• Published 26th May 2020
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White Light : Guiding Light - Kujamih

A time traveling pony on a mission to stop the future from ever happening again..

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Chapter 12

Ponyville Hospital, where Flurry heart rests. And outside the hospital, the twins guard the entrance.

As Light's group reached the hospital's entrance, Pinkie quickly hugged the twins.

"Are you alright! Did anything bad happened to you?, How is flurry Heart?"

The twins could not reply, because Pinkie Pie is hugging them quite tightly.

Light tapped Pinkie's shoulder and pointed out that she's choking them.

"Oh right! Sorry kids...." Pinkie slowly released her grip.

"You two, how is the princess?" Light asked.

"She's fine now, sir." Pumpkin replied.

"Oh good she's healed then. Quickly. we must go where Diamond Tiara is."

" What? Wait sir!" Pound interrupted. " I think the princess is still in no condition to travel."

" What? Why? Nevermind, I'll check on her myself then." Light quickly went inside the hospital for Flurry Heart. The others quickly followed in as well.

As he entered Flurry Heart's room, Light quickly took a glance at her. Flurry Heart was shocked at Light's quick entrance.

"Light? Oh pardon me good sir." Flurry took a light bow, while still on bed. " I would like to give my gratitude-" Light interrupted Flurry mid speech.

" Excuse me Princess, but we need to leave now. Can you move? Can you still fly?"

".... Um well the doctor said that my wings is in a really bad condition, and if i still want to use them i should consider therapy and proper rest."

" That bad huh.." Light pondered.

Light then placed his front hoof on Flurry's damaged wing.

"Good sir, what are you doing?"

"A little magic..."

Light's hoof and Flurry's damaged wing started to shine.


Light's arm started to bleed.

Everyone was shocked at what happened and started to panic.

Pumpkin fainted, Luster was on a trance again and Pound left the room.

"Holy cow what did you do to yourself!" Pinkie shouted.

" Quickly call the nurse!" Cozy shouted.

" What was that!" Flurry shockingly said, while whipping of the blood on her face.

" I just transfered your injury to me is all."

Flurry removed her bandages and revealed a perfectly healthy wing.

"We really need to go now." Light said.

"Not with that kind of injury!" Cozy shouted.

"I'm fine with a little bandage and some painkillers. Look, the princess can't handle this much pain, but i do. So might as well pass it to me, so we can travel to Diamond Tiara's location ASAP."

Light starts to cringe as the pain in his hoof starts to increase.

".... I really need that pain killer please."

Cozy hoofed her head. "I'll get it...."

As Cozy left the room, Apple Bloom entered.

"I heard what happened to the princess! And i quickly brew up some potion and..." She noticed that Flurry heart was already in good condition. " Oh.... Well never mind then."

"Apple Bloom, your potion might help Light instead." Flurry Heart answered.

" Light!? What happened to your hoof!"

" Err long story."

"Well you better Drink this then..."


Light drank the potion, and the pain quickly subsided.

"I got the bandage and pain killers." Cozy said while entering the room.

"Thanks Cozy." Light kept the painkillers and bandaged his hands.

"Can someone explain to me what happened here?" Apple Bloom asked.

"I don't know if you know Apple Bloom, but apparently light is no ordinary Earth pony. We were heading out for our mission when a unicorn attacked us. Luckily Light was there to save us."

"Oh and don't forget about the attack aswell in Sugarcube Corner." Pinkie Pie added.

" That's news to me," Flurry Heart said. "you're quite the hero, sir Light."

" Well all of this is news to me." Apple Bloom sadly said.

" Wait, Apple Bloom. I'm sorry i kept my identity a secret to you. I don't want trouble to fall on the Apple family."

" Well you should know that no matter what, you're an apple too Light!.... So next time if you need any help... Don't be afraid to ask your family for help."

Light was touched by Apple Bloom and felt guilty to what he has done.

" Im sorry...and thanks. But for now, the potion is alot and enough help i could ask from you. Now we need to help Diamond Tiara. She is one of the highest target of our....enemy."

" Sorry Light but im the one who's gonna say if i helped enough... And i say i wanna help some more! And besides, my two best friends are there too. If they're in trouble and i wasn't there to do nothin about it, I'd never forgive myself. And sweetie Belle wouldn't too, so she's coming with us as well."

" Wait theres gonna be too many of us for this mission."

" I suggest you bring Flurry Heart, Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom, Cozy Glow, and Luster Dawn with you. While me and the twins will guard Ponyville." Pinkie Pie suggested.

" Id rather want you and Flurry heart to be near me as much as possible, so i think Cozy Glow should stay and you should come with us. I believe her ability to lead is more needed here in Ponyville."

" I agree aswell." Flurry Heart second Light's request.

" Heeey!... Are you saying Cozy is better than me on leadership!?" Pinkie shouted.

" Time is wasting we leave, now."

" Alright I'ma go to Sweetie Belle and meet you guys on the west exit on Ponyville."

Meanwhile on Starlight's team.

" This void is really getting on my nerves. One can't even properly cast a spell in this conditions." Discord frustratedly said.

" Well, I'm just happy we were able to lose those creatures! Their numbers are exhausting. How many are there!" Trixie Complained.

" We should continue heading west and quickly shelter in the Changeling Hive, before those creatures catch up to us." Starlight Glimmer said.

" Those creatures resembled a dissconfigured ponies, mixed with slime or something." Scootaloo observed.

" I do not want to touch that again, they're really slimy and sticky." Diamond Tiara said.

" That's why we need to hurry to the Hive." Starlight replied.

" But what if the Hive is already taken over! Or worse!" Trixie said panickly.

" Don't think like that." Starlight scolded.

" But what's our plan when we get there Head mistress." Diamond Tiara asked.

"Well ... Im not sure as well. Lets just hope our answers will reveal itself when we get there."

"has anyone noticed that we're lost?" Scootaloo questioned.

" Oh great... Now we're lost." Discord added.

" This is gonna be a long day..."