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Since the events of the 'Friendship Games', Twilight Sparkle has been constantly haunted by a dark presence of her past. Midnight Sparkle, thought to be destroyed, has since been seeking a means to exact her revenge and has tormented her creator since. Now finding herself in a battle she cannot succeed on her own, she has no choice but to turn to her one friend who once put a stop to Midnight before. What begins is a series of events that tests the bonds of their friendship, tackling every obstacle that their greatest enemy lunges at them, as the fate of two worlds rests in their hands. But little do they know, that their lives and all they have ever known are about to change.

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And so we have the long-awaited story that we've been waiting to see since it was announced for this month. As we can see, we not only have another 'Equestria Girls' type of story but we have a story that features one of the most popular antagonists in the series itself: Nightmare Sparkle. Things immediately get more dark than light really fast as it turns out that 'Sci-Twi' in this story still suffers from nightmares about Midnight Sparkle (Either meaning she's still been enduring the night terrors even after the 'Camp Everfree' special or at this point this takes place in an A.U. where those events didn't happen). As if that wasn't enough that she has dreams about Midnight Sparkle, the demon herself is somehow haunting Sci-Twi at this point for seemingly no reason but to mentally torture the poor girl.

It's no wonder we see her having a hard time talking about these issues with friends, more specifically Sunset Shimmer (Whom as many fans will recall had that head-to-head encounter with Midnight Sparkle when she initially defeated her). I get that the thought of this overwhelming presence of some psychotic she-demon does more than enough to constantly keep girls like Sci-Twi up at night, but to what extent remains to be seen at this time. What we can tell you is that the chain of events that the readers are prepared to see is most certainly going to keep a ton of fans talking for quite some time.

And if this is just the first chapter for the first day of the month, just wait and see what happens when we get to the end SunTwi fans.

As a reminder to all my readers, there will be a chapter posted everyday for the rest of October. Also, due to the story being posted today, there won't be a story out tomorrow but there will be one next Friday. Hope you enjoy the month of Horror:heart:

I always thought they could have done more with Midnight. Looking forward to seeing where this goes.

10461258 Thank you. Another chapter will be out tomorrow:heart:

Well just you wait. There's so much about Midnight Sparkle we are just excited to share with you as far as how a big a part she has in this story. We have big plans involved with this tale.

The mind games continue for Twilight Sparkle, as Midnight Sparkle keeps a constant presence over the scientifically driven Twilight Sparkle. In Twilight's position, it is very frustrating because she knows this spirit is tormenting her but she feels she can't tell anyone about it or else someone else is going to get hurt. But to make matters worse, someone still gets hurt especially 'Sunset Shimmer' in this case because regardless of whatever concerns Twilight has Sunset, being the good friend that she is, wants to help. And honestly, I can't blame Sunset for being upset especially after Twilight unintentionally said 'Shut up!' because anyone would feel bad over a misunderstanding. Yet it's during times like this, especially when those two girls are suddenly out in the cold (And without something to keep them warm) that enough is definitely enough.

While Twilight Sparkle may not feel ready to tell Sunset Shimmer 'everything' especially if she still feels that she is being watched, she's at least allowing herself to open up and give Sunset an idea that she's truly having some problems. At least that's about as good a start as anything at this point in the story.

She panted heavily; she could feel the anxiety wracked her body

she could feel how the anxiety wracked her body

the brilliant amaranth hair with light apple green stripes

Sunset's hair is red and green?

All she remembered was that kept walking until she found herself on the bottom floor

was that she kept walking until she found herself

It wasn’t until she heard a faint noise nearby, a very familiar sound, as she was able to control a portion of her body once more.

as That she was able to control a portion of her body.

I’m a monster, a freak!”

I’m a monster. A freak!

