• Published 25th Jul 2020
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Shy and Aggressive: Book 2 - Johng117

After thwarting a horde of malevolent mutations, The Main 7, The Dazzlings and Mutant 4 find themselves marooned onto a foreign world.

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Chapter 3: Predatory

It was the afternoon. The Main 7, the Dazzlings and Transmutant 4 continued their long journey to the mountains. Junior remained in the lead, with a firm grip on his spear. Angirasu hung in the back of the group while Rodan guarded the side. The girls were mainly bunched together with Twilight more in the center, considering she'd be the most vulnerable.

"Hey, who do you think looks hotter?" asked Adagio, leaning close to the girls in a whisper.

"Out of who?” asked Rainbow in annoyance. The last thing she wanted to hear was this pervy chick gush about either Sunset or the other girls during this trip.

"You obviously think Sunset's the hottest right? Redheads are either gorgeous people or not really," said Pinkie. Sunset sighed in annoyance.

"Don't encourage her, Pinkie," said Sunset.

"Why are you whispering by the way?" asked Aria. Adagio scoffed in annoyance.

"Yes, we all know I think Sunset's the hottest, with me a close second, with Fluttershy and Mosura tied third," said Adagio in annoyance.

"What? No love for Rarity?" asked Pinkie, prompting the indigo haired girl to give an offended gasp.

"I'm talking about the guys," deadpanned Adagio. There was an awkward silence among the girls.

"Hey we don't talk about stuff like that in the presence of guys. That's the gal code!" said Sonata in disapproval.

"It is?" asked Rarity in confusion.

"Ugh I don't wanna talk about that!" said Rainbow with a scoff.

"Besides, Angirasu is clearly the hottest," said Sonata.

"I mean, Aangey is cute. But Rodey scores higher in my book cause he's funny," said Pinkie with a shrug. Sonata's brow twitched.

"What did you call him?" asked Sonata.

"You have no right to be mad about that," said Aria with a glare.

"Shut it, you guys! They're gonna hear you!" whispered Twilight. Adagio cleared her throat.

"Oh boys~! Would you mind giving us some space?" asked Adagio innocently.

"What are you doing? asked Sunset.

"What for?" asked Junior as he looked back in confusion.

"We have a little private discussion going on here. Not suitable for boys. I hope you understand," said Adagio innocently. Junior grimaced.

"I won't ask. Just please stay together," said Junior as he began to walk on ahead. Rodan and Angirasu both began to hang back, putting some distance from the girls.

"Now we can talk all we want," said Adagio smugly. Some of the girls groaned in response.

"Come on, does it really matter?" asked Mosura.

"What's wrong Mosu? Scared to let everyone know your taste?" asked Adagio teasingly. Mosura scoffed.

"Don't be ridiculous! We don't have time to be acting like a bunch teenage girls!" said Mosura.

"But we are teenage girls," said Pinkie with an odd look.

"Ooh. Someone's trying to act like a grownup," said Aria, putting on a mock child voice. Mosura growled in annoyance.

"Lighten up, Mosura. It's just for fun. Gotta pass the time. I mean look at them. Shirtless, no pants. That primitive and rugged masculine look," said Adagio, with a sultry smile.

"You mean filthy?" deadpanned Rarity. Mosura's eyes drifted to Junior. She found herself staring at his back as every fiber of muscle in his body contracted and loosened under his skin. The sweat from the heat trailing down his skin. Mosura began to flush.

"Oh my..." said Fluttershy, her face red hot. She herself couldn't help but stare. In fact, she hadn't been able to keep her eyes off him this whole time.

"Now compare the three. Rodan's lean body. He may be shorter, but he certainly has an athletic build. That added with his charisma makes him worthy of a jock title," said Adagio. Rainbow grimaced as she glanced back at Rodan, her cheeks warming up.

"Now take Angirasu. He's tall and strong. But his muscles are more round, giving him a more soft appearance. It contrasts his really spiky hair, which also makes him look a bit aggressive. Why, there's even a subtle softness to his hair. And those eyes of his show his gentle soul," said Adagio. Sonata was biting her lip as she blushed furiously. A few of the other girls were blushing as well.

"I think he'd look better in some nice clothes. Maybe even with a haircut," said Rarity, flushing.

"Yeah. Now take Gojira. That's the whole enchilada," said Adagio with a blushing smile.

"You mean he's delicious?" asked Pinkie, a smile on her face. Most girls groaned at her 'pun', but Pinkie made no such thing.

"No. I mean he brings out that primal fantasy guy for women," said Adagio. She made a camera frame view with her fingers, with Junior in her line of sight.

"Look at him. He's tall, but not lanky. He's in pretty good shape, but not over built where you suspect he's obsessed with himself. Those muscles are tight and he carries himself with this bad boy vibe," said Adagio, grinning.

"Yeah..." said Mosura to herself, blushing furiously.

"He's stoic. He's aggressive. He's a fighter. But underneath all of that roughness..."

"He's kind underneath," said Fluttershy, looking at Junior longingly.

"I was gonna say he was a softie, but sure," said Adagio with a shrug. Applejack softly chuckled.

"Yeah, you could say that," said Applejack with a small smile.

"Ahem. I-I think that's enough," said Twilight with a blush.

"OK. If we had to stay here forever, who would you marry to repopulate the human race with?" asked Adagio.

"Adagio!" cried Sunset in alarm.

"Dibs on Goji~," said Adagio. Both Mosura and Fluttershy turned to Adagio with angry looks.

"Excuse me?!" said Mosura and Fluttershy in unison. Adagio snickered mischievously.

"Just teasing!" said Adagio.

"Good. It's most improper for a lady to call dibs on a gentleman to court. Besides, I would've won Angirasu's heart in that hypothetical scenario," said Rarity, brushing her fingers through her hair.

"No fair!" said Sonata. Aria groaned in response. Some of the girls began to argue. Meanwhile, the boys remained silent.

"Huh. I wonder what got them to start arguing," said Angirasu.

"Probably nothing important," said Rodan.

"Girls are complicated," said Junior to himself, with a grimace.

The teenagers continued to travel through the land. They had begun to approach the entrance to a clearing of the forest. Beyond, there was flat land with grass and smaller trees scattered through the land. There was even a stream running along the earth.

"This is wonderful! We can refill our water supplies here!" said Twilight.

"Yay! Break time!" said Pinkie.

"It's gotta be a short one, Pinkie. We wanna cover a lot of ground at least by nightfall," said Mosura. Rarity deeply inhaled as she stretched her arms.

