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Just a simple guy who likes making stories.


Inspired by the canceled story; Final Fantasy VII: Darkness in Equestria

[Spoilars for FF7 REMAKE!]

After facing off with Whisper Bahamut. Now Cloud and his friends, even the friends he thought he lost, wake up to finds himself Equestria, with no memories of how or why they got there.

Was this Sephiroth's doing?

Will Cloud open his closed heart to his new companions as he has with his old ones?

Let's find out.

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hope an editor's in your near future, cuz the typos are giving me whiplash

Oh really? Where are they? I can take the time to fix them


It was dusk, Celestia's sun lowered while Luna's moon rose into the sky, the Mane 6 and Spike, along with every pony of Ponyville was gathering out in the fields and hills for a special night, Luna was going to create something in the night sky that will take ponies' breathe away, or so she said.


"Sugercude, don't eat everything, the show hasn't even started yet," Applejack said while pulling the speedster Pegasus away from the food.


Ponies looked into the sky to see millions of once stationary stars now shooting across the sky, a wave of 'Ooo's and 'Awe's came from the ponies, Rainbow tried to take flight but quickly found that Applejack had tied her down.


"Phew, there, everypony of Ponyville is safe and sound."

could have just said "everypony"

Pinkie then spotted a Pegasus guard flying with a large box on his back, when he landed, he quickly opened the bow to reveal the Elements of Harmony.

he opened the box

"I Know A Shortcut! Follow Me!"

unnecessary capitalizations
and those are just the ones i spotted
again, look into a professional editor
or at least someone better than me

There, should be fixed now.

Or at least I hope you can see that I fixed them

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