“No Twilight,” Sunset shook her heads

Why Sunset has more than one head? Is Twilight hallucinating?

but the hard she tried to fight, the shakier and weaker she became

the harder she tried to fight

The voice was raspy yet very familiar to someone Twilight Sparkle

someone Twilight Sparkle knew

A few moments later, she heard someone walk up the door their shadow seen just under the cracks of the door

she heard someone walk up to the door

their shadow seen just under the cracks of the door it

Yet here she was, breaking down in relentless tears, with the only people, who remotely care for her, just an earshot away not knowing what to do for her.

with the only people who remotely care for her, just an earshot away, not knowing what to do for her

Twilight heard a voice whispering to her, but she didn’t want to look up. But she could feel that unmistakable presence that has haunted her since that day, a presence she knew too well.

But She could feel that unmistakable presence

Twilight Sparkle wasn’t stupid, she knew everyone has their downfall at some point. But this… This was no exception.

No exception? Of what?

“If you ask me, Sunset, maybe you should get her to talk,” Rainbow Dash spoke

This sounds like she's calling herself Sunset.

Sunset If you ask me, maybe you should get her to talk

Now that it occurred to Twilight Sparkle, what were they doing at this time of night? What had Rainbow Dash meant about friends talking to one another. Twilight Sparkle chose to swallow her pride, take a few deep breaths, and swung the door open before they could react.

There they stood, looking right at Twilight Sparkle, filled with surprised. In that moment, Twilight started having second thoughts, not knowing what she was going to do and wonder if this was such a good idea. She felt mesmerized, standing as tall as she could, and maintain complete eye contact. Despite her mind telling her to look away, her mouth opened to speak. Twilight Sparkle should’ve thought this through before making such a reckless choice.

Why are you suddenly using her full name most of the time? It sounds clunky

She figured if she outright asked what their intentions were, they assume she was either crazy or snooping on them.

they would assume she was either crazy or snooping on them

Still and all, the realization Twilight made has forced her to stand there like a schoolgirl. Her mouth wide open, lacking the vocals to speak

Still and all? What does that mean?

But eventually, Twilight was able to form a more coherent sentence

"Um..." is not a sentence

“… Ah, about that,” Sunset started, her voice restrained. “I was… Trying a catchphrase after hearing Pinkie’s. I was hoping to catch that same ‘spark’.”

When did this happen? What was the catchphrase? Why did it trigger Twilight?

Twilight glanced toward Sunset. It wasn’t the strangest thing she had ever heard, but for right now it made Twilight feel better. Sunset could always get her to laugh along.

but for right now it made Twilight her feel better.

“Oh, would you two quit dancing around the subject?” Rainbow interrupts, with her hands on hip hips

with her hands on hip her hips

Twilight flinched at the sudden statement, gritting her teeth. Twilight must have acted like such a ‘dunce’, stuttering around like an idiot.

Twilight flinched at the sudden statement, gritting her teeth. Twilight She must have acted like such a ‘dunce’

Immediately, Twilight turned away from them, staring at a nearby wall. She was so embarrassed to even look at them, but she couldn’t hide the truth for long. A deep sigh escaped Twilight’s lips before she proceeded.

A deep sigh escaped Twilight’s her lips before she proceeded

“But… I’ve already wanted enough time!” Twilight groaned, irritated. “Can’t we just forget this ever happened…”

I'm guessing you meant waited instead of wanted, but it still doesn't make sense in the context of the conversation

Twilight focused whatever she could to hold back a gasp threatening to come out

Twilight focused did whatever she could

Twilight snapped out of her thoughts, turning back toward Sunset… Only Sunset

Rainbow left?

It seems so easy for them to turn a blind eye to it all, while Twilight constant felt that presence, that chill in the air that otherwise left her friends undisturbed.

while Twilight constantly felt that presence

Twilight turns her gaze toward the floor, sighing.

turns turned her gaze

“Twilight,” Rainbow Dash called, softly.

Didn't she just leave for the kitchen?

Twilight understood what Rainbow was saying, nodding in response. Satisfied, Rainbow turned away back into the kitchen.

So now she leaves? Then why was she talking about Sunset like she wasn't in the room?

When she opened them back up, she saw Sunset still waiting for her to speak aloud…

she saw Sunset still waiting for her to speak aloud

But when tried to say those words aloud, her voice gave out before she began.

