• Published 9th May 2020
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Sun Shower - GroganDrago123

Rain Shine was never one to let out her Nirik self. Especially with what she’s done. But what if someone unexpected came into her life to flip that upside down?...

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Chapter 1: The Scent

Despite the name, the Peaks of Peril were peaceful this spring day. The birds were chirping, the flowers were beginning to bloom, and love was flowing through the wind. The love in the air was coming from a pair walking down a dirt path of the peak’s forest. One of them was a pinkish-purple unicorn pony with lavender hair that matched her eyes. She was walking beside a Kirin who was covered in tan with a brown mane and mocha colored scales that covered her back and forehead to muzzle. The two lovebirds were side by side, seeming lost in conversation.

“I tell you, Amy.” The Kirin began with a smirk. “Their’s nothing like a musical compared to a normal play.” The unicorn rolled her eyes as she looked back to the Kirin.

“Don’t get me wrong, love. Musicals are lovely.” The unicorn commented. “But when their’s a song being sung every scene is so annoying.”

“I can understand that. Songs have to be placed on the right moments. Like ones that are supposed to make you feel a certain way. Maybe sadness or pure joy. I know I felt a sort of dread when I saw the tribe play out the Umbrum of the Opera.” The Kirin explained to her, which earned the unicorn a nod. She was there for that performance and she found it impressive how they played that scene pretty well. She could’ve sworn their voices matches their leader’s singing. At least that’s what Fern Flare says...

“How do you think the songs would sound if your leader sang them?” She asked Fern.

“Her?” She questioned as her eyebrows raised. How did she not even think of that? “Huh... Why, I’d think they’d sound absolutely wonderful!” Fern exclaimed with a hop of happiness. “Maybe I should ask her to sing for a musical. Maybe she’d like to play as that pony that makes those good pies in Mistress.”

The unicorn giggled at the idea. “I’d love to see that... Would you think she’d allow for me to have a spot in a show like that?”

“Oh of course! She’s all for creatures of different kinds working together.” Fern assures with a smile. “Besides, you’re Amethyst Star. No one can resist such a shining star like yourself.” Amethyst chuckled as she leaned over, nuzzling her muzzle with her own.

“You are such a flirt.” She commented as Fern nuzzled her back.

“Well, I can’t help it when I’m with you.” Fern flirted to her marefriend. The two were still for a moment until Fern had an idea.

“Say babe?” Fern started, gaining the unicorn’s attention once her eyes opened. “Have you noticed anything... off recently?”

“Me?” She questioned. “Not really. I mean, I’ve only been here for a few days.”

“That’s true. I guess I mean... Rain Shine. I have a feeling she’s been... not like her usual self lately.” Fern admitted as she moved her head away from her. She kept thinking about the times Rain would either be missing for hours or just seem more... reclusive towards her and the other Kirins.

“Really? I thought she was doing ok.” Amethyst admitted. She might’ve been with the Kirins for half a week. But that didn’t mean she didn’t know Rain Shine that well. Yeah she and Rain didn’t have a long drawn out conversation yet. But Rain proved to be a kind and caring leader ever since she began her stay with Fern Flare. Amethyst did worry she’d be like those strict leaders that are caring but pretty scary. Especially since Niriks are a thing for them. But Rain was the definite opposite when she welcomed her to the tribe. Amethyst just thought she was herself her whole stay... wasn’t she?

“I see. You haven’t been here long so I can understand.” Fern stated as she nodded her head. “Maybe I should just ask her.”

Amethyst nodded to her statement. “Surely if you show your concern, she’ll open up. Right?” Fern thought about it... Then soon nodded once again. “Right.”

Suddenly, like a passing wind breeze, she caught scent of something. Something strange. Strange and unfamiliar... Fern looked around to see where the source came from.

“Fern?” Amethyst asked, noticing her marefriend’s sudden look of confusion.

“Sorry babe. Just caught wind of something.” Fern explained, continuing to smell the air.

“What do you mean?”

Fern continued smelling something in the air. It wasn’t like the flowers or the bee’s honey she’d usually smell. Heck, it was a new sort of smell. Fern would only smell this when someone was hurt. Wait.... Is someone hurt?

Fern moved away from Amethyst to sniff the air. The unicorn looked to her Kirin marefriend in confusion. “Babe?”

“Don’t you smell that, Star?” Fern asked as she looked around. Amethyst only tilted her head to answer her.

(That’s right. Kirin’s have better sense of smell than normal ponies.) She thought to herself, feeling silly at the realization. But she shook her head as she continued to smell the air. It did smell like what she was thinking it was. But where was it coming from?...

“I think I smell blood.” Fern cleared up for her, holding her nose up to continue sniffing. Amethyst’s eyes widen slightly.

“Blood? Who’s hurt? Or is it from some animal?” She wondered. Amethyst didn’t see any of the Kirins wounded. She kinda hoped it was just some act of the food chain. It was better than any of her marefriend’s friends being hurt after all.

“It might be an animal.” Fern stated, trying to pinpoint the smell’s origin. “It doesn’t smell like the blood of a Kirin. Plus, it doesn’t smell like a rabbit, bird, or anything I’m familiar with.”

Amethyst looked around to see her surroundings. Besides the large trees and bushes that surrounded the dirt path they were on, she couldn’t find any sight of a body. Nor any sight of blood on the ground. She didn’t even see any evidence of anyone else being nearby. Surely it would be close of Fern can smell them. Right?

She suddenly felt her stomach churn at a sudden thought. If someone was hurt... can the perpetrator strike again? Maybe to someone close?... Fern noticeably flinched as she looked to Amethyst.

“We should have Rain look into this.” She stated as she walked back down the way they came from.

“Wait, why leave this to her? Can she get hurt if the perpetrator is close by?” Amethyst asked in slight worry.

“Don’t worry, babe. Rain Shine’s strong. If anything’s around here, she can scare them away... Plus, I don’t want to be this guy’s dinner.” Fern admitted as she continued down the path quickly.

(Fair point.) Amethyst quickly caught up to Fern to follow her marefriend back to the tribe.

Author's Note:

First chapter : D

For some context: Amethyst Star and Fern Flare were pen pals long before the Stream of Silence incident. The fell in love and began to date through their letters. But after the incident, the two made it official when Amethyst decided to visit the Peaks to stay with her marefriend at the tribe.

Let’s hope what happens next won’t scare her away.