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In the modern world of Equestria lives humans, dragons, griffons and all sorts of magical or mundane creatures. However, none stand above the two strongest beings, an archdemon known as The King of Spades & Diamonds nor his counterpart, an archangel who is known as The Queen of Hearts & Diamonds.

One day though, a boy named Spruce Carver is forced to make a life or death decision that would impact not only his future, his friends' futures and the two archbeing's futures.

Special thanks to a friend named Jeremiah for creating the cover photo.

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Frill the very get-go. I will tell you, those titles are too bloody long. The thing abiht a long title is that it needs to be snappy and TO THE POINT.

Especially snappy.

For example:

Org'Krieg the Fifth Arch-Daemon of Wrath

What do you get from this? You know what he is, you know his Affiliation and you understand that he holds some form of power or is at least an advanced form of his race, with the -'arch' addition to his species, 'daemon'. In a sense it is both long and short, this effect is due to the fact that it is, to the point.

From the title, The King of Spades & Diamonds.
You know literally nothing. On top of that, it's a literal mouthful to say,tjats a problem.

Another thing you can do to make titles more appetizing to the tongue is minimalize or smash words together. Saw this one in something I read a while ago.


Ice King Emperor Cocytus Greed

Though 'King' followed by 'Emperor' makes precious little sense, it does give a snappy, quick tone to it and gets to the point. This person has a relation to the element of Ice, and they are powerful in some way.

Also, the choice of name, Cocytus, a referance to a river in the Underworld that tore lost souls asunder if they dare to swim.

Titles are, while not exactly pivotal, key parts of characters and should be treated as such.

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