But when she tried

But the image, the one from her dream, is gripped her mind…

the one from her dream, is gripped her mind…

Twilight reminded herself that this is Sunset Shimmer, a girl who would never hurt her, much less strangle, she shouldn’t be scared so long as Sunset is with her.

a girl who would never hurt her, much less strangle her

Okay, I said it to NinjaDeadBeard and I will say it to you too; this is not a story I would normally read, so take everything I say with a half-ton of salt.

While I do enjoy the classic inner demon conflict, this story does it in a very overdramatic way, that is not wrong but not in my taste.
Even beyond all the corrections I pointed out, the dialog and how the events are told makes me wonder if any of this is really happening and leaves a lot of missing context.

Where does this story happen? Are they in Twilight's house? Why are Rainbow and Sunset there? Are they having a sleep over? If so, why is Twilight sleeping in another room? Are the rest of the Human six there as well?
This plus the dialog sounded scripted prevents immersion and honestly was totally expecting for Twilight to wake up a second time because everything just felt so unreal.

And what I fear the most for the story is that this is the first chapter, and it doesn't do much to differentiate itself form other Midnight Sparkle stories.
At the end of the chapter the only thing I know is that Twilight is being haunted by Midnight, and her friends are trying to help, the way you narrate it has to do all the work of convincing the readers to read the next chapter.
The narration itself is good, descriptive and dramatic, but the errors, leaps of logic and lack of context in some places brings it down a lot.

Since you came from one of my stories, I will use it as an example:
The first chapter starts as typical as it can be to give context, even if people already knows what happens in the cannon, but in that same chapter I plant the seeds of what will be the conflict moving forward and how it will develop: Sunset's internal struggle with her decisions and ambitions, her secret rivalry with Twilight, the feeling that she's being replaced, Celestia's rejection of her. While not even half as dramatically written as this chapter, it gives a lot of hooks for a reader to make them want to see the next chapter.

That would be all, so let me remind you; take everything with salt since this is not the type of story I normally enjoy, and I'm not a reviewer nor an English speaker.

Wish you the best on this project and others!

10462663 Whoa, if I had known you were gonna write an autobiography, I would've have come to you sooner. With that said, I'm thankful for the wealth of information you have provided. I would say the story gets better overtime but I'm not sure if you'll stick around long enough to see it. I do apologize it wasn't to you liking thus far. I'll make the changes shortly. Thanks again:heart:

So, the demon is gaslighting Twiggles and trying to break her. Hopefully she can hold out long enough to get help.

10462734 Stay tuned as more will be revealed:heart:

To better understand the enemy that Sunset Shimmer is dealing with, further research into the extent of Midnight Sparkle's effect on Twilight Sparkle is utterly needed. As it turns out, the hauntings have indeed been happening ever since the events of the Friendship Games and in all that time she has indeed continued to haunt Twilight in worse ways. Turns out, it's been so bad for Twilight that she was prepared to take her own life hoping it would mean finally getting away from Midnight. Yet if there's one thing about Sunset, when a good friend of hers is truly hurting she will indeed go above and beyond to help even if she may be a bit over her head.

For if there's one thing Twilight needs to know is that she doesn't have to face this problem alone, she never has to in the first place. And hopefully with the letter sent to Twilight Sparkle, 'Princess' Twilight of Equestria that is, hopefully the message will eventually get to her and she'll be able to offer some advice while they figure out a plan to deal with Midnight. She may be watching at any moment, threatening Twilight into knowing her plans will not work and she will be around to haunt her. But that's not going to mean they cannot at least 'try'.

Facing a demon in their home realms won't be easy. Good luck girls. You'll need it.

I’m a little late to the party but nice start! I really like how Sunset is portrayed here too, and the Midnight Sparkle “ghost” that Twi keeps seeing is interesting...wonder where this’ll lead:duck:

I’m really curious as to what this is building up to:pinkiehappy: There’s gonna be around 20 - something chapters right?

Just as Sunset Shimmer makes it perfectly clear she's going to be there for Twilight Sparkle, turns out it's not just her either. As the chapter implies, the whole gang is getting together because they know that when a friend is in trouble they all got to be involved somehow. Now before all that, according to the letter, Sunset Shimmer used her abilities to view into Twilight's dream in hopes to find a trace of Midnight Sparkle. But apparently it must not have worked. Being that this could be a problem and given this plan is going to require a ton of hands, naturally the more of their friends arrive to help then the better chance they have of combating this Midnight Sparkle demoness.

