• Published 9th May 2020
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Sun Shower - GroganDrago123

Rain Shine was never one to let out her Nirik self. Especially with what she’s done. But what if someone unexpected came into her life to flip that upside down?...

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Chapter 2: The Wounded Form

The Kirin tribe was as peaceful as usual. But today, the Kirins were busy with preparing for some sort of event. On one side of the tribe were full of stands with different types of fruits, flowers, vegetables, and more. The Kirins behind each stand were sorting out their products by either color or size. While others were just placing their items without a care of organization. On the other side was a stage. Those on the stage were either painting, organizing props, or sewing up outfits. The tallest Kirin out of all of them were watching them set up the stage for the upcoming musical they were planning.

“Now, lets not forget the mask!” She exclaimed, one of the Kirins paused to lift up a paper mache mask. It was in the shape of a deer’s skull with sharp teeth and black eyes. The tall one nodded to them and the Kirin continued her work.

Rain Shine planned to create a different version of one of the musicals her friends have shown her. One known as Blood Sheers: The Monster Shaver of Feather Street. She once saw it with them and admired how dark it was. Yet it was also... romantic in some strange way. How the barber became a killer to avenge the death of his wife. Only to be revealed that she was still alive but was killed by her own husband tragically. How he killed the assistant for what she did out of her own love for the stallion.... Beautiful madness she’d describe it. Which was why she hoped to recreate it with her people. At least less gory than the actual showing was.

A mahogany colored Kirin suddenly approached her. She was holding a clipboard with an aura of pinkish red magic. “Rain?” She said to gain her leader’s attention. Rain looked over to see Mahogany Oak beside her.

“Yes my dear?” Rain questioned. Mahogany recognized her attention and looked back to the clipboard.

“I’ve checked the lighting and the sounds being used for tonight. They’re all set and prepared for the show.” Rain smiles down at her and nodded happily. “Perfect my dear. Now let’s prepare-“

“Hey Rain Shine!”

Rain and Mahogany turned to the voice and saw a certain mocha colored Kirin along with a magenta unicorn by her side. The two ran down the path that lead to the forest over to her. They quickly stopped in front of the leader and began to pant.

“My friends. Are you ok?” She asked in worry, turning to them along with Mahogany.

“I... W-we saw... I-I mean, smelled.... Smelled-“

“Someone’s hurt!” Amethyst exclaimed to her, falling on her flank from exhaustion.

“What? Who’s hurt?” Rain Shine asked, now her voice growing with worry.

“W-we don’t know.” Fern admitted, wiping her forehead with her hoof. “We-We kinda hoped you would find out...”

“I see... Mahogany, can you take the unicorn to Fern’s home?” Mahogany nodded as she motioned Amethyst to follow her. With some hesitation, she began to follow the Kirin away.

“Wait, why-“

“If you say someone’s hurt, then whoever caused their pain may be near. I fear they may harm her if she’s out there for longer.” She admitted her fear. Amethyst may not be one of them. But a friend to a Kirin is a friend to her.

“Wait, what about me?” Fern asked in fright.

“You may have to lead me to the wounded. If they’re still alive, we can save them before it can claim their life.” She explained to her.

“But- I-I- Eh....” Fern soon sighed. “Very well then Rain Shine.” She had a bad feeling about this...


Fern Flare and Rain Shine we’re walking down the dirt path as the sun began to set. Fern took lead of her leader to follow the scent of the blood with a lit lantern despite her obvious fear. The lantern was lit with the fire Niriks are usually seen surrounded with. Surprisingly, even if the flames are dangerous, they use the fire for their light source. Even if it’s hard to control.

Rain had an idea why her Kirin friend was looking so nervous. She couldn’t blame her for her rising fear. If their was someone out there to spill more blood, she would be fearing what could come up on them from their sides or from behind. But Rain knew she was strong enough to take care of what ever was out there. At least, without her Nirik side of course.

Rain was aware if she used her Nirik side, she would be more stronger against her opponents. But reminiscing on the past, she’d just lose her temper and go on a rampage. It seems the only thing she can do as that monster...

“I-I think we’re getting close.” Fern said through stutters. Rain turned to her Kirin friend. Fern was more shaken than a moment ago. Thinking about it, she took a sniff of the air and realized why: the smell of blood was much stronger. Either this person was more wounded or they were much closer. Rain looked back down to her fellow Kirin and asked, “Would you like for me to take lead-“

Fern Flare didn’t hesitate and suddenly dashed underneath Rain Shine’s body, accidentally dropping the lantern in a panic. Rain quickly caught the lantern with her magic which almost hit the dry ground.

