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Hi! I'm a Christian female who loves My Little Pony! I have a somewhat unhealthy obsession with Discord.


After the events of The Ending of the End, Discord couldn't help but feel melancholy over the events that unfolded differently than he would have liked. Being encased in stone for practically an eternity isn't very much fun, especially as one who has suffered it first-hand can tell you.

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I think you might want to space out your paragraphs a little more.

Other than that little nitpick, I really liked this. Have a like.

Thanks! :) and I appreciate the advice, too! I added some spaces in, hopefully it's a little easier on the eyes now!

It was...touching to see Discord playing an active role to try and reform the villains that he once worked with. Though the friction between Discord and Tirek is significant, I have to wonder how the Mane 6 could help bridge the divide. Nice start, with a great dialogue with their characteristic nuances. But I think more paragraphing would be better to improve the readability of the story and the flow of ideas.

Thanks for your comments, and the advice on paragraphing! I'll be sure to keep that in mind more from now on! :) I would really like to expand on this sometime in the future and make a full-length story about the results of these happenings, but we shall see if I get around to it hahah

I always found it frustrating how Discord used the trio in the finale and it made me really hate his character. I think this is the best possible way to mitigate that, even though there were no signs in the show that he was planning to reform them.

Good story! Would love a sequel.

"Even if you aren't a Fluttershy, you gave those three boneheads all of the basic ingredients of friendship, didn't you?"

Guh, how I wish the show had gone this route. Still, you gave a more logical reason as to why Discord did it than the show did, so you know... good on ya!

I love the detail about Discord having been created by Grogar. Not my personal head canon (I prefer him literally being the spirit of chaos and disharmony), but it really tied everything together.

One last point, add the double space after every paragraph. Beyond that, very nice work! :twilightsmile:

I did like this a lot. Honestly a lot better handled than the show itself. Honestly I just...try to forget the finale even really happened because of how bad it was. It really just felt like using Discord as a means to an end for plot . Show hasn't been the same since season six lol

Well, I hate Discord slightly less now. Congratulations.

Thanks for making Discord more likable again, after that agonizing, stupid, and pointless twist.

I enjoyed this! It's an excellent story that expands Discord's motivations for his actions in the finale (I do much prefer the idea of him wanting on some level to reform the three, and not just use them as challenges for Twilight), I feel like you managed to capture Discord's voice and personality, especially with the little chaotic touches and bringing idioms to life, and his whole interaction with Fluttershy was very sweet. :twilightsmile: It was good to see Discord knowing he can open up to her, and her being understanding and sympathetic about his motivations and past.

I liked that Fluttershy brought up the fact the Trio could still be reformed in the future, if they work together...while still making sure that they're taking it safe, as well.

Discord feels bad? It's called guilt you idiot! You used them for Twilight's confidence and you turned them to stone since you should be turned to stone along with them since you mastermind the whole event. Betrayed or not, Discord should deserved a punishment for assemble all the villains to use them in the name of Friendship

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