"It'll be nice to be out of the forest for awhile. I'm looking forward to standing in the sun and-" Rarity was interrupted as she felt something drip on her head. She reached for her head and felt something wet on her fingers. Pinkie gasped.

"Rarity, you're bleeding!" said Pinkie. Rarity stared at her fingers, a chill running through her veins.

"That's not..." Rarity slowly looked up. The girl suddenly broke into a horrified shriek, startling the rest of the group.

"What?! What is it?!" exclaimed Twilight. Rarity whimpered as she pointed above. The rest of the teens looked up and froze in horror. A few of the teens cried out in alarm while the rest fell silent.

Above the teens were three human corpses, all male. They hung upside down from one of the trees, with planks of wood tied to their backs, holding their arms out into a T pose. The corpses swayed, one of them dripping with blood. Rarity frantically stumbled back to avoid the drips. She began to dig through her basket.

"Water! I need water!" whimpered Rarity. Junior handed her his water bottle, which she snatched and frantically opened it and began to pour it on her hand and her hair.

"Well... at least we know we aren't the only humans here," said Rainbow.

"Or those could have been the only other ones and we're all that's left," said Angirasu. Fluttershy had her mouth cupped as she averted her eyes.

"Who could've done this?" asked Applejack as she held her stetson over her chest in respect of the dead.

"I don't know. But now we know that prehistoric predators aren't the only thing we should be worried about," said Mosura.

"Ugh. Nothing makes sense. Humans, giant arthropods and dinosaurs living alongside each other? What the hell is this?" asked Twilight. Rodan felt himself growing more anxious as he stared at the hanging corpses. He gagged as he felt himself wanting to vomit.

"You ok, Ro?" asked Junior.

"I'm good. It's just the way these guys were hung. It almost reminds me of inverted crucifixions. Whoever did this must have been into dark stuff," said Rodan with a gulp.

"Nah... you're looking too much into this. It's just a coincidence," said Junior. Though he had to admit, what they were seeing was something ominous. It was here that Junior noticed something. One of the corpses had an infinity symbol carved into his chest. It looked strikingly similar to the MONARCH insignia. Even the corpse next to that one bore a skull carved into his chest. That one looked a lot like a Purist insignia. Junior brushed it off as a coincidence. Then, he noticed that the third corpse bore a carved symbol in his chest as well. However, this symbol was shaped like a hand.

"Jesus," said Junior, growing more unnerved.

Aria held her arms as she looked around with a grimace.

"Guys, I think we should get moving. I get the feeling that we're being watched," said Aria.

"Good call. Let's go," said Junior as he began to walk out to the clearing. The rest of the teens began to follow, but took one last look at the men who had an unfortunate passing.

Angirasu stooped as he noticed something about one of the corpses.

The corpse with the skull carved into his chest was the oddest one out. This person's face was stuck in a large grin. It was unnerving to see this lifeless shell in such a state. It was as though he had laughed to death. Angirasu grimaced as he began to follow the group out to the clearing.

Meanwhile, miles above, a pteranodon soared. The flying reptile was sickly in appearance. Its bright red eyes stared at the teens below as it soared. Upon its back, a man covered in dark armor rode on the back of this winged beast.

The flying reptile gave a cry as it began to dive through the air, catching the wind current to carry it across the land. The creature and its rider traveled a few miles away. They descended near a campsite by a cliff. The rider landed his stead and disembarked. The armored man made his way through the camp, which was filled with tents and armored soldiers. The soldiers were clad in similar dark armor, bearing cold looks on their faces. A soldier was cutting the neck of a dark bird-like reptilian creature, which bore wings that looked like leaves. Its violet blood spilled into a bowl.

"Where are Sergeant Kenra and Lady Sigyn?" questioned the armored rider.

"They're below the cliff," answered the soldier as he drained the creature of its fluids.

Meanwhile, below the cliff, there stood two armored women. One of them bore pale skin and wore dark armor that appeared to belong in a middle age era of some sort. The other was of Neighsian descent. She was middle aged, bearing scars over the side of her face, partially hidden by her short hair Her armor looked more modern. It was dark and compacted, with a spandex under suit beneath. On her breast plate was a MONARCH insignia.

The Neighsian woman carried a rifle. She was looking through the scope. Her sights had fallen upon an infant tyrannosaurus rex. Its large eyes blinked as it circled a dead ground sloth. The creature began to nibble on the open wound, tearing at the meat.

"Come to mamma," said the woman as she placed her finger on the trigger.

"Ma'am," said a male voice. The shooter flinched with a start. In doing so, she accidentally pulled the trigger, firing off a red bolt from the gun. The bolt missed the baby rex, which cried out in alarm as the bolt struck a tree nearby, making it ran off.

"Damn it! That was going to be dinner!" said the shooter in annoyance. She stood up as her short hair covered her right eye.

"You better have a good reason for distracting me, soldier!" said the woman with a glare.

"My apologies, ma'am," said the armored rider.

"Now, now. That's no way to treat a subordinate, Kenra," said the woman, as her hair blew in the wind. Her ears were revealed to be long and pointed.

"Now, what did you need?" asked the woman.

"Lady Sigyn, I've discovered intruders to be advancing on our border," said the armored rider.

"Well that's no good. How many men are we talking?" asked Sigyn.

"Not soldiers, ma'am. They're children," said the rider.

"Great, more refugees," said Kenra in annoyance as she began to check her rifle.

"That won't do. You know how her majesty hates uninvited guests," said Sigyn with a sigh.

"Yeah but dealing with dirty trespassers isn't my job," said Kenra with a scoffed.

"With all due respect, ma'am. It is your job to be of service to-" the rider was interrupted as Kenra glared at him.

"Hey! No one asked you! Now I have to figure out dinner since baby Tyrant Dragon is off the menu!" said Kenra in annoyance. She then noticed a pack of fully grown rexes to be stomping into the area, with the baby close behind.

These predators stood to be twenty feet tall in height. They were covered in thick bumpy forest green patterned scales. They bore powerful jaws with razor sharp teeth protruding from their lower and upper jaws like crocodiles. Kenra smirked as she watched these creatures feed on the dead ground sloth.

"So, you said there were intruders huh? Get Max. I'm gonna make this fun," said Kenra with a devious smile.

