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This story is a sequel to The War in Heaven

At the edge of the Irenton Dominion, deep within the Great Void, an ancient evil stirs.

Sunless-Halo-of-Penumbra, once scholar of Equestria, former student of Emperor Nicholas, faces another threat, one even greater than the Great Light. Joined by allies old and new, the next stage of her great, universe spanning trial begins.

Penumbra finds herself even further entangled in the cosmic web of deceit and intrigue that Emperor Nicholas had left in his wake. From being at the front-lines of one man's violent, long, and possibly deranged - though he himself would deny it - quest for freedom, now Penumbra must contend with all the rubble that quest left behind. Around every corner may lie danger and perhaps it would simply be easier to step back and let someone else deal with it - for once.

What to do, when only you can save the universe?

Though it is advised to read the prequel - The War in Heaven - first, it is not required. Firstly, because the content of this story can be understood using only the content within it; secondly, The War in Heaven is not very good and is in dire need of a rewrite, which I will get to soon.

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