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jk rowling hates me

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This was short but nice. I like it.

Posh #2 · 1 week ago · · ·

This was sweet. And strange!

A vivid tale of being very enormous, as well as enormously in love.

Scampy #3 · 1 week ago · · 1 ·

This is one of the most beautiful things I've ever read in my life. The concept is so unique and executed with this casual sense of surrealism that just makes every moment of this story feel special in a way nothing else I've ever read has before.

I am seriously in love with this. SunFlower is precious and perfect and wonderful and oh my god please write moreeeee

Welcome to the site, Marin! Glad to have you.

It's funny, I've written Wallflower as a giantess before, with her size and some new relationships helping her overcome her anxiety. Marin's take here is more wholesome and family-friendly, though. :twilightblush:

Thank you!! Also that's a really lovely way of putting it. I love it. :heart:

omg... :heart: :heart: :heart: I've been re-reading your comment all day trying to think of a way to respond. That comment might just be the nicest thing anyone's said about anything I've written.

Just thank you so much for the serotonin and the lovely words!! You're totally right: SunFlower is good for the soul, and I'm super happy you loved it!

Thanks! This corner of the internet seems cozy. Can't really promise stuff that isn't wholesome, but that's what it seems you're here for lol :)


SunFlower is good for the soul

Ah, I see you are a woman of culture as well.

>shamelessly plugs her own story

EPremarital Smooching
When Sunset and Wallflower first started dating, Wallflower asked that they take it slow. A few months later, Sunset really just wants to kiss her already.
Scampy · 1.6k words  ·  80  8 · 502 views

...I'd plug the others but they have notably higher levels of angst, so read at your own discretion.

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