They may not know just what they are getting into, even after all is explain about what Twilight and Sunset already know, but at least they'll be going in somewhat prepared. As long as they all understand that while at this point they've faced some powerful beings before, Midnight Sparkle is a different case entirely on her own.

What're friends for? To have your back when you need it most.

With the uncertainty of their fate looming on their minds, as the inevitable face-off with one of their greatest enemies gets set to take place, we find our heroes finding a moment of solitude (All while their friends are fast asleep) to get some things off their chest. Ignoring the fact that at times their emotions were running high (You'd wonder how on Earth the girls could sleep through all their talk, unless you count the static of the T.V. covering their ears) there is more to Twilight's pain than Sunset was ever prepared for. Not only had Twilight Sparkle considered taking her own life, but turns out that Midnight Sparkle was not about to allow her to go that easily. It's one thing that Twilight must endure tremendous pain courtesy of her inner demons, but Midnight heals 'any' afflicted damage but leaves the marks just visible enough to know what she's become.

In any case, it is clear that Sunset Shimmer has never felt more closer to Twilight Sparkle than before (At least 'Sci Twi' in this case). For as it turns out, Sunset Shimmer has gotten to the point that she adores Twilight as more than just another friend but someone she's developed a rather insane crush on for quite some time. As if that wasn't enough, Twilight also had those feelings for Sunset and it shows between the two. We could go for a more heated moment between the two, but my writing partner has this thing about, 'You put me on the M Rated list, you're dog meat!'... Okay, she didn't really say that but we did had to tone it down a bit. Still, in the heat of the moment, sometimes you just got to go for it.

When it comes to 'peril' no one is ever prepared for anything, but it's the build-up to when the actual threat looms that makes all the difference as to where the story goes. It's not all grim and dark with this story that much SunTwi and I can assure her fans. We get a nice big of romance following Twilight And Sunset's 'evening activities', with very 'minimal' details, and we get some laughs when it turns out Pinkie Pie was well aware of what the girls were up to during the previous chapter (Please don't ask how she knows, this is 'Pinkie Pie' we are talking about). Unfortunately, all good things are not meant to last.

Just when the girls are about to put their plans into gear, turns out that Midnight Sparkle was well aware of their attempts to rid her once and for all. She knew that Twilight would resort to attempting to take action against her and despite her friends' assurance they will do what it takes to beat her, Midnight would find it all amusing. Especially since she makes 'arrangement' so that only Twilight Sparkle ends up alone leaving everyone else's trips slightly ambiguous as we don't know if the others managed to get into Twilight's dreamscape or not. All we can hope is that her friends managed to find out where Midnight has taken Twilight before it's too late.

So the girls are in on SciSet's new development, and Midnight makes her appearance. Fun.

“Oh please,” Pinkie Pie brushed off. “You two are so tied together like soles on a shoe, you might as well have a neon sign that practically says, ‘Couple’. Ask all the readers on FimFiction: They’ll vouch for me… Except the ‘FlashLight’ shippers.”

Or the FlashSet and SciSpruce shippers. Of course, look at the numbers, and SunLight pretty much wins hands and hooves down.

10470176 To be fair, I almost forgot the latter shipping even existed.

Well, its not like Hasbro did a very good job of making it memorable or believable with how hard they sledgehammered it into LoE.

10470341 As much as I'm not a fan of TwiFlash, it's more believable than what LoE gave us

Just as the title said, they won one battle against Midnight Sparkle... but every success comes at a price. Course, it was a close call for Twilight Sparkle as it seemed Midnight Sparkle had her way over Sci-Twi (In more ways in which words are not enough to describe). But just when it seems Midnight was about to perform something nasty, in a way that feels like a nightmare, who should come but that of Daydream Shimmer to be the light against the darkness and drive Midnight away. Was it Sunset Shimmer assuming that form which she used during the Friendship Games? Or did it seem that this Daydream Shimmer merely exists as her own person? So many questions that we know for certain the fans want answers for.

