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Luna after seeing the horrible conditions of batponies living in Equestria, being treated as second rate citizens, and seeing Celestia unable to do anything about it, has turned into Nightmare Moon again and declared war against Equestria and Princess Celestia.

The elements of Harmony have split up with Rarity being touched by the plight of the batponies choosing to side with Luna and later Nightmare Moon, while the other elements sided with Celestia.

Now after a long and bitter war Nightmare Moon is victorious and has formed the Lunar Empire. But will building a new nation be as easy as destroying one?

Set in the Equestria at War universe, but you don't need to play the mod to understand this story.

Cover art made by myself

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awesome chapter keep it up cant wait for the next chapter:pinkiehappy:

Thank you for the nice comments I really appreciate it:twilightsmile: The next chapter is in the making, maybe I can finish it tomorrow already, otherwise it will be Monday.

Ah, another sister now. Oh, how much I enjoyed playing Lunar Empire. Nightmare Moon has a fascinating attitude in the mod. She is far from being insane, as the pilot portrayed her, instead she is incredibly devious and infinitely calculating. If Daybreaker is blatant and straightforward, NMM in her "Forgiveness" tree has the very same shackles so velvet soft and soothing that her ponies don't even notice when they become her puppets. Rebelling against her is not only impossible (good luck bearing treasonous thoughts when she can plainly see everything you dream about at night), but also becomes counter-intuitive. The perfect form of control, the entire state set up in such a way that her subjects want to be her slaves. Tyranny its most refined form.
The experience of Lunar Empire was so inspiring that it became the reason for me coming here.

To be completely fair I haven't actually played as the Lunar Empire myself yet but she does intrigue me because just like you said she isn't insane, she actually want's to help thestrals, well at least that is her initial goal and depending on which path it could change to just fulfilling her own selfish desires. Also she is indeed very smart in how she achieves her goals. But and that is what I will also try to focus on in future chapters, she does have to deal with different characters that all believe in the same end goal but wan't to take different roads so to speak.

I find it really funny that I sort of had the same experience as you have but with the Solar Empire. My first story was about the Longswordian civil war, but Sunset and Sundown really ignited a love for writing that I had not experienced before.

Oh, I remember the war, yes. I even worked on it for Wingfried's Reformisten sub-mod briefly. We had a serious disagreement and parted ways quickly though. He said he wanted to make Reformisten a little less bloodthirsty but amazingly enough he made them even worse than they were without realising it.
Never liked EAW's griffons anyway. Every single griffon faction in the mod is filth of different flavour and so human at it that it stings to play them. The only ones that are not complete scum are the Host and Harmony Hellquil, amazingly enough.

Chrysalis and Daybreaker are pretty bad, but they are not filth at least. They both don't care about what race or bloodline you are, they won't murder simply because they don't like your kind and they won't send you labour camps unless you give them a reason. They just want power and as long as they get what they want they don't have problems with anyone.

Personally I don't have a problem with Wingfried's bloodthirst, but I would like it if the dev's would expand more upon his backstory and really give him a reason to hate river ponies. But I can understand that the dev's are busy with many other nations. I actually like the griffon nations because of the same reason. They feel real, they aren't perfect samaritans or cartoonish villains, they do good and bad things, although there are of course those like Beakolini and Wingfried and Ferdinand (and probably some more that I am missing) that do more evil than good.

Yes you can blame Chrysalis and Daybreaker for a lot of things but sadism and racism aren't one of them. Which in a way makes it more understandable why creatures would support them, the provide stability and they are fairly predictable, like you said if you keep your mouth shut you will live a long and happy live. And Nightmare Moon basically does the same thing but she manages to disguise it better, she doesn't say keep your mouth shut because otherwise I will kill you, she says follow me because our cause is just. Daybreaker does try to manage something similar in her empress-protector path, but I feel that security isn't as attractive of a subject as building a new utopia together.