The teens found themselves standing in the middle of great flat plane. Emerald green grass blew in the wind as trees rustled in the distance. The teens looked on in awe as herds of prehistoric beasts roamed the land. Sauropods gave cries as they migrated together for the tall trees. A herd of parasaurolophus made their way to a watering hole for a drink. And most surprisingly of all, large mammals grazed as well. Ground sloths moved across the land as deer grazed the fields. There were even a herd of rhinos that bore two large horns on their snout. Small flying reptiles soared overhead, landing on the largest animals. The winged reptiles rested on the backs of these behemoths and fed on any insects that landed on them.

"Wow. It's like seeing a children's science book come to life," said Mosura in awe.

"Or a kid's sandbox. These things don't belong together. Just where are we?" asked Sunset.

The teens began to move on. As they walked, they took the time to gaze upon these giants. The sun shining upon them brought out the bright colors of the scales on the great lizards of old. They saw more species of dinosaurs in the area, great and small. The quadrupedal beasts stood out the most. The teens also noticed a pair of dinosaurs running on two legs. They bore beaks and heads that were covered in spikes, with two horns on the back of their skulls. They almost looked like wingless dragons. The creatures hissed at each other as they began to circle around. The two butted heads as they battled for dominance.

Rarity yelped as she felt herself step on something. She recoiled as a high pitch cry filled the air. From the grass emerged a small two legged creature. It stood on two legs like any common biped dino, yet its head was shaped like a triceratops. The creature hissed at the girl as it ran off. Suddenly, more similar creatures began to emerge from the grass, fleeing from the teens.

"Agh! I can't get enough pictures of these guys!" said Twilight as she held her phone up.

"Hey guys, do you think we're too out in the open? I feel like something's gonna get the jump on us," said Rainbow as she looked around the open field.

"We should be fine as long as we stick close to the herd of the biggest animals. Just don't get too close. Wouldn't want to make them mad," said Twilight. Rarity groaned as she looked to the distant mountain.

"We've been walking all day and we're still nowhere near our destination!" complained Rarity.

"Yeah, my feet are killing me. These ankle boots were not intended for long distance travel, you know," said Adagio as she stood and held one of her own ankles.

"Hmm. I wonder if there's any chance to ride these guys," said Mosura as she looked to the creatures in the area. Fluttershy smiled in response. She was about to speak but Pinkie ran passed her, giggling.

"Hey! Can we get a ride?!" called Pinkie as she ran to a herd of parasaurolophus. The dinosaurs gave startled cries and began to run off from the girl. Junior groaned in annoyance as he ran after Pinkie.

"You idiot! You're just going to spook them!" yelled Junior. Pinkie moaned in disappointment.

"I'm sorry. I just wanted to help," said Pinkie. Junior sighed.

"Let Fluttershy handle it," said Junior. He began to look around the area at all the animals. They couldn't just ride any of them. They would need something that wouldn't get spooked easily and is capable of warding off predators.

"Shy, do you see those guys over there?" asked Junior, pointing to a herd of triceratops. They were large beasts, built with heavy muscle and covered in rough scales and scutes like a crocodile. The beasts bore long horns on their head and one on their snout and sharp spikes stuck out from their frills. On their tails were long needle-like spikes that protruded out.

"Yes, I see them. Want me to ask them?" asked Fluttershy.

"Only if you can handle it," said Junior with a smile. Fluttershy smiled back as she gave an 'OK' sign. The group hung back a bit as Fluttershy made her way to the horned herbivores that fed on the grass. They all began to take notice of the human girl.

"Excuse me, Mr. Triceratops. My friends and I are trying to get to the mountains for safety," said Fluttershy as she pointed to mountains in the distance. The dino that she spoke to followed her point, giving a small groan.

"Oh! So you're going there soon too? Would it be too much trouble to ask if we could ride along?" asked Fluttershy. The beast grunted in response. Fluttershy smiled brightly.

Soon, the beasts began to form up. They had finished feeding and resting were prepared to migrate to their next destination. However, they were stalled since the teenagers were too busy arguing about sitting arrangements.

"Absolutely not! There is no way I'm riding with you for next few hours!" said Sunset in annoyance, glaring at Adagio. The girl huffed in response.

"I'm fine with that! You might just knock me off anyway! You can't handle this sexiness!" said Adagio as she gestured to herself.

"Oh get over yourself!" scoffed Sunset. Junior sighed in dismay as the two argued. Meanwhile, Angirasu was scowling as Sonata was standing next to him.

"I think it'd be cool to ride together," said Sonata.

"You think it'd be cool to ride a giant smelly reptile that grazes in the fields all day? I hate to see what you find boring," said Angirasu as he crossed his arms, avoiding eye contact. Sonata sighed as she lowered her head. Pinkie lunged for Twilight and wrapped her arms around her tightly.

"Twilight, let's be buddies! I want you to tell me about all the dinosaurs and stuff we saw today!" said Pinkie. Twilight winced as she forced a smile.

"That... Might be fun," grunted Twilight. Rarity cleared her throat in discomfort as she watched as Sunset and Adagio fight.

"Rainbow, can we ride together?" asked Rarity in a whisper.

"Sure. Just don't complain so much please," said Rainbow. Rarity gave an offended scoff.

"Darling, I have not complained that much," said Rarity. Rainbow merely looked to her with a deadpanned stare.

"Alright, stop! Stop arguing! No one is forcing you to ride together!" said Junior in annoyance as he looked to Adagio and Sunset. The two were looking away from each other as they had their arms crossed.

"Honestly. You two need to get over it. We can't afford to keep bickering like this," said Junior. Angirasu sighed in annoyance as Sonata fiddled with her fingers next to him. Aria quickly took Sonata and began to walk her away from the boy.

"I thought I told you to give him some space," whispered Aria in disapproval.

"But I-" Sonata moaned in disappointment.

"Um, Goji... Can-" Fluttershy spoke up but stopped as Adagio clung to his arm.

"Then you won't mind us riding together, right?" asked Adagio.

"Sure, whatever. Let's just hurry up so we can go," said Junior impatiently. Fluttershy scowled in annoyance while Mosura clenched her fists as she grew flustered.

Aria watched as Applejack partnered up with Sonata. She found Sunset partnering up with Angirasu, though the red head kept glaring at Adagio. The twin tailed pop star took notice of Rodan to be sitting on the ground, picking at grass. He's been rather quiet compared to what she's used to. It was a bit unnerving to see, along with the constant cold look he kept.

"Hey, what are you doing?" asked Aria.

"Waiting," answered Rodan.

"On what?" asked Aria in annoyance.

