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A big fan of My Little Pony, Pokemon and How to Train Your Dragon. I'm a amateur writer but I do my best with my writings.


Ren Loodan, Carrie and Mason Hunter, Jack Yamaki, Nicole Bonnie, Rantaro Wilde, Skye Jones, Kaede Ross and Jamie Watson, are nine humans that have myserteriously woken up in what they thought was just a chamber but it turns out that their chamber is actually part of a spaceship which seems it hasn't been used for a long time.

After about almost a year after meeting Twilight Sparkle and the Mane 6, Ren and the others meet Sarah Gem, a unicorn who may be connected to their pasts along with her 'brother' Void, who wants to end lives in Equestria as a way to bring 'hope.

With the help of Sarah and the Mane 6, Ren and the others will search for their missing memories, fight the forces of evil that threaten Equestria and find a way back home, while discovering more secrets about Sarah too and discovering that Equestria has more secrets of its own....

(This is a continuation of MaxTV1234's Ren's Adventures in Equestria story, so I suggest reading that first before reading this.


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Comments ( 29 )

The pony s will enter the maze

This story's off to a pretty interesting start. I like the idea of the unicorn mare's only friend being her Pikachu. I can't wait to see how this turns out! I don't really understand why you tagged this story with Romance, though.

This is interesting so far. I can't see any big issues so far, but I will follow it for now!

Comment posted by Auron Solaris deleted May 27th

Plan to give her a boyfriend later on.

Pikachu has two stripes, unless its the Gigantamax form, then it has three. But this could be your own design.

I thought Pikachu always had three stripes.

So far, I kinda like it. You're doing a pretty good job at continuing were MaxTV1234 left off. While it's a bit hard to read at times, I still quite enjoy reading it.

I do have a question though. Are you going to include the Equestria Girls movies in this story?

Yeah I'll do them, just need help writing it. And I might do them as separate stories.

Why didn't you add Apple Family Reunion?

Didn’t know how I would do that episode.

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