“Y-yes please!” She exclaimed through stutters. Rain would’ve warned her about the danger of letting Nirik fire free. But she can tell her friend was clearly scared of what’s out there. So she held her tongue and began to walk again, Fern trying to stay close as possible to her. Rain stumbled a few times until Fern moved away from her. But kept her hoof and tail tangled around Rain’s fore hoof. Now it was less likely for the leader to fall due to her friend’s fear.

Eventually, Rain stopped as she sniffed the air. The smell of blood was too strong to ignore now. But she couldn’t see any sight of anyone or anything. Unless... She moved away from Fern’s grasp and began to walk away from the dirt path.

“Rain Shine!” Fern called out, suddenly covering her mouth with her hooves. She couldn’t risk anyone hearing her and try to harm her. But Rain Shine might get hurt on her watch... She sighed heavily in defeat as she tried to catch up to her leader. “Rain Shine, where are you going?”

“I think they’re around here?” She stated, looking around and passing by the trees and bushes.

“You mean the harmed or the causer of harm?” Fern asked, now very much terrified.

“Either. I just have to find who’s the source...” Rain stopped as she held her hoof in front of her. “Wait.” She turned to her leader as she walked ahead to a patch of bushes.

Rain Shine felt hesitant. What if their was a monster on the other side and she wasn’t ready to protect Fern Flare in time? But Rain never felt doubt for her natural abilities. Besides the Nirik side of course. She has proven she can protect her tribe in worse situations. So, this shouldn’t be a problem, right?.... She took a deep breath and looked through the bushes.

“... What?” She said in confusion. Fern turned to her leader in similar confusion. She couldn’t see through the bushes due to how thick they were mixed with Rain’s massive mane blocking any possibility of peeking through.

“What? What do you see?” Fern asked in curiosity. Rain moved to the side so she can see.

“It looks like... a goat.“

“A goat?” Fern questioned as she began to poke her head through the bushes. “What goat would even be seen around he-“ She paused.

Fern froze at the sight of what was in front of them. On the other side of the bushes was a small clearing free of tall grass, flowers, and more. Trees and bushes surrounded the small patch of land like it was some secret love spot for a couple. But this spot wouldn’t house a couple for now. Since what was filling that spot was one creature. A goat Rain Shine called it. But Fern Flare knee from Amethyst Star who and what that thing was. He wasn’t a goat. He was a ram. A blue ram to be exact. The ram, somehow, was covered in red. He had a large slash wound on his chest. One over his left eye, another on his left forehoof, another on his right hindleg, and a large scratch that also went down his left eye. Fern felt her blood freeze at the sight of the creature. It wasn’t meant to be here...



“Run away Rain!!” Fern yelled out as she suddenly grabbed Rain’s tail with her mouth and began to pull as hard as he could. Which failed due to Rain pulling away easily and walking over to the unconscious creature.

“Fern, we can’t run away.” She stated as she stopped by the ram’s side, examining his deep gashes. Those would definitely cause terrible damage. But if she hadn’t heard his labored breathing, she would’ve thought he was dead. “This creature is hurt. We must help them-“

“NO!!” Fern Flare yelled out as she hopped in between her and the ram. “Just leave him to die!”

“What? Fern Flare, this behavior’s unacceptable! We must help this creature before it’s too late!” Rain said sternly as she tried to get through Fern. Only to be blocked by Fern once again.

“Rain Shine, you have to understand! This beast is-“

“Listen to me, Fern Flare!” Rain Shine exclaimed, staring down at her mocha colored friend. “I will not let this creature die when I can do something to help them!” She suddenly lifted Fern with her magic as she placed them to the side. Fern tried to stop her but was held still by Rain’s aura of light red magic.

Rain Shine looked down to the ram, lifting the wounded creature with another aura of magic. She shuffled her pose so she was side by side with the animal. Rain lifted the ram onto her back. Her body flinched at the sudden heavy weight on her back. She was able to straighten herself and hold the wounded ram on her back without the need of her magic. Rain kept her magical grip on Fern as she dragged her back over.

“You will not try to worsen his wounds nor try to scare him away from the tribe. Understand?” Rain asked sternly, her eyes beginning glow. Fern quickly nodded as a response. The leader took the answer as she let go of her friend. Rain began to walk back to the dirt path, walking slowly to make sure the blue ram won’t fall off. With fear filling her heart, Fern Flare followed her leader from a distance. She stared into the ram’s closed eyes. Oh how Fern feared the possibly of his eyes suddenly opening...