• Published 26th May 2020
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White Light : Guiding Light - Kujamih

A time traveling pony on a mission to stop the future from ever happening again..

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Chapter 1

It was a quiet starry night at the Everfree Forest. The creatures are lurking. the waters, stagnant. The air, deafening.

Then suddenly, in the middle of the forest. A rift opens and spat out an injured pony. It was a male earth pony with a white body, grey mane, and an X for a cutie mark.

Covered in bruises, it clumsily tried to move quickly out of the place he was spat out off. And ended up falling off a ditch and hitting his head, causing the bruised pony to drift off to dream world.

A few seconds later after the pony fell off, another rift opened. A draconicous came out of the rift. "I was sure i felt a very disturbing disturbance around here...must be my imagination." The draconicous went back into the rift and closed it.

As the bruised pony lay unconscious, he continues to dream as the night continuous at Everfree Forest.

" Light...light!... Wake up!" shouted the blue female unicorn to the unconscious white earth pony. The earth pony suddenly found himself inside a ruined building filled with rubble, fire, and explosion. "We've gotta get out of here! Carbon Crown.. she's here,"the unicorn cried. "we need to evacuate everyone!"

As soon as she finished speaking. An explosion erupted behind the unicorn, flinging her and the white earth pony off the side. As he tried to collect himself, he saw the unicorn that was just talking to him, bruised and unconscious. As he looked at the direction at where the explosion happened, a big figure came out of the smoke.

Six female Alicorns surrounding one female earth pony with a big black crown on its head. two of the alicorns serves as the chair of the crowned earth pony while the other two at her side and the other two at her back. "Light, i finally found you."

The white earth pony woke from his nightmare with great fright and stood up from the bed he was laying. As he tried to collect himself once more, he found himself in a hospital of some sort.

Then he fell back on his bed. "Calm yourself white, the worst is over... It's time to change everything."

Author's Note:

Im open to anything...as you can see im just an amateur who wants to learn...i tried some and some but i still forgot some rules on story making etc. Appreciate it if you guys could point out my wrongs and improve at something or techniks i forgot.