But as mentioned before, to beat Midnight Sparkle... something was lost. In which case, the spirit of Daydream Shimmer undoubtedly took away Sci Twi and Sunset's powers for the time being. Why she would do that? Well some say what she said was ambiguous. That in order to gain it all back, Sci-Twi must assume control if not for just herself but for her friends and the people she cares about. But in the meantime, what was lost something was found. In which case being the newfound love between Sunset Shimmer and Sci-Twi. Not just two best friends or like honorary sister figures, but they love each other so much that Sunset was about to untraditionally propose to Twilight and at such a young age too.

As if that wasn't enough, another idea comes to Sunset's mind: Sharing a baby with Sci-Twi. As if the story itself is taking a rather unique direction in ways readers might find unexpected. But rest assured, there's a method to the madness between the way we put the story together. You'll just have to wait and see for what more we have in mind.

For the time being, there is a moment of peace for Twilight and Sunset after taking out Midnight Sparkle during their last encounter. Sure, the Twilight of this realm has been left without her magic and rendered powerless for the time being. But right now, the only concern is not so much whether or not Midnight Sparkle will return, at least not right 'now'. But rather the subject of the two having a child together has been one that has left Twilight rather curious. There are certain means of having a child for sure, but they do understand the growing concerns of wanting to raise a child at such a young age. And add to the fact that Twilight could barely care for herself under Midnight's abuse, so it's no wonder why she'd question her ability to raise a child.

But as Sunset said, regardless of how they took care of Midnight Sparkle, they did so as a a team (Even if Sunset doesn't know how Daydream Shimmer got involved). And yet even so, if Sunset were to have a child with any girl, whether they have a boy or girl, she wouldn't want to share that honor with anyone but Twilight (Unless the other shipping groups have anything to say about that). Except now they do have a means of getting a child without 'the miracle of child birth' or even adoption or foster care (Which often varies in results) and they could use help from a 'friend from the other side' to pull a few strings in some form.

In the meantime, after all the stress that the two have went through, a little 'evening celebration' doesn't hurt anyone. A touch of romance does help to add some dynamic to the story after all.

The things that a woman would be willing to do just for a child. The moment that Twilight and Sunset get the word from the Twilight Sparkle of the pony world, at a chance to speak with her on advice on a child, turns out there lies an experimental means that they can have a child without either of them needing the means to get pregnant and neither would they need to sign for any adoption or foster programs. But instead, through the power of magic, the Princess proposes a means of using a trace of their magic to develop a child of their choice. In this case, this power would allow the girls to get a daughter that Twilight herself had decided on to which Sunset Shimmer herself doesn't mind so long as they can raise a family together. The problem is: Due to this procedure being terribly risky, there is always that one chance something could go wrong.

Just when it seems that it's agreed for only Sci-Twi to share her magic with Princess Twilight's, combining their powers so that Twilight will still have some magic left when it's over, a sudden change is in order. Instead, because she really wants to prove herself that she wants to do the right thing and use her magic instead of good in order to channel a being created through positivity rather than negativity she is willing to sacrifice her own power to bring life into their lives. Even if that means that in doing so, she went behind Sunset's back after she just promised to do what the princess said. Still, when a girl prefers to follow their heart and not so much their minds, heaven only knows what crazy things they'll do for the folks they love.

But now this chapter ends at a bit of a cliffhanger as we are left to determine if the procedure has succeeded or if tragedy has taken effect at this stage of the tale. Only time can tell at this point, but I can guarantee this faithful readers. You'll be guessing until you know for sure what's to come.

How many chapters long will this story be?

I liked this one! The whole group prepping for the battle was neat and I’m excited to see what happens next:twilightsmile: One thing I could nitpick is a couple writing errors, like here:

Sunset clarified. “This may be the best ‘bad’ decision we have, but it’s the best one we have.”

Maybe that was supposed to be: “This may be a ‘bad’ decision, but it’s the best one we have.”?
But I still enjoyed.

Nope, nope... That was not a mistake. That was done on purpose.