Wingfried and his friends is one of the better examples, actually. They are rare examples of honesty in their kind. The thing is, almost all griffions think exactly what they do. Racism is an essential part of griffon national character, they simply wouldn't be themselves without it. Another thing griffons can't exist without is imperialism, that's the part that makes them utter scum. Imperialism is an incredibly ugly thing, in most examples it's not conscious, meaning the people don't even realise what is that they believe. Griffons, actually, have more in common with Russians than Germans. The kind of filth the Motherland produced during the last 300 years is legendary amongst all western European nations. Especially Ukrainians, Georgians and Baltic countries, practically everyone who knows Russians well.

Nightmare Moon doesn't specifically say or promise anything, this is where the entire point. She simply takes away every measure of choice her ponies had. Her subjects will serve her no matter if they want it or not and regardless of how much they like it. The only choice her ponies get is if they will have something for their trouble or not. Her subjects want to be of use to her so that they will be looked after in return. Coupled with the fact that she does not murder anyone and treats even her enemies with a surprising degree of kindness makes her an acceptable replacement for Celestia, which virtually eliminates any necessity for revealing, not that they have a single chance of succeeding and the very attempt will be used for Nightmare Moon to push her goals further.

Comment posted by DefiantPosition deleted Jun 7th, 2020

Wingfried is indeed very open about his intentions, in that sense he reminds me a little bit about Kurtz from Heart of Darkness, both are very horrible characters but they also don't lie about it. While there are many imperialistic nations in Griffonia, I don't agree that Griffons need imperialism because there are also nations Like Vedina. Also I feel like their act's of conquest are more caused by a desire to unify all Griffons in one nation that to spread the griffonian ideology to non griffon countries. The Reformisten being an exception.

Indeed Nightmare Moon does not make any promises but she does give a positive spin on her dictatorial policies so that they look less like Nightmare Moon founding a dictatorship for her personal benefit (which she does) but more like, we need a strong leader to guide us through these hard times and I am the only one who can do this.

That's it, they want to "unify" everyone. They don't give a single buck what everyone thinks about it or even if their fellow griffons want to be "unified." This is exactly what imperialism means. They found themselves a reason to invade others' lands and now using it to justify their wars. The reason why Veidnians don't have the imperialistic trait is that they purged it from their own character. Vedinians fought for their independence and won. This is very significant, they would sooner die than return to the Empire. However, they still failed to eradicate the bias completely. Without their princess, they immediately return to their old way. Imperialism is a natural development of innate Griffon sense of superiority, this is who they are.

Nightmare Moon hardly pretends she has anyone's best interest in mind, does she? She takes care of her subjects, but everyone in the Empire knows exactly why. She does not even try to hide, she integrates subtle bias for bats in the society, for example. Her subjects obey her because they have no choice but to do so. Rebelling against her is pointless and even if they somehow win, what next? Who's going to raise sun and moon?
Rarity, for one, absolutely despises her, but serves her cause willingly. First, she does not have an option to refuse; second, she cares for Luna who is a prisoner in her own body and being used by NMM to gain legitimacy. Rarity's spirit of generosity doesn't allow her to leave a friend in pain to suffer and NMM uses it against her. This is an example of how she exercises her authority, she does not hide or pretend to anyone.

I do understand your position but I also think the Griffonia is different because it used to a single empire at some point. So I see it less as imperialism but more as retaking lost territory, similar to how most irl nations don't accept separatist movements because they feel like that territory rightfully belongs to the nation. I will say that the griffons founding Nova Griffonia is an act of pure imperialism because no griffons lived there. You are correct about Vedina but I see the reason for their possible relapse more as a cultural thing then it being in their nature because if imperialism was truly in their nature then they wouldn't be able to change at all.

That is sort of my point, she does take care of her citizens she doesn't let them starve or steals all their wealth. I think it was mentioned somewhere in the show that before Celestia and Luna controlled the sun and moon it was done by regular unicorns but took so much effort that it left them without magic or something like that. If Cadence and Twilight survived I think they should be able to take over that job albeit it would probably cost them a lot of energy. Yes Rarity's relation with Nightmare Moon is an interesting one and one that I will try to explore more in future chapters.

