• Published 9th May 2020
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Sun Shower - GroganDrago123

Rain Shine was never one to let out her Nirik self. Especially with what she’s done. But what if someone unexpected came into her life to flip that upside down?...

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Prologue: The Past Niriks

A long time ago, in a world away from Equestria, there lived a population of creatures. Back then, they were called the Kirins. But they were never went by that name. Why, they were always known as the Niriks. Why you may ask?

Well, these creatures weren’t always the kind and joyful creatures we known them as today. In Old Equestria, they proved to be deadly and destructive wherever they went. Everything they touched went up in flames. And they loved the sight of their flames causing disharmony.

They used to be very common in Old Equestria. Niriks were seen from Old Griffonstone to even Tambelon. They always travelled in packs. About 10-15 Niriks were in each of these packs. The more of these creatures there were, the more deadly they proved to be around others. Niriks, while they’re rarely not causing havoc, have strange rituals. For example, Niriks from the north had fire so intense it was able to melt the strongest steel to date back then. Those from the west had the least strongest, but the easiest to spread due to the high winds. Another example would be their appetites. Niriks, despite their killings and hunting down other creatures, are seen eating plants and fruits. They would choose the savage route at times and eat their kills. But that’s only for dire situations.

The most notable thing about Niriks were their leaders. These Nirik leaders were as tall as a tree, as thin as a vine, and as fast as a leaf flying in the wind. Ponies were able to find out which of them was a Nirik by their figures alone. While also seeing them with powerful wing-shaped fire on their backs. It wasn’t recorded if these wings could provide flight for these creatures, but it proved terrifying to their victims.

Nirik leaders were dead set on their legacy. To continue with their cold and horrifying leadership through their children. The leaders were eternal, but they were still vulnerable to fatal blows. Including drowning. These leaders would train their children to be resistant towards water and ice alike and teach them how to lead with an iron hoof. Many were reluctant to these conditions, while others chose death before dishonoring their family.

When the three pony tribes finally united, they all worked together to be rid of these Niriks. Who they believed to be soldiers of their former emperor. Despite the fact the creature didn’t even knew they existed before it arrived. The ponies took them down by either trapping them and killing them, or using these angry monsters for tourist attractions just to earn extra bits. Other ponies saw worth in the horns of Niriks, believing them to be full of magic that can heal the sickest. So the Niriks were also hunted down and stripped of their horns. Due to their horns connecting to their heads, it killed these Niriks quickly yet painfully.

The numbers of Niriks dropped as the decades to centuries. Nirik packs turned from rare to endangered to cautiously endangered. This was around the time Niriks started to become Kirins. Before the numbers dwindled, their lived a few rare groups of Kirins. Who were the sort of clean up crew for their Nirik counterparts. They helped ponies who lost their homes get back on their hooves, or help the wounded be healed from the terrible burns caused by their monstrous opposite. Back then, their were a small number of them. So they didn’t have much of a lasting impact. However, they saw how their numbers were dropping and began to help their opposites to become one of them. They believed if they turned good, no harm would come to them.

Eventually, more Kirins were seen than Niriks. Sadly, the creatures were still being hunted down for their horns. But that didn’t stop them from trying to stay exclusive from the rest of the world. As of recently, the Kirins were successful in hiding from everyone. But the numbers remained very small and placed the Kirins into the endangered list. Which was why Celestia passed the law of such huntings were illegal and any offender would be charged and sentenced to prison. Many of the Kirins left felt safe with this law. Still yet, some Kirins didn’t feel safe. Especially from themselves...

One Kirin leader despised her Nirik half. She hated having just an intense evil resign within herself and wished she could just blow it out of her body like a candle. But she knew it made her a Kirin. And she hated herself for it.

Despite it all, she loved her people and their home. She loved the ones she lead dearly and wished for the best for them. She may not be the best at providing the right answer. Yet what else can she do to protect them? The leader was told by her father how the stream of silence would always bring peace to those who walk through it. It did work for her when she was young. So she thought it would be a perfect way to bring peace to her people when they got angry.

One day, the spell casted upon her people was cured by two outsider ponies and Autumn Blaze, a Kirin she had helped raise when her parents went missing. She was worried if the remedy would bring the tribe back into chaos. But to her surprise, it only brought happiness to her people. She expressed her gratitude to the trio and even allowed Autumn to return to the tribe. She had only banished her due to her fear of Autumn causing havoc with her feelings and voice returning. It was hard a decision. Especially since she knew the young Kirin for so long. Yet, as a leader, she felt she had to put her people over her own feelings.

Which was why she kept lying to herself about accepting her anger. Yes she understood it was normal. But with her inner desire to see that deadly fire and her rage she felt in the past, the leader felt it was right to just force that smile and say what her people want to hear. That’s what you do as a leader. You make these hard decisions. Even if they go against your emotions.

Especially when it can put you in more pain.

Author's Note:

First story to post on here! To note, this might be pretty bad lol
So, if you’d like to critique it, please do so : )
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