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Scootaloo’s kite is stuck at the top of a very tall tree! Can she get it?

Fan reading: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJSFn05f1bc. It's really good, you should check it out.

Based off of the original children’s story, “The Little Engine That Could”. I don’t own My Little pony nor the children’s story, this is a shameless parody.

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Don't expect a complicated plot and dangerous villains. This was based off of a children's book. I'd also like to thank HungryBear for some minor editing help and for the original inspiration. If you haven't looked up his stuff, you should.

Edit: If there is a misc. error or something please do not be afriad to point it out. I will not be available until much later in the evening to sort it out but I will fix it, if it should appear, the moment I can.

Very nice, but there is one issue: Upon landing, she smiled and said, “Look girls! I got my kite down! And it’s not broken too! It still fly!”
add a "can" near the end, after 'it'

“Oh no!” said all three. “How are we going to reach the kite all the way up there?”

Big Mac's extendable penis. Doubles up as an excellent ladder/vaulting pole. Improvisation at its finest. :eeyup:

Anyway, great job with the parody, this was awesome! Keep up the good work mate :twilightsmile:

Dawww, adorable. Worth the short read. I'm watching you. :scootangel:

I loved that. Something so sweet, so innocent, so pure. It really just brightens up your day.

Holy whale dicks on fire! Right in the childhood


Very cute.

a cute little, shameless parody...well that was nice.

:pinkiehappy:<----------- me

What a pleasent little read. One grammar got you though. - "It still fly!” The chapter name made me smile, the picture made me smile, the whole thing made me smile.

1144727Yes.We now need a Fic of that just for the fun of it.

1145102 *cracks knuckles* A fic about Big Mac's fire hose? Sure to be featured. Especially if Fluttershy is on the recieving end. Just throwin' it out there. Yeah, that's the kinda stuff people like these days, right? :yay:


...I'd actually read that.

1145339 *attempts to crack knuckles again, but fails miserably* Well, I now know what my next fic shall be. Now I just need somepony to vector the cover-image :rainbowlaugh::rainbowwild::eeyup:

Pardon me can I have your home address Cosmicafro?


Simple I need to find you so I can give you the Pulitzer Prize after I steal it from New York.

Also: HNNNNNNNNNNNNGGG so much D'aawww


I'd read it. I'll see what I can do in way of a cover image, but I want to see chapter 1 first.

Oh wait, is this a clopfic?

1145690 No idea, I was joking about writing it. Apparently sarcasm doesn't work too well over the Internet. However, if you want to write it, feel free :rainbowwild::rainbowlaugh:

I knew I'd miss something! Thanks!

You, leave. Out of my childhood memories before you corrupt them.

Awesome and thanks!

I did a good job for once? WHO AM I!?

Naw, I wrote this for funzies.

*Gets comment from "That_one_guy"... feels good*

Care to share some of that?


Ambion smiling? How is this possible!?

You make my comments happy :yay:

Uh... sure. I live on Planet Earth.

@Everyone, you're all awesome.

1146067 *ambles contentedly out of thread, whistling* :pinkiehappy: You're the awesome one for writing this story!


Also I bet this will hit EQD soon.

You shamelessly copied the work of a tried and true author- and brag about in the comments? Disgusting.:trollestia:

Nope. 2500 words needed for Eqd.


I am amazed that I have this huge, positive reputation, yet I haven't written a single pony word.





"They were so high!"
Admit you did that on purpose.

See? I told you it was a good read to post. And also, You're welcome for helping you as well. Happy to be of service any time. :twilightblush:

Oh lawd, why dd I have to read this when my copy of that book is at home >.< So much d';aww I may have to hunt one up at the library to reread.

I'm glad I could induce some daww into your day.

Author Interviewer

Very nicely done. :)

So, that was very lovely.

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