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This story is a sequel to Pandemic: Monsters We Make

Sunset Blessing was a mare with a dark history. She had risen to great power and prominence, and it had all come falling down. She wanted nothing else but to withdraw from the world, sure that she had only done it harm.

It was a shock to get a call saying she had been appointed guardian of five foals she had never met before. In doing so, she might help them build a new life, and they might bring life back to her.

This story takes place on a near-future Earth, where over five-hundred million people have been transformed into ponies by a magical pandemic.

Tags: Death and Sad because of deaths that happened before the story, leaving the foals orphans and the main character a widow, not because of any deaths in the story. There is some infrequent cussing.

Part of the Pandemic Universe. Note, this AU existed under this title before the actual current pandemic happened.

Cover art by: Mix-up

editors: Javarod, Lawra

Chapters (27)
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Comments ( 64 )

Great start. As a bilingual speaker of both English and Mandarin, it is most interesting to see the difficulty in the language barrier between the guardian and the colts. And ultimately, for a temporary act, the guardian casts a translation spell to communicate with them adequately...reminds me of the days I relied on translation applications to assist in my learning of Mandarin.

Ouch I feel sorry for Sunset Blessing. She is going to have her work cut out for herself here. I hope she is going to be ready for round two of parenthood. At least this time Phobia will be able to help and act as a translator if necessary, I hope.

A short but good chapter.

Interesting flight path they took. Usually when flying from east Asia they fly to Alaska and then down into the USA or to Europe. I wonder why they went that way? Still I think the kids are going to have tons of adjusting once they get back to the US and not just their sleep schedules.

Perhaps because of the range of the planes they're flying. You could follow the normal northern route with a stop in, say, Anchorage, but wouldn't you rather stop in Honolulu?


Personally I would prefer Alaska. Less of a tourist trap.

Alaska is beautiful... in the summer.

You answer your own question in your quandary. "Usually when flying". Remember, they're moving on the assumption that they are being hunted by Chinese Shimmerists. You're easier to track if you're going along the usual path, especially since flying a government charter is already going to be enough of a red flag to track. I'll be honest, if this was presented in a more visual format (like a comic book or TV show, and only because this detail would be easier to hide there as an Easter Egg), I wouldn't be surprised in the least if one of the TV screens tuned in to a news channel in SFO had a comment on the tickers about a private jet flying between Tokyo and Anchorage going missing. If I were running the flight plan, I think I'd try to make an initial layover in Guam for the added security.

Either way, JANET airlines would like to thank you for choosing them for your flight, Sunset Blessing and family. We know you have no choice who you fly with when it comes to traveling on government charter, but still, do fly with us out of Just Another Non-Existent Terminal again.

I'm looking forward to seeing how Denver and Colorado in general have changed since Aftermath and the brief mention in Monsters We Make. Should be very interesting to see how Sunset is able to make a life in that area alone and now with a rather large contingent of varied dependents.

I wonder what Phobia thinks of all of this or if she will offer her mother some advice as she does have foals of her own.

I was about to assume this was a trollfic until I looked a little lower.

Well that is an interesting neighbor. I wonder why she is now living on Earth and what led her here?

Had debated dropping the Pandemic part of the title, and had done it with a previous fic in the series right after the onset of the actual real life pandemic. People kept telling me to just go with the title since it is part of the ongoing series. Now questioning it again.

I got the impression her ability to do what she was ordered to do came as some badge of pride for her. Many pegasi were like that, needing constant affirmation of how capable and talented they were. It wasn't strictly a pegasus trait, since I knew I sometimes was guilty of the same thing- to my detriment, and Tonya didn't really display that trait, but it was still very common in pegasi. If making peace with this filly meant stroking her pegasus ego then I'd happily stroke away.

*Stares in suspicious pegasus*

I think Sunset Blessing is going to really struggle with these kids because her attention is severely divided right now.

Well Sunset you made this bed and now you get to deal with all the problems you caused.

I was wondering what you were commissioning from Endilia17 on DA. When she put both of our commissions on hold for a bit, I noticed that you were commissioning something from her. It's good to see what they were.

Nice! So four out of seven are done, it would be nice to see the other three done sometime in the future.

