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Now witness the power of this filly armed and operational battlestation.

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Kinda... unsure on how to reply on that. Do have another chapter coming up by next Monday if that helps.

So how many chapter ar there going to be in each part of the story

Eight each, among six sagas. Don't worry though, I promise to do my best to keep them from being slogs. That being said, Project Horizons managed to make 20K chapter stories riveting anyhow, so...

...let's say I'll play it by ear.

It's worth the read and like, at least.

I admittedly haven't gotten around to reading the original despite loving HR's work, but I'd like to read this eventually! So little time...

Don't worry, you'll have plenty! I'm going to be updating this story slowly and procedurally, so there'll be plenty of new story angles and little character shifts to note.

Anything in particular now catch your eye in this story? Even beyond the main O.C. characters?

It sounds similar to old pulp fiction, with exotic locations, moody atmosphere, and weird scenarios, which is definitely something I like!

what drove me to read this is that headless_rainbow told me about it. you have my full blessing.

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Hey is there more coming soon?

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