• Published 26th May 2020
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White Light : Guiding Light - Kujamih

A time traveling pony on a mission to stop the future from ever happening again..

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Chapter 3


" Did you have a nice dream, Light?" 

As Light opened up his eyes, he saw a giant pink pony with multiple pink horns. "Thought you got rid of me?" A pink beam appeared at the tip of its horns, and blasted Light with it.

Slam! Light fell from his bed. "Ouch!...Nightmares again," Light said to himself with frustration. He picked himself up and fixed his bed. "I guess i can’t really get rid of you huh... Disarray."

"Well, good morning mister Light. I see you're awake," the doctor said, while entering the room. "Its been a week now. Are you feeling any better?"

" Well Doctor Horse."- Light stretched -"Other than my nightmares, I'm feeling great."

" Please, just call me Grey," The doctor said. "Well now that there’s nothing wrong with you, I guess I have to let you leave the hospital now. But your problem now is your payment mister Light." 

"Yeah that is a problem," Light replied. " Is there anyway i can repay the debt i owe to the hospital?"

" Well luckily for you the apple farm requires some helping hoof there," the doctor said. "And luckily for you, the one who saved you has a big connection at that farm. And she specifically asked for you as well."

" Oh... That's quite nice of her to help me," Light said.

" This'll also be a nice chance to pay back the debt you owe to that girl as well. So i suggest you hop right to it, and head on to the apple farm," Grey said. " Plus it'll help you exercise."

As Light left the hospital, he enjoyed the peaceful scenery as he head to the apple farm.

Distracted, he accidentally hit somepony. Thud!

"Oof. Oh sorry." Light looked at the pony he bumped.

It was a pink pony with balloons for a cutie mark.

"Oh im sorry too, i wasnt looking where i was going like what you are doing, because apparently the scenery is really quite amazing!" The pink pony said.

"...yeah." Light stared at the pink pony as if he'd seen a ghost. "....Well, I’ve gotta go." Light quickly left the pink pony and didn't wait for her reply, even though the pink pony is still talking and following him.

"Hey, I’ve been talking and talking. But i have no idea who you are! My name’s pinkie pie! What's yours?" She asked.

" It's Light."

Well Light, welcome to Ponyville! What brings you to this place?" Pinkie asked, as she continued to tail Light. " Are you here to visit a relative? on a vacation? See you here for the food? Or maybe on a mission?"

Light suddenly stopped and gave a cold-blooded stare at pinkie.

Pinkie stopped and noticed the sudden change in Lights mood. " Um... I'm sorry, did i somehow offend you?" Pinkie asked with a hint of fear on her tone.

" No... Not really," Light calmly said. "I’m just heading to the apple farm to help there. I think im planning on living in ponyville."

" Oh... Ok that’s...good," pinkie awkwardly said. " Well if you need me, I'll be at the sugar cube corner. That's where I work you know. So anyway i have to go somewhere and....get some more sugar bye!" Pinkie left in a hurry.

"I didn’t expect to find her so easily," Light said. " Now i wont have a hard time finding her."

Light Continued heading to the apple farm and ended up meeting Apple Bloom near the entrance with another pony with her.

" Hey Light! Over here!" Apple Bloom shouted excitedly. "Welcome to the apple farm! This here is my sister Apple Jack. I've already told her your circumstances, and she's happy to help another pony in need."

" Oh, um thank you for your hospitality, the apple family has helped me yet again." Light bowed his head to the sisters. "Ill make sure to repay your generosity towards me."

"Ah shucks, think nothin of it!" Apple Jack patted Lights back. "You're part of the Apple family now, you can rest at our spare barn and work in the fields with us until you get your memories back."

"Or forever if you want," Apple Bloom added.

"Thank you again, for your help," Light said.

"Alright Apple Bloom you should give Light a tour to the farm then, while i have to do some errands." Apple Jack took her leave.

" So, what are we waiting for?" Apple Bloom excitedly said.

" Well then, lead the way." Light joined Apple Bloom's tour to the farm, and ended his day tired and happy.