"For everyone to partner up. I don't really care who I end up with," said Rodan in a neutral tone. Aria raised a brow in confusion. Rodan Shou passing up on the opportunity to partner up with any of the cute girls in the group was a surprise. Aria noticed that the rest of the teens had already began to partner up, much to her dismay.

"Since you don't care, you can ride with me," said Aria, unenthusiastic about the situation. Rodan merely glanced at her.

"You're riding Bitch though. Don't grope me neither, or else you're gonna lose those hands," said Aria with a warning glare. Rodan merely stood up.

"Sure," said Rodan simply, walking passed the girl. Aria's brows raised.

"What? No comeback?" asked Aria.

It has been a couple of hours. The afternoon sun was beginning to set. The sky was growing yellow and some of the more nocturnal creatures began to emerge. The teens found themselves riding on the backs of the triceratops herd through another forest.

Junior rode on the second dino in the line of the herd. Adagio held onto his waist to keep herself secured to avoid falling off the moving beast. Mosura and Fluttershy rode the Alpha male of the herd in the front, leading the group through the forest. Sunset clung to Angirasu as they rode the third member of the herd. Rodan rode behind Aria, holding her waist. Applejack rode with Sonata, Rainbow rode with Rarity, and Twilight rode with Pinkie Pie.

During their ride, more strange creatures were spotted from the trees. A burly orangutan-like beast sat upon a large tree branch, looking down at the humans that rode the dinosaurs. Its matted brown fur was covered in moss and its skin was rough. The ape gave a small grumble sound as it curiously watched from its branch.

From another tree, a cat sized creature ran along the tree branches. It appeared like a bat, but lacked the membranes on its limbs for flight. However, it's long spindly legs carried it across the tree. The creature's large bulbous eyes scanned the area. Its nose flared as it snorted, and its large ears listened in. Its long sharp claws dug into the tree as it crawled, almost like a spider. Rarity whimpered as she clung to Rainbow tightly in fright.

The bat suddenly leaped from its branch, several feet across the forest towards another tree, latching on. The bat scurried up and pounced onto another branch, where several fruit hung. The bat reached its long fore limb and used its claws and thumbs to grab one of the fruit. The bat sunk its fangs into the fruit and began to feed.

"Man, that is one ugly fruit bat," said Rainbow.

A couple of hog-like beasts began to scamper in the path of the herd. They were large, standing at 5 feet in height. Their snouts bore four tusks that protruded out from their jaws and boney spines stuck out of their back. The creatures snorted as they dashed passed the herd, causing the alpha male to grunt as it slightly flinched.

"Easy, Mr. Triceratops," said Fluttershy as she ran a comforting hand over the back of the beast. The dino began to settle and continued on the path.

"Gojira, look at that!" said Adagio, pointing to a bird group of birds that stood among the tallest tree branches. They bore bright plumages, ranging from red and orange and yellow. They bore feathered crests and long tail feathers. The creatures looked similar to a Phoenix. The birds gave cries that echoed through the forest.

Fluttershy looked back to find Junior and Adagio. The rose haired girl frowned as she watched as the pop star kept her arms wrapped around his waist. She was tapping the boy and pointed to all of the magnificent creatures that they spotted on their journey, which Junior would respond by looking. Watching this filled Fluttershy with envy. The way they looked was almost like how a couple would. That could have been her riding with Junior.

"Ooh! Fluttersy, look!" said Mosura, pointing to what looked like a group of rabbits to be bounding through the bushes in the woods. Fluttershy gasped and grinned, her mood lighting up. Rabbits were one of her most favorite kind of animals.

"Hi, little bunnies!" cooed Fluttershy.

"Aw, they're just too darn cute!" said Mosura. One of the rabbits stopped running and looked to the rest that ran to the bushes. The rabbit turned to look at the humans.

"Oh God!" Mosura flinched with an unnerved look. The rabbit looked lean in build. Its head bore small antlers that stuck out of its head. Its eyes were a deep yellow and bore sharp fangs and buck teeth to be sticking out of its muzzle. The creature wiggled its fluffy tail.

"Oh. Well, hello sweetie!" said Fluttershy as she waved at the rabbit.

"Sweetie?" asked Mosura as she eyed the bunny. She couldn't believe that Fluttershy could still fawn over this mangy looking creature.

"Man, this beats walking," said Aria with a smile. As she looked around at the strange creatures that roamed in this forest, she began to feel like something was off. She couldn't put her finger on it. The dinosaur that she rode on stumbled with a grunt, causing Aria to grunt as she felt Rodan bump against her back.

"Sorry," said Rodan, scooting back a bit as he kept his arms around Aria's waist.

It was here that Aria's mind finally clicked. She knew what was missing. The girl looked back at the boy behind her. She realized that he hadn't tried to flirt with her during the ride. Not even once. It was here that she noticed the deep frown on his face. He seemed to have grown much more gloomy over the course of these past couple of days.

"Hey, what's the mater with you? We're on a nature walk looking at freaky animals while riding dinosaurs for God's sake!" said Aria. Rodan forced a small smile.

"Yeah, it's cool..." said Rodan. Aria stared as the boy kept his eyes on downcast.

"Rodan, what's wrong? You're starting to creep me out," said Aria, her tone softening.

"Eliza's gone..." said Rodan.

"What?" asked Aria. It was here that she remembered what led up to their current predicament. She had forgotten all about Eliza.

"Eliza's dead and it's all my fault," said Rodan, his tone distant. Aria's eyes slightly widened.

"Rodan, you can't blame yourself for-"

"You weren't there," said Rodan. Aria was about to say something back but couldn't. There weren't any words that she could muster to respond. The look in Rodan's eyes sent shivers through her. So, Aria turned forward, growing more worried.

An hour passed. The teens continued on their journey. The sky grew darker, nearing the twilight. Stars began to shine in the sky above the jungle canopy. The teens found more nocturnal animals to be emerging. More flightless fruit bats scurried on the trees, taking up the juicy fruit that hung. An owl stood on a tree. It twisted its head 180 degrees, looking down at the humans with glowing yellow orange eyes. It was large, standing at three feet in height. Its brown feathers were long.

"I feel much safer traveling with these guys," said Mosura with an uneasy look as she stared at the owl. She noticed Fluttershy to be looking over her shoulder. Mosura looked back and found Adagio to be resting her head against Junior's shoulder as she kept her arms wrapped around him. Mosura bore a mild look of annoyance but turned to Fluttershy.

