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Hello all! I like MLP, of course, and I plan to post any fics I've written or plan on writing, to this site! :3

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What about Apple Bloom? How does she fit into all of this?

Well, it's been a long time since I've seen any kind of Cupcakes related material, so I'll see where this one goes.

A Cupcakes fic?

Thanks, but NO thanks.

Sorry if a Cupcakes style fic isn't your cup of tea. That's why I stated it in the description, so if you don't like this type of content, you don't have to read it

Welp, after reading the first chapter, I can tell that applejack is going to through the same experience as dash did, SHE’S SCREWED!!!!!

I’m going to track this

and every year a number is chosen.

i was expecting every month, not every year.

Sorry AJ, you're not getting out of this.

i knew AJ was screwed.

i think i'll give this story a like just for you. and i'm still tracking this story

Interesting backstory for why Pinkie does what she does in "Cupcakes". :pinkiecrazy:

Yeah, I wanted to make it every year to make it a bit more special, and also to make it more believable that Pinkie could get away with it, since she'd only have to cover for one pony a year. In my head, Pinkie pretends to be the pony she murdered (by writing letters as them and stuff) until she finds a point where she can make the pony "believably" die or disappear. Like, if she had continued with Dash, have her go missing in a storm, never to be found again, and use a little of her chaos magic to make the ponies at Wonderbolts HQ believe it.

that is actually really clever, thanks for telling me that

"Pinkie smiled ear to ear yet again, and this time Applejack felt a sense of unease roiling deep within her. She brushed it off as paranoia, she figured she was probably just tense because she wanted to see Rainbow.

That’s where you f*cked up at, AJ.

Is this going to continue? Because, someone needs to stop pinkie before she kills everyone in ponyville.

I agree, I really hope the next chapter will be up soon

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