• Published 4th Jun 2020
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It Takes A Princess - Casketbase77

Creativa's struggle against Order's tyranny isn't going well. Another humiliating defeat has her hurled her across time and space... and into the lap of a Moon Princess who was just starting to get bored of retirement.

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To Volunteer

“It’s warm,” complained dark Loopa. Or no wait, Luna, Creativa reminded herself. Luna was the pony taking disgusted sips from her juice box turned cooling rag turned back to juice box and lamenting how her drink has lost its chill during the cleanup of the extremely confused brawl.

“I apologize,” Creativa whispered meekly. She’d calmed down enough to undrape the picnic blanket from her shoulders and lie down on it, but nausea kept her sitting. For now, Creativa had her wings fanned at her sides to catch some warm, soothing sunlight while the two pseudo strangers reclined in their chairs and chatted as if an inverted duplicate of one of them sloshing out of the ocean and attacking on sight didn’t even crack the top ten weirdest things that had happened to them. And if they were as longed lived as Creativa herself was, she wondered if that was the case.

“Oh hush,” the white one was saying. “Both of you. An eight ounce drink is not worth pouting nor apologizing over.”

“That’s your opinion, nothing more,” Luna huffed. “I’ll pout as I like.”

Creativa still hadn’t decided which was more surreal: hearing a stranger speak in Loopa’s voice, or hearing another stranger answer in her own. She certainly felt a pang every time Luna aired even the most basic of throwaway comments, especially because Loopa herself had been such a filterless chatterbox. But every time the other one (Creativa felt privately guilty she’d already forgotten her own counterpart’s name), every time she spoke, Creativa could feel herself drawing further inwards out of self-pity. The white one had a warm, thoughtful timbre that could have only come from many years of knowing peace that Creativa never had. And yet… what was it that Order had once called her? “A weary mortal mare under all that regalia"? Creativa regarded the aged lines under her counterpart’s kindly eyes and understood that some things were universal.

Or perhaps ‘multiversal’ was the more accurate term, if the three of them had things figured out correctly.

“It hardly makes sense,” Luna thought out loud as she absently kicked little piles in the sand with her back hooves. “Granted, I could imagine Discord flinging either Celestia or I into the lap of our next-door selves simply for his own anarchic amusement. But a Harmonic Discord doing the same to a Chaotic Celestia? Less sensible. You said your version of him doesn’t much care for roundabout theatrics?”

Celestia! That was the other one’s name. Try not to forget it again, you utter dunce. Celestia, Celestia, Celes- Creativa’s thoughts were interrupted by Luna once again flinging the juice box to get her attention. It halted inches from Creativa’s startled face, suspended by a gold aura.

Celestia shook her head disapprovingly before letting the empty carton drop to the sand.

“Be kind,” Celestia chastised before addressing Creativa directly. “You’ve had a bad day. That much is obvious.” Creativa nodded, tracing a pseudo-hoof on the pattern of the picnic blanket. “Well then, for what its worth, you have my sympathy, Princess… um…” Celestia’s white cheeks were tinting pink with embarrassment.

“Creativa,” Luna supplied. Her tone was less earnestly helpful and more scoffing at her older sister’s shortcomings.

“Princess Creativa,” Celestia hastily finished. “Apologies. When it comes to names, I’m an utter dunce.”

To the retired Sun Princess’s relief, her counterpart managed to smile.

“It’s quite alright. I understand. Not sure what put it in your head that I’m royalty, though. I’ve never touched a crown in my life.”

“No?” Luna leaned forward incredulously. “Then what of my counterpart? I do have one, don’t I? What role does she play in your struggle? A significant one, I should hope.”

Creativa sighed mournfully. “I’m ashamed to tell you my sister is dead.”

Luna’s eyes went wide. Celestia bowed respectfully as Creativa kept talking.

“Order has ruled for eons, and even if he let anyone record history, I doubt there’d be many stories of ponies who challenged him for the throne. None that would need more than a few words to tell. He has ways to make lesser creatures behave. He… he’ll touch a finger to your forehead…”

“And the victim will go grey.” Celestia finished quietly. “Robbed of their best qualities and reduced to somepony barely recognizable. Is that what happened to Lu… Lun… Oh for Faust’s sake…”

“Loopa? No. I mean, Order tried to do that to her. Once. But Loopa...” Creativa grinned sadly despite her wobbling voice. “She, heh heh, she fought it off. Can you even imagine? I’m certain that before you put your version of Order in the dirt where he belonged, he Greyed a fair number of your own ponies, didn’t he?”

“He may have gotten to a few of them,” Celestia replied coolly.

“Then you know that even though getting Greyed is reversible, the victim never snaps out of it on their own. Except for Loopa. The only time I’ve ever seen Order lose composure was when he laid both hands on Loopa and she snorted before blowing him across the room with a bolt to the chest. I don’t know why, but Loopa was somehow Greyproof. And I doubt Order knew why either, because he-” Creativa’s voice cracked and she winced in embarrassment.

“He dealt with her,” Celestia guessed. “Permanently.”

“He did. I’d of course heard of his Elements Of Harmony from the ponies I’d freed. But until Loopa resisted getting Greyed, I’d never actually seen Order use them. It happened so fast, just like everything does when he’s around. So mindlessly efficient. I remember he was reeling from her bolt, then suddenly he was coiled and ready, with six gems appearing around him and then they fired and then Loopa didn’t even have time to scream and… and then she was a statue.”

Creativa’s eyes were scrunched shut, but she was dimly aware of a movement nearby and a massive, swanlike wing gracing her shoulder. The touch of its soft feathers comforted her. A little bit.

“After that, I ran. And Order let me go, even though I don’t know the reason. I don’t know why he does anything, but ever since then I been ramping up my efforts, gathering as many ponies as I can, keeping them colorful, telling them stories, always staying on the move. Sometimes we try to settle down somewhere. Far away from Order’s kingdom where Chaos can live through all of us. But it never works.” Creativa shivered, remembering the ambush on the Prancing Peaks. “Ever. Order is wherever he chooses to be.”

“I never Imagined I would sympathize so much with Chaos,” Luna murmured. “Nor would I have imagined that Harmony could be twisted to such domineering ends.”

Still sitting with her wing wrapped around her dimensional twin, Celestia exhaled slowly. Then she gave Luna a look. Luna met her eyes and echoed the same weary sigh. If they gave Creativa hope now, there would be no going back. They both knew it, and they also both knew that even though they’d hung up their crowns, even though they weren’t the toughies they used to be, and even though they were under no obligation to care, the hard truth was that old, heroic habits were hard to kick.

“Creativa,” Celestia said slowly and with as much determination as she could, “Your sister, she... that is, I believe that-“

“Loopa is suspended, not dead.”

Celestia shot Luna a dirty look and Creativa gave her a bewildered one.

“It’s not fair Celestia gets to meet her dimensional sister while I haven’t yet met mine. Therefore, you and I are going back to wherever it is you originated, and I shall help you free her.”

Author's Note:

Next chapter: A call to adventure in an Orderly World.

And also, Twiddle Spiral.