I had heard a line similar to what Jasper and his friends did during that 'Pizza-Remus' tale. While I get what you are saying, we make no mistake on this part. For those girls it's a 'bad' decision that is better than all the 'bad' decisions any person can make.

Now we acknowledge there might be a ton of fans out there who probably weren't pleased with what happened in the last chapter. That what Sci-Twi did might have been a 'little' selfish and she could've still been able to have a child without giving away her magic (Especially if she had just stuck with the original plan). But if we know this much about Sci-Twi, she's nothing like the 'Twilight Sparkle' in the pony universe. She's a woman of science, who believes in logic more than magic, and as we recall seeing in 'Legend of Everfree' she wasn't exactly tickled pink over her magic. Sure she got the hang of it in the next few specials or so, but she's no alicorn like the princess.

Anyways, whether it matters or not that Sci-Twi's rash idea to use her own magic could've been more disastrous than intended. What matters is that together, Sci Twi and Sunset do have a child to share together. In which case, Starbeam Glitter, who as readers will later see plays a very important role for the remainder of this story. Practically came up with the name myself while doing a bit of web searching to think of a name that would fit a child should Twilight and Sunset ever have had one together. Stay tuned as the next chapter is on it's way tomorrow.

And so we reach the point where our story is taken to the next level. For as we soon find out, this isn't just the story centered on Sunset Shimmer and Sci-Twi. But some time prior to the events of when the story itself began, we are introduced to a brand new character in the mix: Starbeam Glitter. A young girl whom, as this chapter puts it simply: A fifteen-year-old trapped in a five-year-old's body. By that it refers to the fact that while she looks as young as human child of that age, mentally their mind is way more advanced than that of a child. Think of it like comparing a human's age to a pony's age or so the theory would go.

Anyways, to the matter at hand, we see that Starbeam Glitter shares a few similar personality traits to her parents in that she is smart yet sassy but also has a bit of innocence. And as you can imagine with Starbeam, she's like a walking love note to the 80s due to the way her outfit is described, to the style of music she listens to, and even her design in terms of physique reflects on the Twilight Sparkle from many years ago (In which case, 'Rescue at Midnight Castle' reference). But she's also a girl going through a bit of insecurity, that she knows what folks have been saying about her and she's not completely oblivious. This will be further explore in several chapters down the road but for now, we see that she has a strong relationship with her parents.

But it is this chapter where we see that Starbeam Glitter turns out to actually have magic powers and only until now is she introduced to magic through a mishap in the park. And as if discovering she has powers isn't enough, she finds out that her mother (And 'Mama Twi' as Sunset calls her other mother) have magic to. Especially when we see that prior to when Starbeam was created/born, Sunset was not exactly happy with Princess Twilight for allowing Sci-Twi to go through with her decision to use up 'all' her magic. So yeah, turns out Sunset Shimmer has been carrying quite a bit of baggage after that scenario.

At first, for a young girl who's just learning that not only she has magic powers but her family and friends as well, she seems to be taking this very well (So much that she calls her mother, Sunset Shimmer, a superhero just for having magic powers). At first, it's all well and good until Sci-Twi starts seeing Midnight Sparkle reappear just when it seems they finally found peace. Of course, even before we learn to what extent as to what form of role Midnight Sparkle will have for the remainder of the tale turns out that's not the only bit of news.

For as it turns out during this story, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy have gotten engaged (Thus pleasing the 'FlutterDash' fans). And before anyone asks, true it sounds like a shoutout to one of SunTwi's old story about the two at the carnival, them confessing their love, and especially bringing up a break-up Rainbow Dash had with Soarin', but I like to call it 'pure coincidence' myself. In any case, we just know that after a period of peace for the girls it seems like they are not out of danger just yet. So now we are left to wonder when Nightmare Sparkle will reappear next and why she's suddenly haunting Starbeam Glitter too.