Technically, five of nine Earth Dreamwardens are done.

Here is Phobia Remedy.

The missing Dreamwardens are Ghadab, Psychic Calm, and the Dreamwardens who took the place of Psychic Calm and Krik after their retirements to Equestria.

I may have the others done at some point.

Personally I would like to know at some point what Lántiān ends up doing on her adventures and what ponies or humans she meets on her journeys.

I just realized the cover art uses the font from Sonic the Hedgehog lol.

I like how this highlights and puts into perspective again just how much Sunset Blessing has changed

I rolled my eyes. "I honestly don't understand why. I'm not sure yet how I get along with Yinyu's younger foals, to tell the truth. I spend all my time fussing with the oldest- who definitely doesn't adore me."

"I slapped her," I clarified. "She was mouthing off about how her mother didn't love her enough to endanger the world, and I lost my temper. It wasn't my proudest moment."

This part seems rather sudden, there's no lead in to Blessing clarifying it.

Actually there us some missing content between those paragraphs, two whole paragraphs actually. Not sure what happened. I'm going to have to find them and add them back in.

Yeah, noticed that there were additional context on the Discord while you were posting there.

missing content found and added back in.

"Is she disobedient?" Dad asked. 

I shook my head. "No, she's actually extremely obedient. One of the most obedient kids I have ever seen. What we do is argue. For starters, she's a Shimmerist. She is also a teen mother, and she acted as a kind of surrogate mother for her siblings. I can't tell half the time if she loves her mother or hates her. She's insistent on her mother being respected by others, but at the same time tries to discredit her mother's reasons for doing things and bad mouths her. Arguments between the two of us have gotten bad, and we've only had to deal with each other a few days- so bad we've both struck one another."

Mom looked aghast. "You struck her?"

I should have figured that she'd be upset about that. My parents were always against physically disciplining a child, and I could only imagine becoming ponies had only reinforced that.

What are the virtues you hold dear? What are your pillars, Sunset?

This was a heartwarming chapter.

Happy Birthday! I will also be hitting the big 4 0 later this year.

Short description says formally; should be formerly.

Well Blessing your tab has come due. Let’s see how you start to make up for your past ego.

she's been bleeding and leaking puss -- pus

Well Blessing should keep in that raising kids is a full time job. I hope she can find a way to balance out doing everything she is taking on.

I gotta say, it feels weird to be reading 1st person from Sunset Blessing's point of view...

It's a personal journey. That's why we are following her first person. She has a lot of growing to do, and a lot of things in her that need fixing. She's the pony who has lost everything, and is to blame for much of her own misfortune. She isn't the only one in the story who has things broken about themselves, but it's still her journey.

Wow! Sunset really F***ed things up, didn't she?

That was sweet at the end. Sunset is making a great connection here, I hope she will be able to connect to all of her kids.

Ouch it looks like Josie is still haunted by the sins of her youth. I hope she can find someone to love her and help her past her issues.

Ouch. I wonder if Lántiān knows that the only safe place for her would have been the USA? Russia and China do have a long friendship, just about as long as they absolutely detest one another. I hope Sunset Blessing does a little research into both countries histories with each other as it can give her the ability to make an educated guess.

I don’t have an official OC but here is my suggestion.

Male Night Pony

A light brown coat with a forest green mane and tale. The mane has many curls that are laying flat giving the appearance of someone who just woke up and has bed head. The eyes are hazel.

The cutie mark is a D20 that has just started to roll over a D&D character sheet. No writing or stats can be made out on the sheet but it is not blank.

You're more than welcome to have Shrouded Lunes included in the background, if he actually fits. I know male Thestrals are exceedingly rare so if you wish / need to gender swap him, feel free. Otherwise, dark brown fur with a deep blue mane and tail that's already showing a few noticeable streaks of grey. Heterochromatic as well, left eye green, right eye golden. Cutie mark is rather simple, a pair of waxing and waning crescents, with the waning crescent appearing as a gear. Tends to wear glasses.

One other point that isn't physical and tied more towards the Pandemic Universe, if you want to use them to give him more character... he would likely be a staunch supporter of "the old ways" of the Night Pony court system.

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