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This is humorous, please continue

Interesting start. Let’s see where this goes..

Can't wait to see what happens next.

I am the first like

And then they are evaporated.

10231183 AU. Also, The Yamato feels more like the Bismark here.


I feel sorry for the Griffins, theres a reason the Yamato is famous.

Yet then again enough ships can bring her down.

True, the Bismarck did invoke the felling of "I dont care how big the cannons are, these shells spell out fuck you and everything within a ships length of you."

ok i cant help it but here it is

Intresting...At first, I thought this will be like Arpeggio of Blue Steel.

Wait how does that work how can he control the yamato alone this massive ship requires soo much crew

Oh fuck yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment posted by Zen and Ponies deleted May 14th

I guess griffons are going to know how much DAKKA is enough?)
Though isn't it a bit overkill?
Secondary 155 mm armaments imho more than enough.

Plays this to scare the shit out of them in a fog.

Interesting story it's sorta like another story I read but with the Bismarck but a little different I'm going to keep an eye on this

Comment posted by Justarandomboi deleted May 16th

welp the Griffins are fucked in the ass without lube. DON'T MESS WITH YAMATO!

And now their messing with a super battleship that's upgraded with Much better AA and other such weapons

Death to anyone that gets in the Yamato’s way it’s the Battleship version of Godzilla

Can't wait for the battle sequence between the Yamato and the Gryphonian fleet.

Crap when I saw that this got updated I got excited but anyway take your time my good sir:moustache:

Dunno much about battleships, but the Yamato’s firepower is almost on par with a modern aircraft carrier or a nuclear sub. The Pegasi and griffons are comparable to enemy aircraft at this point. Also does the Yamato have unlimited ammo?

I know that the US didn’t make any 18” guns but if you had the US super heavy AP shells in that Yamato it would be considered godly.
Also, most people I know don’t know this but the VT shells that the US had for their AA batteries had a mini Doppler radar in each shell so that it exploded when it got near aircraft

From his attitude I'd say he is an American spy.

Are you going to add any harpoon launchers 😎😎😎

Were gonna need a bigger bout. To kill it now.

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