling the world with as much chaos as possible. The same would go for Order; he's not creating a world of perfect structure for the ponies living in it, he's doing it just because that's what he is. Celestia and Luna have always cared about their ponies and giving them happy, fulfilling lives; switching harmony and chaos doesn't change their outlook. It still stems from that same place of empathy and love. The different-but-still-the-same balance you've created here looks super interesting so far; I'll definitely be following this!

Nah, just a standalone that I’m writing for a contest. The prompt is to swap the roles of two characters. I picked Celestia and Discord.

Did something happen? The fic pinged as updated, but I don't see anything.

Comment posted by Casketbase77 deleted Jun 25th, 2020

ver interesting premise. I want to see more :D

With the way you’ve described Order, it seems like there is no way he would have sent Creativa to where Celestia and Luna are just to get rid of her. He definitely had some sort of reason for it, whatever it may be.

I know it would have made more sense to put this in the last chapter but I didn’t really think of it at the time.

Wait, they only sent Luna with her? What about Discord? Seems like poor judgement, if you ask me. Then again, I suppose there's a reason they let Twilight take over.

As the summary blurb suggests, Order is a lot more cold and calculating than the heroes give him credit for. If your gut tells you things are progressing too conveniently and cleanly... your gut is serving you well.


Being new to longer format adventure fics, I admit its hard for me strategically withhold information without making it look like I’m a bad writer. A quick cutback to Celestia at the start of the next chapter will show the plot-spoilery reason Creativa and Luna ended up being the only ones who made it to the other side.



That's not good.

This was heavy. Let's see if Antihero Nightmare Moon can kick Order's ass.

"OH YES" indeed.

The kid gloves are off, and they're not going back on til someone gets K.O.'d.

"That pompous, deluded, bastard!" Nightmare Moon cursed in a venomous, otherworldly snarl. "How dare he lay claim to my better half!? I'll rip him to pieces and drag her from his shredded scraps!"

Oh dear, it's the angry one.

So my hunch from before about Order sending Creativa to Luna and Celestia turned out to be right. You did kinda confirm that when I originally said it, but whatever. Now the real question is whether nightmare moon is something he overlooked or if it’s all part of his grand scheme. Who knows? Because it definitely isn’t me.

I see intersting cover art "huh looks interesting"
I read the discription: HUH?????

Why thank you. I’m flattered

Man I’m glad you updated this now. Earlier today I realized that I hadn’t put this in my tracking list nor could I remember it’s title or author.

I really wish you'd take more time with your stories. Slow down, let them breathe more. Let us get used to new and introduced characters instead of rushing right to climax after climax. It's really what's missing from you being a really fantastic author. That said this was a very entertaining story thus far. Thanks for sharing.

I'm the first to admit I'm hyper hustling to get this fic finished by August 1st (the contest due date) and that the character moments are suffering as a result.

It Takes A Princess has been a learning process for me, and the main lesson I've gleaned is that I work terribly under any time constraints. I teased it waaaay back in my first ever blog post, but there's a longform Sweetie Bot story I've been working on off and on for the past year or so without publishing. That one will probably be my best work when I finally show it to the world.

In short, I'm aware the wheels are wobbling on this one. Just gotta push forward with it at this point and be more mindful of future projects. I don't think I'll be entering another contest for a good long time.

Please tell me that Order doesn't bother with guardponies, because I keep visualizing anypony getting in Moonie's way being turned into Chunky Salsa. I can't tell if my queasy tummy is from that, or if whatever I am currently sick with has developed a new symptom. :pinkiesick:

Wait... how long was I sitting on the last chapter? Bah, not important. I'm just glad that I pressed the back button instead of simply closing the tab. I am also glad that Moonie isn't in a "kill first, ask questions never" mood. I was kind of worried about that last chapter.

Not to be that guy, but we are in the final hours of that contest, depending on the exact hour the contest judge has as the deadline.

I’m well aware. Sad to say the fic won’t be done on time for the contest. It will get done though. I talked to Nitro and she understands I wanna take more time to deliver a good ending to this fic. Still editing the climactic rematch at the moment, after which there’ll be a falling action chapter and/or epilogue. This is the first longform fic I’ve ever written, and it’s been a learning experience. Mostly that I can’t keep a deadline to save my life.

The climax chapter will go live by Thursday evening. After that, I’ll grit my teeth and work hard to give this story the ending it deserves, persistent writer’s block be damned. The oneshot I published yesterday was an attempt to break out of my current slump, and judging by its reception, it worked. This fic has my exclusive and reinvigorated attention now.

*Raises glass* The contest may be a lost cause, but this fic is still going strong. Cheers.


Writer’s block continues to plague me. I hope to finish and upload the next chapter by tomorrow evening. I deeply apologize for stringing you along like this.

So... was this quietly cancelled?

Nah, just badly stalled by writer’s block. I simply can’t get the final showdown to feel right, so I’m working on other stuff before taking another swing at wrapping this fic up.

I severely bit off more than I could chew with this one. Just can’t write action very well.

Even though it's been almost a year and I just discovered it, I'll wait.

so, you gonna update this?


As of today, this story is my top Fimfiction priority. It deserves a proper ending, so I'll be putting pen to paper and reworking the final drafted chapters. Two weeks until another update, at the absolute MAXIMUM. That's a promise.

there was a story out there that made a comment that Harmony is not Order

I wonder what Order's Elements represent...

He's back! And it's about time!

I've never seen you write action before, so the violence here surprised me with how brutal it was. Not that that's a bad thing.

Also, Nightmare Moon was invisible?

Try several. Of course, given how many people still make that mistake on this site, it's no surprise this serpent of stagnation is doing the same.

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Dang it all; readers keep predicting plot reveals before they happen. Oh well. Both of you get a Spike Of Distinction for figuring out why the villain is beginning to lose his marbles.

:moustache: :moustache:

Alright! How I missed this unique adventure.

And since the last chapter, we now have the perfect illustration of Order's personality :trollestia::

Glad you found time to resume this story. I had genuinely forgotten about it and read through it quite quickly. A few issues in the grammar here and there (and a bit quick paced) but a fun story with an interesting concept nonetheless.

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