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You have my interest

I needed that laugh:rainbowlaugh:

I need more of this

Is Twilight just carefully avoiding thinking about how her brother has worked in the Canterlot Guard Barracks since before Rarity was sixteen?

Based on what I know from the internet, a couple of these are going to be wild.

You had me until "invite me next time". That sets a dangerous precedence, and absolves Twilight of any credit we might have given her to absolve others. That makes her a hypocrite and changes the value system of the story.

So many world building questions...

Though i do have one without asking for more lore;

Should Twilight absolve Rarity when it is clear she has no intention of stopping or feeling regret for the sin itself? Seems more like she just wanted to share sexual conquests (conquested?) than any absolution...



This fic is intended to be funny. There is no deeper meaning than to get the audience to laugh.

(Also Twilight is not above DA RULES so she's going to get a comeuppance in the next chapter.)

HA! But really Rarity, that eventually is going to bite you in the arse. If you want that much cock you would be safer by making your own Stallion Harem and keeping them around. As in, use the same partners instead of playing P$^*y Roulette in the barracks every weekend. You are going to find yourself with a guard with a nasty disease and you are going to regret it.

Hmm, Rarity and the Harem. There's a nice plot bunny.


Stop yelling Mister Grohl! - A lot of internet memes.

I know...

It manages to make me smile slightly. Keep it up and i might find it funny by the end.

The first chapter, second chapter or both?

First... and second. Awaiting Fluttershy :pinkiecrazy:

Second left it unclear if Twilight got STDs or she was immune to everything like the previous line implied. Or if Rarity, and her lifestyle, caused her to get every last one while they shared the guards. The paragraph is correct but felt jumbled enough to leave ambiguity. (Which migh not of been the intent) ...

Don't mind me. Few comedies feel funny to me.

And don't explain the jokes; i don't find comedy funny because it's just not funny. Most don't get that and explain in the hopes of me finding it funny...

I love to make you smile. :pinkiesmile:

And I'll keep the line ambiguous. Not my intent, but it's better that way. Maybe she's like her mentor...


I can't wait to see Fluttershy as well. It's either going to be the silliest thing out of all of them or it's going to be the worst thing out of all of them.

Contains diabetes

Upon seeing this I was immediately suspicious on whether you meant this in the "d'aww" sense or in a literal sense. The good Fimfiction authors here have given me a frightful bit of paranoia :applecry:

Yup. Nice to read a good bit of crack now and again, and this is some good quality crack

Excuse me sir, this is not what I was expecting. You will be hearing from my lawyer for false advertising and excessive cuteness ownership.

I got diabetes while writing it.

Crack is crudely refined.

This is beginning to feel like high-quality Bolivian cocaine fiction.

Did you think the Pinkie chapter was cute? I was going for cute with that one.

What'd ya think of the Pinkie chapter?

My money says it involves leather, yaoi or a chainsaw. Possibly all 3 at once.

Kind of silly in its own little way. Only Pinkie would think that eating a bag of flour instead of making cupcakes is a bad thing. Or rather a confession worthy sin. Though I do like the "forgive me mommy for I have sinned" line, it's cute.

Glad ye liked it. What'd ye think of the belly rubbing?

It's cute as well, and from the description I'm guessing that the flour had pretty much gummed up in her tummy.

Yay. I was going for cute friendshipping. Not enough platonic affection in this fandom.

I’m reminded of a Robert Schimmel bit where he commented that it’s really rather messed up to keep confessing sex acts to someone who isn’t allowed to have it.

"Forgive me mother, for I have sinned."
"What... did you do, Fluttershy?"

This is how I hope it goes.

Why do you think they call it 'vicariously'?

"You invite me next time."


Welp, there goes the virgin princess image. *shrug*


After the first chapter this one was a serious bit of tonal whiplash. But it was a very good, fluffy kind, bc ofc, Pinkie Pie, so I very much appreciate it. :pinkiesmile:

I think in this case, "virgin" is a state of mind.

all of Rarity's STD's cancelled each other out

Ah, Venereal Three Stooges Syndrome. Handy.

In any case, lovely stuff in this second chapter. Twilight's better at this than she thinks. Or is comfortable with. At least, she is with the little sins. We'll see what her other friends have to confess. (I imagine Applejack will have to drag Rainbow Dash in, gagged and bound.)

Forgive me Daddy, I've been bad.

probably happened in her shed

I certainly have to say that you make quite amazing hooks when it comes to REALLY reeling in your audience with interest! Because, this was amazing and I hope to see more amazingness comin'! Hope ya didn't mind, but I did a little reading on your frist two chapters!

Audio Linky!: https://youtu.be/Qip1YazYatE

(I don't mean to offend anyone with this comment!)

...How would that comment offend anyone? Glad you enjoyed my story.

And this will demonstrate their mutual kinksin?

:twilightsmile: You two have been extra sinful, I'm afraid I'm going to have to give you both a spanking.

ok, so why is this tagged mature?
if the farthest it goes is STD jokes, it only needs a Teen rating
edit: never mind, i read the first chapter
ho boah

You really should stay out of there.

Well, we wouldn't want the wee bairns corrupted by Rarity's degeneracy now would we?

I'll have you know I am offended to the utmost, good sir!

Love chapter 2! My favorite part is the tummy rubs. Will you ever do a sequel continuing where it left off?

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