"Worried that the hussie will try to take advantage of Goji again?" asked Mosura. Fluttershy flinched as she realized that Mosura noticed that she was staring at the pair behind them.

"I-I wasn't..." Fluttershy began to stammer. Mosura smiled in amusement.

"It's OK. I'm worried about the guy too. It wasn't cool what she did. But I don't think she's dumb enough to try that again at this point," said Mosura in reassurance. Honestly, she wished that she was the one riding behind Junior. Fluttershy shook her head.

"That's... Not it," said Fluttershy. Mosura raised a brow.

"Then... what is it?" asked Mosura. Fluttershy began to blush as she looked back at Mosura.

"I... I have a crush on Gojira," said Fluttershy in a small tone. Mosura stiffened. She had to do a double take to make sure that she didn't misheard her. Fluttershy looked away with a shy smile.

"He's just so strong and kind. I can't help myself," said Fluttershy as her cheeks grew warmer.

"It's uh... It's funny that you say that. Because I actually... like him too," said Mosura. Fluttershy looked back at her with wide eyes. The two stared at each other for several seconds, before looking away.

'This just got awkward,' thought Mosura.

Meanwhile with Junior and Adagio, the two sat in silence. Adagio leaned her head against him with a yawn. This seating arrangement was working out better than she thought. She didn't have to deal with Sunset's mouth and she got to lean her tired head against someone who isn't complaining. In Junior's case, he was glad that there wasn't any more bickering during this trip. Though as he felt Adagio lean on him, he began to recall their last interaction before the invasion. Adagio seemed to have been having trouble before, but he never had the opportunity to ask her. It seemed like now was as good of a time as any.

"Adagio?" called Junior.

"Hmm?" answered Adagio, raising her head.

"I've been meaning to ask. I noticed that you seemed to have been having problems. But I never got around to hear you out," said Junior. Adagio grimaced.

"Oh," said Adagio.

"If you want to talk, I'll listen," said Junior. Adagio looked to Junior and the sincerity in his eyes. She looked away, biting her lip. She wanted to talk, but she felt herself being held back. Something was telling her to keep quiet. She wondered why she was feeling that way. After all, the guy was offering to hear her out.

"Gojira... I-" Adagio was interrupted as a distant ear piercing roar filled the air. The teens shot up, alert. The herd of triceratops began to look around, growing anxious. Fluttershy tried to keep the Alpha male of the herd calm but they seemed to have already beginning to panic.

"What the hell was that?" asked Angirasu. The teens looked back and caught sight of a rising yellow cloud. The sound of animal cries filled the air. From the cloud, a stampede of different herbivore dinosaurs approached.

"Stampede!" cried Applejack. From the clouds emerged a pack of tyrannosauruses. The predators gave a terrifying shriek as they stomped after the dinosaurs that fled.

"More like Dinner rush!" said Rainbow. The triceratops began to buck and cry out in panic. The beasts' movement caused the teens to fall off of their rides and to the ground. Adagio screamed in fright as a triceratops was about to stomp on her. However, Junior quickly pulled her away to safety. The dinosaurs began to flee, with the rest of the stampede heading for the teens.

"Watch out!" cried Sunset. The teens began to flee from the path to avoid the stampede. An iguanodon cried out as it ran in Twilight's direction. The girl whimpered as she ran to avoid getting trampled. Applejack suddenly tackled her to the ground, narrowly avoiding the dinosaur as it ran. The teens were scattered as they tried to avoid getting stomped on.

Above the jungle canopy, Kenra and Sigyn rode on the back of a pteranodon. The two watched the chaos unfold.

"Told you this would be fun," said Kenra as she watched as the teens tried to avoid getting crushed.

"Indeed," said Sigyn in amusement.

Meanwhile below ground, Junior ran with Adagio in tow. The girl cried out as the dinosaurs ran passed them. Junior led her to a tree.

"Look!" cried Adagio. Junior turned to the direction of her point, finding Fluttershy and Mosura to be unable to make it out of the middle of the stampede. Junior grunted as he ran back.

"Gojira, no!" cried Adagio in alarm. She cried out in pain as she felt herself cut. She found that she grazed her arm onto a plant that bore long needles. She began to step away from it and looked to Junior worriedly.

Junior grunted as he avoided slamming into a two legged herbivore that ran by. He cried out to Mosura and Fluttershy, who found themselves being blocked by another two legged dinosaur. Junior ran to reach them but failed to notice a triceratops running his way. The creature rammed into him. Junior was caught to its head as its horn on its snout grazed his back. Adagio screamed in horror as she watched as Junior was flung over the creature.

"Gojira!!" cried Mosura as her pupils disappeared from her eyes. Her body began to ache.

Junior grunted as he lied on the ground. His eyes became reptilian as his back stung with the gash. He snarled as his body began to morph and change. Meanwhile, the rest of the Transmutants began to change form as well.

"Whoa, are you seeing this?!" exclaimed Kenra. From above the jungle, she and Sigyn watched as the Transmutants began to morph and change into beasts.

"This just got interesting," said Sigyn with a smirk. Kenra squinted.

"The big one. No, it can't be him," said Kenra. As she found Junior stand up to his full height, her eyes widened.

"It's Lucky Dragon," said Kenra in shock.

Junior gave an ear piercing shriek as he faced the approaching predators. The rest of the herbivores scampered away in fright as the Transmutants began turn to face the terrible lizards. The largest Rex among them glared at Junior and snarled. It gave a loud roar, while Junior bared his teeth. He was soon joined up by Angirasu, who shook himself and snarled. Rodan began to walk and spread his wings, giving a loud squawk. Mosura shrieked as her bio luminescent wings glowed brightly.

"Take cover!" cried Twilight. The girls began to back away from the path, taking up refuge by the trees as the beasts stared down at each other. Junior roared as he began to sprint towards the rexes, followed by the other Transmutants. The dinosaurs roared as they ran towards them as well. In seconds, the beasts collided.

Junior slammed into the alpha rex, causing it to stumble. He grabbed the alpha's head and forced it to the side. Junior sunk his teeth into his neck, causing it to cry out in agony. Angirasu snarled as he swung his tail at the second rex, who stumbled back to avoid the dangerous club tail. Mosura shrieked as she soared towards the third rex, spitting a glob of silk onto its head, making it grunt as it thrashed, unable to see. Rodan dove towards the fourth rex and dug his talons into its head. He slashed his talons along its head as he used his wings to keep himself airborne.

