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The Transferee - ThatWritingDragon

Sundown Blaze (Formerly Sunset Shimmer but who cares) thought that going to this new school could give her a new beginning, she was right but she didn't think it'd bring the supernatural with it!

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1- Luck

Her eyes twitched as her sight zoned into the annoying text a certain bug sent her. She knew that she was being screwed over, how? Well it would be pretty obvious from the message her delightful friend sent to her as a farewell gift.

Hope you can survive the next two years

I believe in you Sunnykins~

You can do it! <3

Your Dorm is M-8 btw

That stupid heart emoji along with the equally stupid nickname made her want to just throw her phone but she couldn’t because she’s poor and she couldn’t afford a new phone especially since she already was in someone else’s debt. With how hard she gripped her gadget you’d think that it’d break but she just roughly exhaled and pocketed it, she couldn’t afford to do anything to her personal objects.

Especially in her situation right now.

What was so special about this place anyway? All she knew right now was that she was sent to some fancy academy that decided to take her in for some dumb charity case. Especially since that annoying insect decided to sign her in despite the fact that she was ready to get a job to pay off her debt, she rolled her eyes and crossed her arms. She just hoped she wouldn’t stick out but with how fancy the apparently is, she was sure she would stick out like a sore thumb.

She groaned and shoved her hands in the pockets of her slightly baggy jeans, especially since she’s wearing something that is clearly from commoners. She wondered if they were like those noble snobs from those animes? She snorted, if they were just as stupid as the one from those shows then maybe they wouldn’t notice.

She frowned and ran a hand through her short hair, but with how shitty her usual luck is… She groaned and placed down her dark orange duffle bag, she just hoped that she wouldn’t be expelled in a month or two. If she did then with no doubt, her dept would lengthen and that is something she absolutely does not need right now.

She clicked her tongue and sighed, she just needed to get this two years over so she could get a better paying job and pay off her debt. Then she’ll get far away from the bug and live life without the irritating insect bugging her to take a job.

“Hey kid! You going to get in or not?” she blinked at the barking tone that came in front of her and realised that her bus was already here, she didn’t realise that she paced off so much that she didn’t recognise the sound of a car.

“Right, right. Sorry about that” She said, her voice rough and deeper than the usual female. She got into the bus with her duffle bag with her and sat in the first seat that she saw, which was behind the driver. She looked around and realised that the bus was empty and she didn’t know what to think about that. Her eyes narrowed in suspicion, she saw the name of the school she was going to on the side of the bus so it must be legit… right?

“Hey..” She started, her back leaning into her chair -it was comfy don’t blame her- as she focused on the driver. “This is the bus to Canterlot Academy right?”

“Yep” Was his quick and simple reply.

She clicked her tongue and sighed, “Was this your last stop before we go to the academy?”


“Where’s the others? Wasn’t the school supposed to be huge or something?”

This time, the driver was silent and a few moments passed before he answered. “You’re a bit of an odd case since you’re our only new student and all that. Then there’s the fact that you don’t know how to get there, the other students already have a way for themselves along with the faculty so we had to send someone -which is me- to pick you up”

Understandable. It kind of made sense but the route thing… She sighed, she didn’t bother to care anymore. Free transport is still free transport especially to a broke teen like her.

“Thanks, sorry for taking some of your time” She yawned and leaned back even more, the chair was very comfy so she couldn’t help herself. “Can you wake me up when we’re there?”

“Sure but i’ll need a name”

“Sundown, Sundown Blaze” was all she said as her consciousness began to slip as she got comfortable.

“Alright, go get some snooze Mr. Blaze”

Mr? She was sure that she was a girl or atleast a female… She would’ve continued her thought but she already fell into deep sleep. She could ask about it but that was for later. Sleep now, think about why she was called ‘Mr’ later.

“... Blaze, Mr. Blaze.” A weight of someone pushing her slightly annoyed her and she cracked an eye open to glare at the bastard who dared wake her but she stopped it when flashes of how she got into this situation came rushing at her. “We’re here Mr. Blaze”

Right… They were probably in the school grounds. She yawned lightly and stretched, her joints cracking as she stood up and grabbed her bag. “Thanks, sir.” gotta be polite and all that, especially in such a fancy feeling place. Yes, this place feels fancy even when she hasn't even stepped outside, she can feel it in some odd way.
The man grinned and moved to give her way but he had a questioning look on his face as he looked at her as she exited, he looked at her up and down and focused on her face with a confused look.

“Do you... perhaps have a sibling?” He asked and Sundown couldn’t stop her own confusion. Sibling? Not that she knows off, she’s an orphan after all. She shook her head with a frown as she wondered how the driver even got that idea.

“Not that I know off, why are you asking?” She asked as she placed one of her hands in her pockets. Perhaps she does have a sibling but why was he asking?

