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Celestia and Luna are unable to recapture the sisterly bond they shared before Luna was banished. They decide to engage in a competition they haven't held in over 1000 years with the hope that the shared experience will bring them closer together.

They gather their teams, who share an uncommon bond with the princesses, and prepare for a battle that will find its place in the annals of Equestrian history and lore.

Rated Teen for: mild language, rude humor, and pony-on-pony violence.

Cover art by me.

Chapters (11)
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Comments ( 6 )

Does this story have any OCs in it?

Say, shouldn't Zipporwhil and the original Derpy be on Team Blue?

Arguably, yes. However, I realized I had to keep the number of characters limited otherwise it would become harder to follow and much more cluttered. That's not to say they couldn't show up in the next Game...:ajsmug:

Only seventy-something views. It always depresses me when good comedy goes unappreciated. By the way, Granny Smith was a riot.

Thanks. I usually let my stories go on their own for a while, just to see if they gain any traction. Then I'll add them to a group or two. Nothing much.

And I'm glad you liked Granny. She was a lot fun to write.

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