The teens watched as the Transmutants battled the predators. Junior was tackled by a fifth rex that came from his blind spot as he mauled the alpha rex. He groaned as he fell onto his back and held the fifth rex's head. The fifth rex snapped its jaws at Junior, who held it back. The alpha rex snarled as it got up, bleeding from its neck. It bit down on Junior's tail, who screeched in pain. He failed to hold the fifth rex back, who managed to bit down on his shoulder.

Angirasu grunted as he found himself knocked onto his back. He groaned as he attempted to roll over but couldn't. He was like a turtle turned onto its shell. The second rex snarled as it began to bite at his neck. Angirasu wailed in pain, swinging his tail upward. The swing of his tail managed to reach the rex, slamming the club against its head. The carnivore collapsed as the club crushed its skull and impaled it. Its eyes rolled back as it lied dead. Angirasu grunted as he began to force himself to rock in place until he managed to tip himself back onto his feet. He shook himself as his neck began to bleed.

"We gotta do something!" said Twilight as Mosura found herself knocked from the air. The third rex snarled as it stalked towards her, ready to crush the moth with its jaws. Mosura hissed as she used her long fore limbs to scoot herself back away. Before the rex could strike, a bright light shone in its eyes. The rex cried out as its vision blurred. Twilight and Sunset stood with their hands glowing. They fired off magic flares of light towards the rex, which groaned as it stumbled back from the bright lights. Mosura chirped as she shot up and used her long legs to carry herself. She lunged for the rex and slashed her shorter limbs against the rex's head.

Rodan shrieked as he tackled the fourth rex to the ground. He slashed his talons on it and bit at its neck. He tore at the flesh of the rex with his powerful beak, causing it to bleed profusely.

Junior found himself standing against the alpha and fifth. The two predators snarled as they stalked towards him, looking for an opening. Junior's eyes darted to both of them, back and forth as he anticipated their moves. The fifth rex charged towards him. It opened its jaws to bite, but Junior quickly spun and swept its legs with his tail. His dorsal plates lit up as the rex fell to the ground, while the alpha charged for him. Junior then faced it and spewed forth his atomic breath. The alpha shrieked as it was pushed back by the blast, dropping to the ground as its face scorched to a crisp. Junior snarled as he blew air through his nostrils but failed to notice the fifth rex that he tripped to be lunging from behind. The rex bit down on him at the back of his neck. Junior screeched in pain as he stumbled. The rex kept a tight hold around the back of his neck, gradually adding to the force of its bite. Junior stumbled as he thrashed and attempted to reach the rex. The rex slashed the claws on its feet against Junior's leg.

Angirasu roared as he charged towards the rex that had Junior locked in its jaws. He slammed into its leg, jabbing his horn on his snout into its thigh. The rex screeched in pain as it released Junior, who turned and slashed his claws against it. The rex stumbled back as it bled, roaring at the two. The third rex joined its side, bleeding from its own wounds on its head. The two predators found the rest of their pack to be lying dead. Rodan stepped off of the dead fourth rex he stood on and joined the side of Junior and Angirasu, along with Mosura. The dinosaurs began to turn tail and run, not wanting to needlessly lose their lives to the Transmutants. Junior roared to the heavens, displaying his status as the supreme predator.

Meanwhile above, Sigyn and Kenra stared at the Transmutants. Kenra hardened her expression.

"Hmph. It really is him. So much for getting rid of the intruders," said Kenra in annoyance.

"I wouldn't worry. Have you forgotten? Stampedes tend to attract THEM," said Sigyn. Kenra smirked.

"We better scram then," said Kenra. The pteranodon screeched as it began to fly off from the area.

"Whoo! That was awesome!" shouted Rainbow, coming out of cover. The rest of the girls came out of cover.

"Man, you guys fucked these T-rexes up!" said Aria as she looked to one of the dead dinosaurs. Junior grunted as he began to look around. Mosura's fuzz erected as did her antennae. Fluttershy noticed the two seeming to be reacting to something. They looked to be anxious, as if they were anticipating something.

"Girls, I think something's wrong," said Fluttershy as she turned to the rest of the girls.

Suddenly, the ground began to burst open. The girls cried out in alarm as the earth burst. From the ground emerged a reptilian creature that gave a horrific roar.

The beast that emerged from the earth was a sickly green. It was a lizard-like beast with strong forelegs that carried it out of the burrow. It lacked back legs and only had a tail to drag. It was like a serpent with arms. The beast's head appeared skull-like, with its eyes placed further behind the socket-like dip in its head. It was much like an orca's spots, meant to hide the true place of its eyes. The creature snarled as it exposed the sharp teeth in the roof of its mouth and its triple pronged forked tongue.

"What the hell?!" exclaimed Aria.

"Run!" cried Twilight. The girls screamed as they began to flee from the beast, which stood to be around ten feet. The Transmutants snarled as they began to approach the creature, which climbed out the burrow and hissed.

As Twilight fled, she stopped as the ground in front of her began to burst open. She screamed in terror as another one of the lizards appeared. Junior turned as he heard her scream, finding Twilight to be running away. The lizard ran after her. It shot its tongue forward and grabbed the girl. Twilight screamed as she was pulled to the beast's jaws. However, Junior had stomped on its head, crushing it. Twilight whimpered as she forced the tongue off of herself and scurried back. Junior began to notice that more burrows began to appear. From these burrows, more of these monsters emerged.

"They're everywhere!" cried Applejack. The girls screamed as they began to flee from the lizards. The lizards snarled as they gave chase but stopped as the Transmutants rushed to their defense. The lizards began to snarl as their frail yet strong legs tensed. The creatures' mouths watered as their eyes stared in hunger. Their bodies were almost boney, as though they were starving.

Rodan screeched as he flapped his wings and carried himself to one of the lizards. The lizard leapt several feet into the air and bit down on Rodan's leg, pulling him down to the ground. Rodan grunted as the lizard pinned him to the ground, snapping its jaws at him. Rodan moved his head from side to side to avoid being bit. Mosura screeched as she lunged for the lizard and slashed at it, causing it to get off of Rodan and retreat. Rodan grunted as he stood, while Mosura's wings began to grow brighter.

Angirasu snarled as he swayed his tail, daring any of the surrounding lizards to strike. One lizard lunged for him, but was met with a blow to the head by the club. Then, another lizard quickly lunged for Angirasu's back leg and bit down on it. The Transmutant cried out in pain, while two other lizards lunged for him, biting his foreleg and neck.