The driver gave a conflicted look and smiled politely. “Well, you look like one of the students and i just thought...” he trailed off and looked away.

“Right…thanks for the info” Sundown scratched her hair and grinned “Thanks for the ride driver guy!” She stepped away from the bus and started to walk towards the largest building, which was huge by the way and it kept on getting larger the closer she came. Around the buildings were tons of trees and greens, there also seems to be other students loitering around.

She let out a low whistle and grinned, exploring this place would be awesome!

“Sunny~!” a high-pitched voice called out happily, they were loud Sundown realised. You know what else our protagonist realised? She realised that she now had a pair of pink arms wrapped around her neck and she was sure that she would’ve smacked right into the floor, if it weren’t for the fact that she just grounded herself just in time. “There you are!”

“What the-” Our protagonist sputtered, her eyes widening when she felt somebody’s body literally hanging behind her and she instinctively grabbed the legs swinging behind her and wrapped it around her torso.

“Wait… You’re not Sunny but you do look like her. Gasp!” Yes, the pink and rather bountiful girl literally said gasp and leaned near Sundown’s face with a contemplative look. “Are you related to her!? An older brother?”

Related? Wait, didn’t the driver also say something about having a possible sibling? And by the pronouns then this ‘Sunny’ could be her sister. Huh, that’s cool.

“I…” Sundown shrugged, truthfully the idea of a sibling/sister would be awesome but she wouldn’t seek her out. If their paths cross then she’ll try but if her possible sister didn’t want anything to do with her? Future Sundown will deal with it “I don’t know honestly” She looked to the side and into the sky blue eyes of her attacker. “Think you get off?”

“Nah, you’re very comfy. Can I stay?”

Sundown tilted her head to the side before shrugging, the girl wasn’t exactly heavy and it wasn’t much of a problem.

“Sure” with her simple reply, the pink one started to squeal in glee and proceeded to hug her. Sundown then began to walk to the building with the rather cheerful one in tow, the other students gave a few double-takes but they didn't seem surprised. If anything they looked amused or atleast exasperated. She knew that the pink one was bonkers but she didn’t think everyone else also thought so. They must’ve made an odd pair, especially since she was already carrying her duffle bag beside her.

“What’s your name? I haven’t seen you before which is weird because…” She realised that the girl was probably the type to go on tangents, so she tuned her out“... I’m Pinkie Pie but you can call me Pinkie!” asked Pinkie and Sundown peeked to the side and nodded. A rather excitable one, isn’t she?

“Sundown Blaze and you can call me anything as long as it isn’t insulting”

Pinkie hummed lightly before placing her chin on Sundown’s shoulder and she nodded after a few moments of silence. It was a comfortable silence and Sundown realised that maybe these next two years wouldn’t be too bad.

“Where are you going?” Pinkie asked after a few minutes of silence and Sundown blinked at that.

“I dunno, I was just following the trail” Sundown answered stoically, not showing emotion on her face when she realised that she walked completely off track. She was supposed to enter the building, not walk around it! She cursed beneath her breath and tried to walk back but a hand on top of her hair caused her to still and turn to her passenger with a questioning look.

“How about you drop your stuff at your dorm first? That way you don’t have to keep on lugging around your bag” Suggested Pinkie, her hand now combing through the hair of her carrier and Sundown hummed at that trying to see what’s wrong with it before she just shrugged and agreed.

“Good point but I’ll need to find where it is first” Sundown subtly reminded her that she is a new student, it’s not like she had a map at hand. It was why she was going to the main building after all, to get a map and ask for directions.

“Well why didn’t you say so!” Cheered Pinkie, her hand flung up to the sky as she grinned. “I know everything about this place including the directions! What’s your dorm number?”

Sundown blinked and tried to remember what it was, she was sure the bug told her that it was in eight something. She would’ve checked with her phone but her hands are currently occupied with the girl’s legs/

“I think it was M-8” she answered as she began to trek back. She wondered if her roommates were nice, they were going to live in the same house for the next two years and she hoped that they weren’t annoying.


Huh, there’s her answer.

“Wait- aren’t the guys separated from the girls?” Pinkie continued with confusion in her tone and Sundown nodded. “Well, since the school was the one to move you to our dorm then I guess it's okay.” Pinkie then started ruffling Sundown’s already ruffled hair with vigour. “Just don’t be a pervert!”

“Okay” She doesn't know how being a pervert has anything to do with the housing arrangements but then again this is a new school and who was she to judge?

Sundown started the journey to her dorm. She hoped that the next two years would be as equally as calm as this first day but knowing her luck, it wouldn’t last and it’ll soon go down in flames.

Just like it always did.

Author's Note:

A bit rough but i tried.

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this looks interesting:rainbowhuh:

Not bad. I'll continue

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i get you're going for transgender Sunset, but you're still using feminine pronouns lol

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