Griffons didn't exactly change. We've got British, who were the mightiest Empire around, but can you for a single moment imagine them suddenly "retaking" their lost territory again even if that didn't lead to the global outrage? On the other side of the planet, you have Russians, who are doing that exactly regardless if anyone says anything.
The fact that they once had some territory under their dominion does not make it theirs. Baltic nations don't belong to Russians, just like Kaiv doesn't belong to the Empire.
Imperialism makes it so the people, actually, living there into criminals for simply not being a part of their Empire.

Those examples are indeed very clearly pure imperialism because they wan't to spread their nation/people to completely different nations. On the other hand no British person would accept it if the city of London would just declare themselves independent, just like no dutch person would accept it if the province of Friesland would declare themselves independent, also no nation has a problem with Spain crushing independence movements in Basque and Catalonia.

So while I agree that the Griffonian Empire taking over Wingbardy would be imperialism it in my opinion would not count for something like the Griffonian empire taking over Romau or Feathisia.

British literally had Scots trying to declare independence. They can cry out all they want but they can't stop it from happening if Scots would desire it. London will never as much as try the same thing, because London will basically become independent from itself in the result. It simply does not work like that.
The reason why nobody cares about Basque and Caledonia is that its Spanish internal issue. International conflicts are everyone's problem. Since Russians annexed Ukrainian Crimea it has been a huge pain for everyone remotely involved with either of the nations. And it gets progressively worse as the time goes by. Now it's not only Russians trying to use dirty tricks to influence the international community, but Ukrainians too. Their very existence as a nation is at stake and they are getting desperate seeing the disinterest the international community treats their completely lawful claims with, they are willing to even intrude in US internal business to gain their support. At this point, the problems Ukrainians and Russians have with each other are everyone's problems.

That is sort of the point I was trying to make. Where lies the separation between internal conflicts and imperialism. Personally I would say that something like the Griffonian Empire invading Feathisia or Romau are internal conflicts, just like irl the problems in Basque and Catalonia (unless of course war crimes or crimes against humanity are involved). But something like the Russians supporting Ukrainian separatists is of course pure imperialism. Just like in game the Griffonian Empire invading Wingbardy would also be imperialism.

So I think we agree with each other, I just don't think that the griffons in law are really imperialistic by nature.

The difference is that Romau and Feathisia are sovereign states at this point. They are no longer a part of the Empire, regardless of what the imperials might believe.

Well you do make a good point. I have changed my mind

Thank you:raritywink:, I have already begun writing the next chapter but unfortunately I also have to write some rapports for my internship so I have somewhat less time:raritycry:. But I still think I will be able to finish it somewhere this week.

While our discussion has been going on for quite a while now I have actually changed my mind. While I still don't see the griffons as imperialistic by nature I do realise that many of the conflicts caused by the Griffonia Empire can be seen as acts of imperialism considering these nations have been independent for about a decade around the games starting date. I do still think you could also make the argument that in regard to nations such as Romau, Yale and Angriver that the Griffonian Empire is simply reclaiming illegally lost territory because the secession of most of those states did not happen legally. But something like the Griffonian Empire invading Wingbardy or Vedina would be pure imperialism.

nice chapter keep it up will chemical warfare be in this story:pinkiehappy:twilightsmile:

Thank you:twilightsmile: This was also an enjoyable chapter for me to write because I can finally pick up the pace with regards to making things happen. No there won't be chemical warfare:fluttercry: but there will be violence:yay:

i have a sinking feeling it going to be the holocaust remix keep it up cant wait for the next chapter:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

It certainly would be if it was up to Starry Glory :unsuresweetie: but either fortunately or unfortunately depending on whose side you're on, he's not the one in charge. I think the next chapter will be ready at the end of next week, unfortunately I have some rapports to write for school coming week :applecry: so I might not have a lot of time (edit: spelling).

If you refuse to help

What do you mean, she refused to help you? She said;

I always taught kindness and peace to my little ponies, so with a few exceptions that is how they solved their problems because that is how I taught them to solve them. You on the other hoof have taught them violence so violence they will use and unless you change you teachings no creature can change that.

