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I'm 'Roarin' Out to Go!


Sundown Blaze (Formerly Sunset Shimmer but who cares) thought that going to this new school could give her a new beginning, she was right but she didn't think it'd bring the supernatural with it!

Also what is with these nosy females!? They kept on butting into her business! Just leave her alone! She just wanted to survive these next two years in peace but it seems like someone above just wanted to prove her wrong.

Heyyy, its a story featuring Human! Sunset Shimmer. As you can see, Sundown Blaze is Sunset Shimmer. The reason why she changed her name will be told as the story continues.

Also, this is based on the anime Rosaria+Vampire and few other animes. So expect shenanigans and a lot of misunderstandings.

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this looks interesting:rainbowhuh:

Not bad. I'll continue

I think it's a good start myself, like all your others.

i get you're going for transgender Sunset, but you're still using feminine pronouns lol

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