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Looking for someone to work on a story with. Hit me up with a message and I will provide details

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Got to ask, WOWS or Legends?

You have my intrest

well done to you !hope this story continues.

About time also they better help the ponies cause i hate griffins

Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t the USS Iowa labeled BB-61?

Holy cow I was not expecting such comments thanks guys

oops yes you are correct my good sir

Good start so far, we’ll see how it goes. Also, don’t forget that the 40mm Bofors are loaded with VT shells that automatically detonate when they are near aircraft. A lot of people I know didn’t know that so I’m just saying in case you didn’t.

Thank you I'll be sure to add that in the next chapter and on

Well I'll see you on the ocean then

Soon for I will not be available until the 7th of June

Just redownloaded WOW, but it's Xbox.

Can’t wait for the next chapter!!! This looks like it’s going to be awesome!!

This sounds familiar.

What Legendary ship have you started researching?

Alaska and the Kurfurst

Same, but for me its Kurfurst then Alaska. My only complaint about Legends is that some ships are different from their PC counterparts, but WG rarely goes into detail on how. A rare case of a difference that they did mention is that the Kurfurst's secondaries have a much shorter range (5km to PC's 7.5km) but in exchange, its guns will be more accurate. No information AFAIK on just how much more accurate, but I can't imagine they'll be worse than Gneis and Bismarck.

As long as isnt the drunk stormtrooper accuracy that it is most of the time.

Update soon? I hope this will be a decent war fic, god knows I could use one.

Gryphons: Our dreadnoughts are the most powerful ships afloat.

USS Iowa Captain: Oh, look at the toy ships.


USS Iowa Captain: That's the best they got? A South Carolina had more power that those excuses for dreadnoughts.

USS Iowa Helmsman: And heaven help them if they face a super like a Colorado.

interesting start.

I am waiting for Br0nY4LiFe2 to come back online then we can get started on things :twilightsheepish:

Take your time.
Families are really important, and you might never know if you will ever see them again. So cherish every moment with your family as it could be the last time you will see them.

A month isn't that long, and real life does happen (to everyone). Just be sure you are ready before taking up the 'pen' again ...

“Well ah jus’ hope it’s nothin serious like the griffons and them warships of theirs” AppleJack stated

“I...just hope whatever it is isn’t scary like Tirek…” Fluttershy spoke softly.

Boy they're in a big surprise and the griffons goofed up.

And thus let it be said, that the first shot of this new war came from that of the enemy that was unprovoked. And in doing shall the might of a monster's steel rain down upon them.

Sweet new chapter, also are the ponies Anthro or Feral in this story?

well....the gryphons fucked up

Short chapter but happy to see an update!

Griffons really messed up

“I...just hope whatever it is isn’t scary like Tirek…” Fluttershy spoke softly.

No, it’s much worse

Are you going to finish this story

The griffons are in a world of hurt.

USS Iowa can bombard a target within 24 miles. Poor Griffies with their Dreadnoughts.

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