• Published 26th May 2020
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White Light : Guiding Light - Kujamih

A time traveling pony on a mission to stop the future from ever happening again..

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Chapter 8

Operation Salvation has started. The rescue party heading to the north is Princess Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, Apple Jack, Rarity and Rainbow Dash.

Heading to the west is Head mare Starlight Glimmer, Trixie Lulamoon, Discord, Scootaloo and Diamond Tiara.

The East will be lord Gesalt, Dragonlord Ember, Smolder, Sandbar and Gallus.

Meanwhile the rescue party heading to the south has not left yet, it was Flurry Heart's team. Princess Flurry Heart, Cozy Glow, and Luster Dawn, are waiting for the twins, Pound and pumpkin.

"How long are you two going to make us wait?" Cozy Glow impatiently said. "Don't you know how important our mission is?"

" Yes we know Cozy, thats why we are preparing as fast as we can." Pound said while packing some gears. "We need to be well prepared for our travel. Sis are you done with our rations?"

" I'm Pinkie speeding it okay....aaaaand done! What's my time Flurry?" Pumpkin said while panting.

"Uuuu almost. You're 5 seconds late from Pinkie's record."

"Not my day today tsk...oh well"

Luster Dawn watched her friends and was a bit amazed of their act. "Cozy has a point. You guys should really take this seriously, especially you Flurry Heart. You just might lose Princess Twilight's Approval."

" Oh don't worry Luster, I've got this. Aunt even said to everyone in the meeting that SHE believes in me and approved of my plans." Flurry haughtily said to Luster.

" Im gonna stop both of you here."- Cozy rubbed her forehead to relieve some stress -" we don't have time to know who's Twilight's favorite here. Look, the twins are finished and we can go help out the Hyppogriffs now."

Both quarreling ponies looked away from each other.

" Sometimes i doubt the reason i was released from stone." Cozy rolled her eyes. "Lets go team..."

As Flurry Heart's team was about to exit Ponyville, a big unicorn wearing a white futuristic suit appeared and blocked their path.

"Good Morning miss Heart. You are not needed any further."

The suited unicorn casted a laser towards Flurry heart, but she was able to cast a shield.

The shield could not hold and broke. But it was able to deflect the laser a bit and hit her wings instead of her body.

"Aaaahhh!" Flurry Heart screamed in pain.

Everyone was shocked at what happened and couldn't react properly. Next thing they knew is the suited unicorn is near them and has kicked Pound Cake at the chin, causing him to faint and flew up from the sky.

"Pound Cake!" pumpkin Shouted and blasted the suited unicorn with her magic.


The suited unicorn was blown off, but seems to have not taken damage from Pumpkin's blast.

"Pound cake! are you alright!"

" Im alright sis. For a unicorn he sure kicked like an earth pony."

"Well Flurry heart isn't! She's still in a lot of pain," Luster dawn informed. "Cozy bring Flurry to the hospital and grab as many ponies for help. Pound, Pumpkin, we need to stop him!"

" I owe that unicorn for what he did to me." Pound replied.

The suited unicorn starts to pat off the dust on his suit and said. " Oh little ponies... You wont have the time for that."

The suited pony casts another laser towards them.

"Everyone avoid it!" Luster shouted.


They were able to avoid the laser, but it caused an explosion between them and blasted them aside.

" Cozy! I think we need that back up now!" Luster shouted!

" Well as you can see, i still haven't left!" Cozy shouted. "Please cover me while i try carrying Flurry out!"

"Pumpkin! Pound! Cozy needs her cover!"

"On it!" Pumpkin raised the soil to make a wall.

Pound Cake charged towards the suited pony to attack while Luster casted her magic.

But the suited pony was able to easily avoid both Pound and Lusters attack.

" Amateurs..." The suited unicorn mockingly said to them.

The suited unicorn was able to kick Pound Cake and flingged him towards Lusted Dawn, putting them both out. Then casted another laser, destroying the wall Pumpkin built. The blast knocked pumpkin out aswell.

" This is bad. At this rate we'll all be dead." Cozy nervously said. " What do i do to get us out of this situation!"

" You just have to accept your fate child, so the world will become a better place for us." The suited unicorn whispered behind her ear. " Your deaths will give us a better future. Now rest in peace sweet child."