Very Interesting turn of events. I must say, I had no idea that the first few sleepless nights Sci Twi spent dealing with Midnight Sparkle (in the first arc) would lead to Starbeam Glitter and her learning of magic. Love her name too btw, it’s sooo pretty!. I like your creativity!:twilightsmile:

It wasn't easy trying to find a name for their daughter. It was a matter of finding names that would be synonyms for Twilight Sparkle initially. SunTwi and I actually went through a 'whole' series of names and somehow Starbeam Glitter was the name we liked. Just as she was brought to life by magic to be Twilight and Sunset's daughter, in a way that kind of makes her 'our' daughter because this is the OC we created for ourselves.

*Sniffs* Really makes me a proud man! Like being a father in fantasy knowing that's never going to happen in real life!

Hoho, the plot thickens...

That's the idea. Not only is Sci-Twi in danger with Midnight Sparkle coming back in the fray, but it seems her daughter is being haunted too.

Oh, now things got interesting. Ever since Twilight gave her magic to create Starbeam (which, by the way, is an awesome name!) I had that nagging feeling that Midnight had been "transplanted" in her, something I really hoped wasn't true. Seems like mother and daughter are in for a really bad fight, but I am looking forward to how they will deal with it. I for one am expecting something like a twin sister for Starbeam :pinkiehappy:

A twin sister huh? Oh yes, that would be mighty special wouldn't it?

We do have certain things planned for the remainder of this story although your input is nothing short of valuable. And I will say, just finding a name for this new character (Much less her general personality) was not so easy to put together. But overall, we are very happy with how Starbeam is turning out. A mature-minded character, yet still retaining the age and appearance of that of a normal child. For her overall design, we made it like a love letter to fans of the 80s especially if we remember Twilight's original design from that run.

This way we can make it clear to our fans she's Twilight's (Or 'Sci-Twi's' daughter) while sharing a few traits from Sunset Shimmer too.

There's nothing like an outing with your family to just get out of the house once in a while and get to see the world in a new light. In which case, while Starbeam and her parents are not quite going out of the country they do get to drive at a spot one won't normally find in the 'Equestria Girls' landscape. A spot where they can see all of Canterlot City and it's landmarks as a way to reflect and look back on where they came from. Where Starbeam would find it was hard to believe that this seemingly normal town had no idea about magic until the arrival of one of her moms, Sunset Shimmer. And in doing so, Starbeam can see she has no reason to be alarmed on what people will think of her because magic is pretty normal here.

But something abnormal does occur in some form. When a sudden snowstorm suddenly drifts along the forest at the wrong time of the season and on their way back, the force is so great it tries to draw Starbeam away. For as we see, Midnight Sparkle is on the hunt for the little girl, trying to take her for some reason. And people are asking, 'Why Starbeam? Why her?'. As if using magic to surround Starbeam is not enough, she does that one thing most horror stories do: Take a very innocent childhood song and turn it into something sinister and threatening. What sinister plans await for our little Starbeam?

Stay tuned for the next chapter and soon you'll find out.

Oh, Sh*t!! Midnight, you will pay for this!

On another note, the idea of an outing for the family was a nice touch, the lie I can really understand, and the fact that Midnight can use that against Starbeam gives it another touch.
Really enjoyed the chap, Thx!!!

Oh yes indeed. Just a quick question:

Which lie are we talking about?

So just to clear the air: Midnight Sparkle's mental assaults toward Starbeam Glitter are not as graphic or intense as it usually is against Twilight Sparkle (But to be fair, I draw the line when it comes to violence against children even as an editor). But we do know that Midnight Sparkle wants to deliver some hurt to the girl in some form, even pointing out the fact that the only reason 'she' even exists... just the same as the only reason Midnight is still around... is all because of Twilight. Through Twilight's use of magic, these two beings exist and somehow they are connected in some creepy sense. Now Midnight finds that in order to truly get close to Twilight Sparkle, when one plan did not work, she now wants to get to Starbeam and force her to 'become whole' with Midnight so they can come together as one being.

As if that isn't enough, turns out Starbeam saw something she's not sure she should've when she thought her moms had an argument with each other. But it turns out Sunset was never arguing with 'Mama Twi', but she was arguing with the Princess of Friendship herself. How she deems the Princess responsible for allowing Sci-Twi to carry on her decision to use 'all' her magic instead of allowing the Princess to share hers (At least this way Sci-Twi would still have a bit of magic herself). Still, given the severity of the situation prior to Midnight Sparkle's return, they need the Princess' help whether Sunset feels ready to trust her again or not. Fortunately, the Princess is able to make time to answer the call for help... but can they take immediate action before it's too late?