Also, killing Celestia won't teach her a lesson, because she'd be dead.

NMM, why don't you just ask them why your councillors are against each other, and judge correctly (SG is in the wrong, Rarity is right).

(I should have explained this better) Nightmare Moon was hoping for a clear cut step by step plan on how to solve this, not a (truthful) critique of her style of ruling by her own prisoner:trollestia:

Well in the final moments before her demise she would be taught a lesson but yeah considering what would happen afterwards it would basically be a wasted effort (let's just say this is more the (unreasonably) corrupted part of Nightmare Moon speaking than Luna).

Let's just say that when you build a house of cards it becomes difficult to remove pieces.

if rarity doesnt do nothing the holocaust dream the final solution of starry glory will come to pass and no one will see this until too late keep it up cant wait for the next chapter:twilightsmile::pinkiehappy:

If the main OCs in this story were voiced, what would they sound like?

The story of Starry Glory is basically the quote: All it takes for evil to prevail is for good men:facehoof: ponies:raritywink: to do nothing. And unfortunately for everyone Nightmare Moon doesn't even seem to realise there is a problem. Thanks and I will :pinkiehappy:

Good question I haven't really thought about it. When I think about Starry Glory speaking the first thing that comes to mind are the speeches of Joseph Goebbels (nazi minister of propaganda), just having this very passionate and emotional voice.

For Stars Whirl I have less of a clear image of how her voice would sound like but I think that she would sound similar to Luna and Rainbow Dash, still clearly feminine but less high pitched than Rarity for example. I think such a voice would suit her militaristic character.

Of course this is just my interpretation, if you have a different idea I would love to hear it.

Would have liked seeing the build up to the war. As is this is kind of jarring.

Celestia, was it really harmonious if some ponies were not treated equally? And maybe you should have used more force to end the discrimination. Actions speak louder then words

For this story I chose to completely focus my attention on the post war situation I thought that if I made my story to broad by including multiple large events then the story would become to convoluted and I wouldn't have enough time to tell the story that I want to tell (about the post war situation). For future stories I will make sure to give more context as to how to starting situation came to be.

Maybe force would be the right choice for Celestia but for better or worse she is a pacifist and does not believe in violence. I don't envy her position having to choose between holding the country together or doing the morally right thing.

No Celestia, YOU taught violence and hatred when you gave up on trying to right a wrong.

Celestia did try to help and she did give Luna the chance to improve the situation but yeah it did lay the foundation for all this. But for better or worse Celestia never used violence to solve her problems.

And look how well that works. How many of Twughts enemies were the result of Celestia not doing enough?

Other then Nightmare Moon, Sunset Shimmer and perhaps Chrysalis (because Celestia doesn't follow them after the wedding incident) no other villain was caused by Celestia. Celestia's pacifism may have caused problems but on the other hand she never had to face problems like Nightmare Moon. Also violence has a tendency to lead to more violence.

Discord can be added to that with where she put him.

Personally I disagree about Discord because Celestia didn't cause Discord to happen it was Discord who true his behaviour forced Celestia and Luna to act and imprison him. Turning him into stone may not have helped the situation but neither would have doing nothing.

Putting him in a more secure location

I doubt that would have worked for Discord considering he is the lord of chaos and even if it could he would still not change his ways because Fluttershy did not exist back then.

I mean after being stoned the first time. Instead of garden in view and access to everybody. Keep him in a licked and secure location

I am not sure exactly how magic works but if Nightmare Moon can escape banishment after a thousand year then I think someone who can bend reality to his will would also be able to escape at some point and I don't think that there is any place that could keep Discord inside.

Yet if it wasn't for the Cmc bickering he still very stone. Nightmare Moonis a unique since it's the only time one pony wielded them.

I think that if the the spell was so weak that the cmc's bickering could free Discord then it was only a matter of time before he freed himself.

where he was placed yes. a isolated place maybe not

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