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This is an amusing setup. I can't wait to see where it goes!

More of a slow burn than I was expecting, but still interesting and well written. Time to strap in.


It'll ramp up pretty quick, I'll tell you that much. I'm glad you're enjoying the setup!

I'm excited to see this pan out. This is only your third story on the site, and your other two are already in my favorites, so I'm expecting great things here

If what you've shown me already is to be continued, you have my life at your hands

You have me intrigued. Let's see where this goes. (Or rather how it gets to those spoiled bits.)

Can't wait for Fluttershy's turn next chapter. Also your other 2 stories are great.

This is getting real interesting. Can't wait for the next chapter!

After a moment's pause, Discord said, “Maybe when you're older, my dear draconic friend.”

Why didn't you said it is game specifically designed for an adult slumber party instead?

Hopefully you don't divulge too many rules and keep your options open for some crazy Eldritch shit.

And will you be touching on why spike blushed on rainbow and pinkie dropping in on his o&o sessions?

Hell, is he even in the castle during this?

:raritystarry: Insert the "OH MY" meme from that cooking show guy, I forget his name.

I remember reading a story along these lines. I forget what it's called, though.

“Seriously?” said Rainbow. She dropped the box as if it had bitten her. Knowing Discord's usual brand, that wasn't even particularly unlikely. “That seems kind of crazy, Twi.”

Well, on the bright side, she didn't get it from Aeon of Dreams.

“Charades,” Rarity said flatly, levitating her own die several feet away from her as if it would bite. “How in Equestria could this be considered charades? You're a deer, darling. A rather sweet and pretty deer, but a deer nonetheless!”

This is kinda soft-core so far.

“In that case, my compliments to the chef, Fluttershy,” said Rarity. She admired her reflection again. “In fact, I may need Discord to pay me a visit at the Boutique one day. It would be a brilliant challenge to work with a model between various shapes like this.”

Business mare always quick to spot an opportunity.

Also, if you're going to do that...

[Adult story embed hidden]

Honestly, it took a long time for me to learn that I can do that

Treat the link like that of a YouTube video.
[ embed] [/ embed]

Deliberate mis-spell, there

Discord's not very good at it though. I usually end up being so many different animals before he guesses right.

I'm sure it has nothing to do with getting a chance to perform a little friendly chaos with someone who actually enjoys it.

Rarity with Dash's body. There's a recipe for well-flustered farmpony.

Speaking of enjoying it... This will certainly be a night to remember.

Super excited to read the rest! Based on how Twilight’s dare was given, couldn’t she have gotten someone to read the rules of any of the games to her? Technically not breaking the rules of the dare.

I kind of wish the chapters were longer/more intense, but I trust that this is just a slow burn, and will pick up soon enough

I am certain Discord put the recording spell in the game's box or somewhere. So that he can bribe either Luna or Cadance with it.

I would not be terribly surprised if Discord did do something like this.

A little corruption grows as the game progresses, good thing this is all just temporary fun.:moustache:

I gotta tell you something.

I really hate cliffhangers :fluttershbad:

“My magic. It's…” Twilight stuck out her tongue and peered off into the middle distance. The bottle they'd been spinning suddenly floated into the air, surrounded by a soft magenta glow. “I guess the transformation is pretty surface level.”

We'll find out soon enough, I guess.

... but something as dramatic as ripping her unicorn powers from her would be tantamount to… well, as bad as stripping her friends of their truest aspects and rendering them shells of their normal selves.

Be sure you have some color swatches handy to check for desaturation.

It's definitely starting to heat up. Now to see if the changes stack.

Didn't Pinkie technically cheat as she did not roll the die? Seeing as Discord made the game it would sense this and punish her for try to cheat.

You're assuming he's not in the room watching. Possibly AS the die!


The bottom one! Excuse the dubious line quality. I was getting impatient to publish when I drew that one.

But rarity roll a heart plus And it on the left?

Oh yes, sorry. I thought you were asking which she rolled first. She rolled the leftmost symbol in the last chapter.

Right...is this story is actually base on the real game that you use as this story cover?

I made up the game for this story, and then made the cover art myself.

I don't even want to imagine what kind of foal they might have. I mean, one is a magically powerful alicorn and another is Pinkie Pie.

"Come little one, today I will teach you the most important skill in life. Annoying people who think they have authority(as long as fluttershy approves)

It was like some protective platonic barrier had been torn down.

Careful now. Rainbow can almost see the porn logic. :raritywink:

And the floodgates are open. After Twilight's display, the mood's been set and the awkwardness... well, mostly lifted. The following turns should certainly be interesting.

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