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This story is a sequel to Legends of Equestria: The Long Road Back

Rockhoof. Warrior. Dour Scotsman. Engineer unmatched in Equestria. A mighty hero who cannot be trifled with.

However, when the call of war sounds, a conventional Englishman gets swept up in the madness. To say the least... we're doomed!

Another story in the Legends of Equestria continuity. Reading the other stories is strongly recommended; at a bare minimum, you must have read South Swamp Rag and Rocky Road to Hayseed Swamp in order to understand what is going on;



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Thanks. Anything particularly stand out at the moment?

Noice use of the text font size for of the song near the beginning of the chapter. X3

Thanks. Anything else you wish to note?

Torch shook his head and looked extremely confused. "I feel dizzy," he said, before suddenly shooting off at an angle. He crashed into a building... and through it... and eventually landed on a hill side, groaning as he lay there dazed.

Makes ya wonder how loud it was when he crashed through the building and then landing on that hillside. ^^'

Given that he's absolutely massive, he would make an incredible bang.

Note: Dragons seem especially prone to centripetal force manipulation. If they fly too fast in a circle, they get dizzy and fall over. This could be worth exploiting if attacked by dragons again, so keep it at the top of the mind.

Good call for him to write it down. :raritywink:

'Write'. You used the wrong form.

He shall also have to mark the significance with a linear distance analyser.

"Good mornin'," she said to him. "Ah know Ah look a right mess at the moment, but this needed workin' on. A healer does need to be on call most days, especially with mother not back from New Orleans yet."

"I must admit, I've never seen you with your mane down," Rockhoof replied. "I think it looks good on you."

Heh.... I assume that's a reference to of South Swamp Rag's 5th chapter in which that happened? X3

It wasn't intended as one, but that works.

Well there wasn't any author's note for the recent chapter this time around btw. :twilightsheepish:

I didn't feel there was the need for one.

It hardly suits to fill it with random nonsense.


"Well, Ah'll be! Ah can't go anywhere like this, can Ah?"

"Well, this is better! Well, Ah'll suppose Ah'll head there!"

I'm thinking those might need to be done in Italics, given that it does recall what happened in South Swamp Rag. ^^'

I'll do such a thing, forthwith and speedily. Although, technically, it is the playback of a tape recording.

"That means disguisin ourselves as humans and hopin' the potion don't wear off." She shuddered. "That's happened more than once in inconvenient places."

I agree with Mage Meadowbrook. =3

Indeed. As we know well, that went rather awkward once.

"Doctors don't take sides,"

Heh... you know... I saw that sentence being used as the title of a Fanfic on this website involving Mage Meadowbrook. X3

It also perfectly sums up her mindset, and indeed the mindset of the entire medical community. Hence organisations such as Medicins sans Frontieres.

"Want to divert to public's attention away from something? Give it a boring sounding name."

That or give it a good number in addition to adding a word. ;3

State Plan 22, for instance, which was the name for the East German doping program.

Gotta love them preparations though. =3

There's a lot that needs doing before you launch an offensive.

Hayseed Swamp Native Guard

Heh... you know.... I always picture what that type of Guards look like via in fan art :3

My mental image for the HSNG is ponified Revolutionary Army uniforms.

Noice touch on making the random noises in the speaker alternating between louder and quieter :3

Rockhoof gulped. "Thor help us," he said.

Heh.... good use of Thor there. ^^

Indeed, it being his deity.

-sees my story in the Author's note- As of now... it is now in the number one spot for of the featured stories in the Mistmane character tag section! :D :yay:

Though that, sadly, is probably because there are very few Mistmane stories.

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