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Queen Chrysalis, the proud former ruler of the changelings, is brought out of stone sleep to avert a terrible crisis. But what will it take to convince her to help?

Fourth place in the Quills and Sofas Speedwriting Classic Contest #34 with the theme "going home" and prompt "this is not how I left it/this is not how it used to be" in an incomplete state and finished at a later date.

A thank you to Seer for editing help and proofreading before publishing.

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This is a good story. I would love to see this continued as it is a very interesting concept.

the potential of history is interesting but too short and stripped down

“There is no need. Alone, she poses no threat.”

Oof, that’s…

Okay, I spend a lot of time decrying the ending of MLP and defending the idea that Chrysalis deserved another chance, but even I have to say that this is kind of...wrong. It’s just wrong. Mind, there’s also precedent for it: “To Where and Back Again”, natch. But there you can probably get away with everyone hoping that she’d calm a down and come back relatively quickly at the time. But post-“Ending”...

I mean, is she a threat to an entire kingdom? Probably not. But is she’s still a predator that needs to eat and who likes the taste of ponies. She’s still a threat on an individual level.

Hive Mind

I’ve also personally never liked this idea - mostly because it seems kind of stereotypical to give the bug race a hive mind. I remember a Worst Anime’s panel at the first Boston Anime Con where the Starship Troopers anime was shown, and the bugs in it were all monsters using tentacles and claws and stuff, just like in the Veerhoeven movie. The guy hosting the panel noted that in the book, the Klendathu arachnids used guns, and power armor, and spaceships, just like the humans and the skinnies do. But for some reason Hollywood (and Japan) seem to insist that all bugs must be the Zerg.

Aside from that the show itself kind of doesn’t support the idea of a hive mind. None of the changelings in Canterlot could tell that Rainbow Dash had hidden among them during the melee, and in TWABA, it was a nervous tick from Thorax that gave him away to Chrysalis, not any kind of hive sense.

Anyway, these were long-winded I know but ultimately they’re quibbles, or the second one is in any event (I’ve largely learned to lie back and think of England with the stereotypical bug stuff in fics). The first one is a bit more annoying but hardly in a way that hurt the story or my enjoyment of it.

I liked this! I’m always a sucker for Chrysalis redemption stories, especially ones based in the fact that she is the only villain who was doing what she did for reasons that weren’t innately selfish and self-centered. Which isn’t to say that Chrysalis isn’t selfish, she certainly is; still, she defined herself by her duty to the Hive. Any attempt at trying to reform her would necessarily begin with that fact, try to reach her through that connection.

Eh, wasn't really what I was expecting. Not bad, per se, but it didn't really hook me like I thought it would.

I like the concept, but I agree with others that it could be fleshed out more.

“Who knew Equestria had so much knowledge on love to offer?”
“If only the princess of love was so willing to offer,” Thorax said with a sheepish smile.

Rumor says some 'lings are calling her the Princess of Food; though only in her absence.

The stained glass from the MLP comics used for the cover is what I believe to be her reformed state to be, what she would look like if she, too, gave love.

I believe the image shows Duchess Chrysalis from the Mirror Universe.
I especially like this picture of her:

Good story!
I enjoyed reading it.

If I crossed a million oceans just to be with you
Would you ever, let me down?
If I climbed the highest mountain just to hold you tight
If I said that I would love you every day happy wheels

“Twilight says she’s gotten more books for you when you’re done with this batch, your majesty,” Thorax said.

“You head onto the leadership summit. I’m sure the princesses will be eager to hear your report on the hive… and of me.” She smiled fondly at him. “I will tend to my changelings. After all, a queen’s grace lies in the content of her subjects.”

Ok so based on this it’s safe to assume that Thorax stepped down and gave his position back to Chrysalis while at the same being put into a position where he helps her lead the hive but not as a co-ruler as indicated by how he addressed her as ‘your majesty’ instead of using her name and as such answers to her.

Did I miss anything?

My take on it was Chrysalis handles more of the hive-side of the kingdom and Thorax handles more abroad things like an ambassador. Playing their strengths where their experience lies.

Yeah that was another possibility I was thinking of. Either way it’s clear that Thorax gave up his position as king.

Awesome story. I always wanted Chrysalis to redeemed. :twilightsmile:

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