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I am a new beginning writer, so I might not be that good, so I will ask for help when needed.


This story is a sequel to Mortal Kombat: Defenders of Equestria

Before their adventures in Equestria, Raiden visited a realm where human had the ability to control the four elements. Each land representing the element they controlled, Air, Water, Earth, and Fire. When he visited the land... he met its protector... the Avatar. He not only wished to visit his realm, but to warn him of a dire threat... the Jinsei of their realm was unprotected, and will need protection in the future. By Avatar Aang's next incarnation, Korra. But she cannot face a certain mad god alone... Raiden and Princess Celestia sent their best warriors to aid her in her struggles to become the new Avatar.

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Huh, I was not expecting this till much later.

Guess I should nip it in the but get to finishing the prior story.

First Raiden is a lover to Princess Celestia, now a mentor to Avatar Korra. Because I’m more familiar with this universe, should be a bit more easier to follow(I’m still learning the ins and out of MLP & Mortal Kombat).

Though, the MK characters should be more at home here. I look forward to seeing more of this.

So which season of The Legend of Korra does this story begin at? Season 1?

It'll be tough, but I'll work on it.

Question: are Avatar Korra's duties as protector of her realm the same as Raiden's or can she take a direct role in the realm's defenses?

( I'm just thinking of a what if situation where her realm is challenged to Mortal Kombat by another realm, would she be allow to participate or be forced to choose representatives for her realm)

Maybe use my song as the intro song in the sequel?

Actually, she won't participate in the tournament, but should Shinnok enter her realm and affect that worlds Jinsei, the Four Nations would face utter chaos. As protectors of their realms, they have a sacred duty... the Avatar is one such protector, just as powerful as any god, despite being mortal.

I can see with Mortal Kombat: Legends Rising your very busy and you can't work on Bakugan Legends of Equestria. so I might have a solution.

If you want I could co-author Bakugan Legends of Equestria for you, you can still focus on your Mortal Kombat Story? I'm not taking it over for you and writing how I would write the story, you'll still own it and all the ideas and events of the Battle brawlers and their bakugan that happen in it will be purely you imagination, I'll just be doing the writing the ideas down, just tell me what you want done and I'll do it.

So does my idea sound good to you? Like I said it will still be yours I'll just focus on typing it up while the ideas are all yours.

I'm sorry, but I'm not interested, now please... let it go.

alright... but I'm telling you it would've been easier for us all if you let me help you with Bakugan.

I hope this story has the Spike/Sub-Zero/Rarity love triangle!

Great start for a sequel start by any chance we could see Next Gen Mortal Kombat characters to appear in future story?

This story is great! I was busy with my birthday so i wasnt able to read this sooner! One of your greatest beginnings yet. XD

For the Intro Song, I recommend:

A triple crossover eh? Nice, take your time, I tried to come up with something like that and it wasn't easy.

Besides the Spike/Sub-Zero/Rarity love triangle, here some other things I hope to see from this story:

  • Shinnok impervious to all Equestrian magic, including Alicorn magic and the Elements of Harmony
  • The Mane Six changing into ponies and humans at will
  • Raiden and Princess Celestia kissing
  • New characters, including Cassie Cage, Jacqui Briggs, Kung Jin, and Takeda
  • Raiden being crowned Prince Raiden

Not to mention Raiden and Celestia treating Aang like a son.

Here's what I'm thinking. You do the chapters in a pattern: My Little Pony, Mortal Kombat, Legend of Korra, My Little Pony, Mortal Kombat, Legend of Korra, and so on. Sound good?

Hey what's the hold up? Having trouble with the story? Or just busy?

Just busy, its a long chapter, so please don't push me.

Hey just asking. Wanted to know the progress on the next chapter.

Slow, and no I don't need help.

Interesting. I look forward to see more scenes of Twilight friendly sparring or fighting.

Its gonna be a while, its along story.

There's definitely a ton of things going on in this chapter, I'm not really sure where to begin.

So I really like how Twilight, Lui Kang and their companions split up to find Korra and bring them to Air Temple Island. It's a shame the overzealous metal bending law enforcement had to butt in, especially with arresting Princess, which I definitely consider illegal.

Also, Bon Bon's other name is Sweetie Drops.

And doesn't Sonya know that her boyfriend will need that groin intact to bring their future daughter, Cassie, into the world?

Comment posted by KnightGomora1994 deleted Nov 28th, 2020

He has a way of recovering from it, and I'm not even going to mention how, because it would be too dirty to talk about.

Fair enough. I also really like how Kung Lao convinced Principal Celestia to add a martial arts tournament in the upcoming games.

Also a little advice: try rewatching the first season episodes of The Legend of Korra. That way you'll have an easier time in writing the chapters.

exactly what he said. Follow Holy Cross' advice to re watch Legend of Korra to atleast refresh on the canon so you don't get the important details wrong

fair, only when you got time look up some streaming sites for . Apologies man

I appreciate it Cross, but I got the transcripts, and the have some detailed information that helps too.

I was not expecting Kratos to be here in the story. That was truly unexpected. 😲

Oh boy. Artemis is in the chapter. I wonder if she'll appear in god of war Ragnarok. Also the next thing I know is that the Terminator, RoboCop, or the joker will be appearing in either of the future chapters.

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