Junior roared as the rest of the lizards began to surround him. He gave an intimidating roar that caused the lizards to stagger back with a start. Junior stopped, expecting the smaller creatures to flee. However, they all suddenly lunged for him. Junior cried out as they latched to his legs and his back. One even jumped to his chest, wrapping its tail around Junior's neck. Junior wheezed as he felt himself strangled by the lizard's tail as it clawed at his head. He fell over to the ground as the creatures mauled him.

The girls screamed as they fled from the lizards. Their hearts raced as they ran through the dark forest. They felt their breathing, heard their heavy footsteps and grunts close behind. The Dazzlings, Sunset, and Fluttershy found themselves separated from the rest of the girls, who fled from a lizard that pursued them. The girls cried out as Mosura crashed their way. The moth moaned in pain as a lizard had her pinned. Mosura thrust her abdomen upward, sending her stinger into the lizard's gut. The creature collapsed, paralyzed by the venom. It cried out as it foamed at the mouth. Mosura scurried up to her feet and found the Dazzlings, Sunset, and Fluttershy being chased. She flew after them and tackled the lizard. The lizard snarled as it rolled onto its back. It snapped its jaws at Mosura, who recoiled. She then jammed her shorter forelimb appendages into its throat, creating deep gashes.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Main 7 were fleeing from the lizard that pursued them. Twilight sent magic bolts towards it, but the beast merely brushed through the blasts. The girls whimpered as they continued to run. They suddenly skidded to a halt once they found a steep hill in their path. They turned and found the lizard approaching. It snarled as its tongue slipped out, like a snake. The girls huddled together in fear as it approached. Rodan suddenly soared towards the lizard, tackling it to the ground. The girls stumbled back as the two began to stagger their way. They screamed as the two beasts fell back, causing the teens to fall tumble down the hill, passed trees and bushes.

Junior roared as he was gained up on the lizards. His scales were breached by their sharp teeth that sunk into him. He gasped for air as his windpipe was squeezed by one of the lizards' tail. Junior's dorsal plates began to light up as heat built up in his body. He turned to the lizard latched to his neck and spewed his atomic breath, blasting it off of him. Junior roared as he grabbed the neck of the closest lizard and crushed its wind pipe. He then threw it at the other lizard on him. He then lunged for the last lizard on his leg, biting down on it. Junior growled as he snapped its neck with the force of his bite.

Angirasu grunted as he managed to turn his head to fully face the lizard biting his neck. He then bit down on its own neck, his sharp tusks piercing its jugular. The lizard released him and screeched from the bite. Angirasu tore its flesh and then kicked away the lizard biting his back leg. He then slammed his tail against it, crushing its shoulder. Angirasu turned to the lizard on his forelimb and pushed himself against it. As the lizard stumbled over, Angirasu tucked himself into a ball and rolled over it, his spikes stabbing it as he passed over. He grunted as he uncurled himself from his ball shape and found that Sunset, Fluttershy and the Dazzlings were surrounded by three of these lizards.

Angirasu snarled as he began to charge towards the lizards, with Junior running alongside him. Angirasu rammed into the closest lizard, sending it several feet back. The other two lizards snarled as Junior approached. They both split up and ran to the bipedal reptile's sides. As they lunged for him, Junior caught one by the neck, which then wrapped its tail around his arm and began to claw at his wrists. Junior winced in pain and found the second lizard nearing him. He allowed it to latch onto his shoulder. As it was about to maul at his neck, Junior merely forced himself to fall over. The lizard shrieked in alarm as they fell over. It was instantly crushed under Junior's weight.

Junior grunted as he stood up with the remaining lizard in his hand. He grunted as he began to slam it onto the ground multiple times. He dropped the dead lizard and panted. He was hunched over, his wounds stinging and his body ached.

"Gojira!" cried Fluttershy. Junior merely glanced at her, still panting. He found the fearful look in her eyes. Instinct drove him to fight on, but something else drove him to protect her.

The rest of the Transmutants stood wounded. Mosura chirped as she shakily stood while Rodan groaned as his wounds bled. Junior and Angirasu however were worse for wear. Junior was covered in more bite marks and scratches all along his body. Angirasu snorted as his brow bled over his eye. His limbs slightly trembled from his wounds. The Transmutants then heard more snarls. From the burrows, more of these horrible lizards began to emerge. They hissed as they found the Transmutants. Junior snarled as he hardened his eyes. He stepped forward but grunted in pain. He dropped to his hands and knees, breathing heavily.

"They just keep coming," said Sunset, trembling. The girls found the state that the Transmutants were in. There was no way that they could keep this up.

Angirasu roared as he shook off his pain. He stood by Junior's side and began to roar at him. Junior grunted as he shakily attempted to stand but collapsed back to his hands and knees. Angirasu grunted as he found the lizards approaching. He stepped ahead and began to paw at the earth, giving a challenging snarl.

"Aangey, no!" cried Sonata.

Angirasu narrowed his eyes as one of the lizards stepped closer. It began to hiss as it lowered itself to the ground, ready to strike. Before it could, a larger figure suddenly dropped from the air and onto its head. Angirasu recoiled. Standing in front of him was a bipedal ape. It stood to be 18 feet in height. The beast was covered in brown matted fur and bore rough grey skin. The ape was stocky in build, bearing great muscles. Its brown eyes glared at the lizards, which looked at this great ape in fear.

"Whoa..." said Aria.

The ape began to beat its scarred chest. The beat of its fists against its pectorals were like heavy drums, echoing through the forest. The ape gave a loud roar that rivaled that of lions. The lizards began to flee, diving into their burrows. The ape turned to find Angirasu stepping away from it. Angirasu snarled as he glared at this new creature. The ape hardened its face as it stared down at the reptilian quadruped. It then notice Junior rising to his feet, who roared in defiance at the presence of this newcomer. Junior had a couple feet over this new creature. The ape turned and found Mosura and Rodan to be approaching from behind. The ape snarled as he looked to the Transmutants, beating his chest as though he were daring them to strike.

"This won't be pretty!" said Sunset as the girls began to stumble away, not wanting to be caught in the middle of this brawl.

Before Junior could order the attack, he felt a small pinch in one of his open wounds. He grunted in annoyance but felt a wave of exhaustion overcome him. Angirasu felt a pinch too. He groaned as he collapsed to the ground. Mosura and Rodan were met with similar pinches. The teens looked on in shock as the Transmutants began to collapse.

"What's going on?!" asked Sunset. The girls were about to run towards the Transmutants but were suddenly surrounded by several humans.

