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rasa (ra-sha). mainly sciflash & flashspruce (+ other ships)


Flirting is pretty much one of the few things Timber Spruce can say he excels at. But when he starts crushing on a certain blue-haired musician, he doubts his flirting skills are even that good.

Especially when the boy he’s crushing on has some tricks of his own.

This is canon compliant to the EqG continuity, but despite that, the characters are humanised.

Thanks to Inayah for beta reading, Maya for editing, and the FSM group chat for just being themselves. You guys are the best.

Tagged with profanity because teenagers swear, duh.

Chapters (2)
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To the author - Beautifully written & so fluffy:heart::heart::heart::pinkiesmile:
btw i have an unwritten message that was meant on your blog post about this fic...look out for it:raritywink:

“Who’d wanna punch a face like yours?”



Is Flash flirting? Wow.

This is really cute! Like it so far! :rainbowkiss:

Yesssssss. The ship I never knew I needed!

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