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"Sometimes, life will toss you a nettle branch. Sometimes, it'll gift you a pot of honey. If you never take the chance, how will you ever know which it is?"

When Soarin shows up by recommendation at Rarity's doorstep with a request for a suit, it's only another commission at first. Something to impress a lucky mare at the Wonderbolts post-season extravaganza in Canterlot.

Roped into joining along for a chance to sell her business, Rarity soon finds herself with conflicting feelings — and a wonder into whether the night would end with a nettle branch or a pot of honey.

Written for the May 2020 Pairings contest.

Rated T for one kiss slightly more salacious than the show would allow.

Cover art assembled by me from this Rarity vector and this Soarin vector.

Chapters (1)
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