"What the fuck?!" exclaimed Aria. The humans were covered in dirt yellow paint. They were armed with spears with sharp metal blades at the tips. The humans bore stoic expressions as they held the girls at spear point.

"They're gonna kill us like they killed those guys!" cried Sonata with dread. Fluttershy gasped as she found that the Transmutants had reverted back to their human forms. More of these natives began to appear and surround them with their spears.

"Hold!" said a feminine voice among the natives. A couple of the natives parted, revealing a young blonde woman. Her face was covered in yellow markings, but her clothes were comprised of a jacket, shorts and boots. Her clothes looked suitable for someone out in the jungle.

"Back up!" shouted Aria, drawing out a lighter.

"I have the power to summon fire! Behold!" Aria began to press on the igniter of the lighter, but to no avail. She cursed under her breath as she struggled to get a light. Then with one final try, the fire ignited.

"Fire!" said Aria, holding up her match. The natives merely looked to each other and then back to the pop stare. The blonde woman bore a deadpanned look.

"We have fire," said the woman.

"Oh..." said Aria awkwardly. Suddenly, the lighter in her hand was struck by an arrow. She turned and found a native with dark skin and yellow paint covering her skin to be hiding among the leaves in the tree. Her short raven hair blew in the wind. The native grunted as she swung from the branch and dropped to in front of Aria, who stumbled back. The native stood upright and locked her eyes with Aria's. The rest of the girls tensed as the two stared each other down for next few seconds. Aria than squinted as she stared into the girl's blue eyes.

"Holy shit, Dwan?!" exclaimed Aria. The native girl suddenly grinned.

"Aria 4/20 Blaze it!" laughed the girl. Aria groaned.

"I told you not to call me that!" said Aria.

"Wait, what?" Sunset and Fluttershy looked to each other in confusion. Adagio went slack jawed.

"No fucking way!" said Adagio. Sonata squealed.

"Dwan!" cried Sonata.

"Long time no see, Dazzlings! I wasn't expecting to see you here!" said the native, turning to face the girls.

"Y-You... You're dead! You're supposed to be dead!" said Adagio, pointing to the girl in shock. Dwan smirked.

"Oh come on, Adagio. You can't get rid of me that easily," said Dwan. Adagio groaned in annoyance.

"At first I felt kind of bad. But now I remember how annoying your voice is," said Adagio with a scowl. Dwan wrapped an arm around her with a laugh.

"Oh stop, you'll hurt my feelings! Tell me, did they have a memorial for me? Were there hashtags in my honor? Ooh, it must sting that I was the hot topic over you," said Dwan with a mock disappointed look. Adagio growled in response.

"Ho! Ho! I called it! Damn I love that its irking you!" laughed Dwan.

"Wait, who is this?! What's going on here?!" asked Sunset.

"Dwan is this girl we knew in Applewood! She was a model and actress!" said Sonata with a grin.

"Hey don't leave out the album I dropped!" said Dwan. Adagio and Aria groaned.

"You mean the album with those trash songs?" asked Aria.

"Fuck you, I made bank," scoffed Dwan.

"Yeah, on shit!" said Aria.

"Dwan, you know these girls?" asked the blonde woman.

"Yeah, these are the girls I've told you about, Ann!" said Dwan.

"Oh, your rivals. Well, my name is Ann Darrow. It's a pleasure to meet you," said the woman with a smile.

"Yeah, yeah. Hey, what are your guys doing with our friends?" demanded Aria. The Transmutants stirred awake, finding the natives surrounding them.

"Well this just keeps getting better," said Junior with a scowl.

"Sorry. We wanted to prevent a conflict," said Ann.

"So... the big monkey is a friend of yours?" asked Sonata as she eyed the ape looking down on them. Ann smiled as she looked to the ape.

"You can say that," said Ann. The ape grunted as his bones began to pop. He began to shrink down as his body restructured itself. The teens stared in shock as this ape transformed into a human man.

"A Transmutant," said Fluttershy with wide eyes. The man stood to be over 6 feet in height. His skin was tan and his body stocky. He bore rugged hair and a beard. Three scars ran across his chest, as though he were clawed from something long ago. One of the natives had quickly passed on a robe, which he took.

"Who are you?" demanded Junior as the Transmutants were ushered together. Mosura whimpered as she covered her breasts.

"I am called, Kong. I am a god incarnate, as man and beast," said the stranger, his voice deep. Junior scoffed.

"There's nothing godlike about you," said Junior. Mosura smacked him in the shoulder with a glare. Kong merely walked passed them.

"We must go. The Skull Crawlers will return in greater numbers," said Kong. The natives approached the Transmutants, holding out red clothes to them.

"Wait, where are the others?" asked Fluttershy worriedly.

Twilight groaned in pain. Her body ached as the world around her spun. She winced as she shakily rose up from the ground. Her vision had blurred, prompting Twilight to gasp in panic. She began to feel her face, unable to find her glasses.

"No! No, no, no, no!" Twilight frantically searched the ground for her glasses. She then felt someone hold her head and placed something on her face. Twilight was now able to see. She sighed in relief and turned to find Applejack smiling at her.

"Thanks, AJ," said Twilight as Applejack pulled her up to her feet.

"No problem, sugarcube," said Applejack, as she picked out twigs and grass from her stetson. They found Rarity moaning as she looked at her grass stained clothes with a look of disgust. Pinkie sat on the ground in a daze while Rainbow held her aching arm.

"I've had better experiences rolling down hills," said Pinkie as she shook of her disorientation.

"Damn. That's one steep hill," said Rainbow. The girls looked back to the hill that they had just been on. They had fallen quite the distance. The teens couldn't see any sign of the top and everything was obscured by bushes and trees.

"I don't hear anything. You don't think..." Rarity turned to Applejack with a look of dread.

"No, don't think like that. I'm sure they're fine," said Applejack.

"Yeah, I bet Gojira and the rest took care of those things," said Rainbow.

"How're we going to reach them? I don't see any way back up there," said Pinkie. The hill in question almost ran vertically at the base. There seemed to be no way to climb up. Taking in their surroundings, they realized that they were in a completely separate jungle from the one that they were in.

"Hey, look at this," said Twilight. The girls took notice of the ground that they stood on. They stood on a dirt road, which ran through the woods. The ground bore tracks as well, with the shape of horse shoes.

"Let's follow this road," said Twilight.

"But what about the others? asked Rarity.

"There's nothing we can do right now. If there's humans around, our best chance is finding them," said Twilight.