The one about how Twilight lost her powers. In the last chapter she said she lost it by fighting Midnight, but here, when Midnight was explaining things, she said Twilight lost her powers/used them to create Starbeam. While they can be said to be, somewhat, related, I counted it as a lie rather than a half-truth.

10483776 Short version- She lost her powers yes but in a earlier chapter, (Pony) Twilight explained that everyone(pony) has magic within them. She lost the remainder of her hidden magic after making Starbeam. Hope that clears it up:heart:

We see Midnight Sparkle at work once again, for a brief moment able to break into Starbeam's mind and assume control. We see her having her way with Twilight Sparkle momentarily, even besting Sunset Shimmer proving just how powerful Midnight is. But we also see, in the midst of all this chaos, we discover that Starbeam has a very special gift of her very own. See for a moment if this sounds familiar to some of you readers:

I wish... I wish... I wish...

Back in the 80s, this is just what Twilight Sparkle uttered before she was able to teleport from one end of an area to another. But in the case with this story in question, Starbeam Glitter is able to teleport back... to a period of time. Hence somehow, she was able to time travel without the means of one of Starswirl's ancient spells. Still, the fact that Midnight Sparkle was able to assume control over Starbeam just that easily and how her parents almost got hurt because of her... it's no wonder Starbeam is so terrified. So scared in fact, she thinks she can run away if it means distancing herself from her parents as if that's going to keep them safe.

But as we know, you can't run away from the dark forces constantly on your tail. We shall see how far this takes Starbeam as Midnight Sparkle plans her next move again.

Oohh. Yup, it does explain. Thx! :twilightsmile:

Time travel has always been a complicated matter, there are so many ways that it's been used in the media. Only in Starbeam's case, she's not using any forbidden scrolls or ancient artifacts left in her dimension after falling through one of Equestria's portals. But rather, Starbeam has been able to use time travel with a specific command. And yet while her intentions were stellar, saving the lives of her parents and everything, Sunset 'did' make a valid point about time travel. For every attempt to fix a point in time, something can still go wrong through every action. Even if the intentions are good, the consequences are, in a word, inconsequential.

And with Midnight Sparkle on the loose and Twilight even unaware that such magic was in use (Hence explaining why she doesn't remember what happened earlier), the girls need to be on their guard and not treat these new abilities of Starbeam's lightly. Let's just hope the girls are better prepared for next time.

Ok, that last part .... I am really intrigued by it, and hellishly interested in what was it that Midnight got/stole and from who.
Also, thx for the Chap. ! :twilightsmile:

In the short while we get to see Starbeam, we see of her as this smart, cool, confident young daughter of two gifted young women in magic (Least till one gave up all her powers in this version). But this chapter also presents Starbeam with her vulnerable side, showing how scared she is about using magic that she tries to suppress it by doing 'normal' activities. But Sunset knows that this is more than just Starbeam wanting to do things the old fashion way, that Starbeam is terrified that she'll go through a relapse and have someone she cares about seriously hurt thinking her magic is to blame for it all.

To be frank, I do get where Starbeam is coming from. That she thinks the less she uses magic, the less attention Midnight Sparkle will have on Starbeam and will have no reason to target her or Twilight. But the truth of the matter is simple: Spirits like Midnight Sparkle are restless. As soon as they have their sights set on what they want, their spirits will never rest until they've settled some 'unfinished business'. And so long as the family are still in constant danger, they're going to need to accept the truth surrounding the circumstance of their predicament. Otherwise, if Twilight were to learn not only what Starbeam did to her but 'how' she did it... she'll be miserable because she had to find out for herself and that her own daughter didn't trust her with the truth.

All we can do at this point is hope that whatever Midnight's up to, whatever she's been taking for herself, our girls can pull it together and figure out what to do to prevent Midnight's hold on the family from escalating any further.

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