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When Fluttershy and Discord manage to combine a creature of mirage who is technically nothing more than a manifestation of chaos, and a normal, kindhearted pony, what new creature will they bring into the world? And more importantly, what new world will this creature bring? Find the answer in this sci-fi crossover following their daughter Arceus in her quest to save Equestria from herself.

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Ok, i love your explanation of Discord

Thank you! I know MLP is a kids show and we're not really supposed to question the logic, but if Discord really had that much magic, it would be pretty ridiculous. At least in my opinion.

Does anyone know if whoever made the cover art has ponified any other pokemon?

Yeah, I don't get why someone would get mad at someone for saying the show shouldn't be logical either.

Based on the summary so far, this prolly explains how Arceus became the Mother of Pokemon. I thought that Arceus is male or genderless.

No, I don't know. That would be very cool though! I'll probably look into it later. If I do, I'll make sure to post it in my next Author's Notes.

Officially, Arceus is classified as genderless, but my theory is that a lot of mythical Pokemon are classified as genderless not because they actually have no gender, but because their gender is unknown. It would make sense since not a lot is known about most mythical Pokemon. Thanks for the comment!

10262813 So far, the only exception is Heatran who HAS a gender. I’m pretty sure Lucario’s not a legendary though.

Oh wow. I actually didn't realize Heatran had a gender. No, Lucario isn't a legendary, but it's probably better than some legendaries in it's mega form!

10263225 Doesn’t say in its Pokedex entry, but you CAN see its gender when you first encounter Heatran in some island after clearing the Pokemon League.

Yeah. The funny thing is that I actually caught a heatran two days ago in an old Omega Ruby game. Can't believe I didn't even notice the gender symbol until now. :facehoof:

All she saw was black and white and red all over.

Oh look a newspaper

Oh, no. Starlight, calm the fuck down.

(Going by short description)
(Not trying to be mean or rude)

They will have a little pink, swirly purple eyed, pony, who has chaotic powers, they call Screwball ⚾

And that's my cue to edit the short description. :facehoof:

Thank you for the input!

This is a great story. Can't wait for the next chapter.

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