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Eric Myers, the leader of the Silver Guardians, and the Quantum Ranger receives a mission to capture the mutant criminal Ransik, in his combat, he is overcomed and tricked by the opponent, and to get rid of the Quantum ranger once and for all, Ransik sends Eric to another dimension with no way back, now he is trapped in a reality that he had never seen before, transformed, and into a world of colorful anthropomorphic horses, he will have to venture out and protect his new home from the mutants that he hate so much

Hello there! This is one of my first work in this site! i hope you enjoy it! Please criticise me, i want to learn if there is anything wrong in my work and how i can improve, the updates are slow, however, i am not planning in abandoning this book! Thank you for your interest and I hope you like it!

Chapters (6)
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Thank you! More is on the way! However i will take my time to make things more interesting! Expect a new chapter tommorow!

(Reads first part of description)

"So daddy? What you are planning to do with this.... thing..?"

The same thing as always, Pinky:

"This my dear, it's a, dimentional transportation device, with it, I will get rid of that plague they call Power Rangers! and give me a free ticket to rule this world!"


"This is my ultimate weapon! the Power Rangers wont stand a ch-"

The noise of an explosion interrupts him, scaring the daughter and surprising the father that they both look at the location of the explosion and see two cyclobots bing tossed away by the explosion and flying out of a window, breaking it in the process Both of the Villains took fightings positions, waiting for their possible enemy's to come out of the smoke that was coming from the hole on the wall to fight them, Ransik raised his hand and motioned towards the smoke

"Can't you even let me finish gloating? Or at least KNOCK?!?!":flutterrage:

Grammar could use some work, but good story so far.

Thank you, i am always revising the history to find gramatical errors, i am pretty new, so any critisism is accepted! :pinkiehappy:


Oops. Wrong franchise.:twilightblush:

Not Realy if you know the story of the franchise :rainbowlaugh:

Lol, The transformation in this chapter is more based on the first time Eric had granted the quantum powers (His theme is awesome Btw)

Not bad has promise Just needs to be cleaned up and is it 3rd person or first person pov? It keeps switching

Thanks, I'm focusing on Eric's point of view, do you think it would be better if I had more of them?
Or see this history on just Erics perspective?

Just from his point of view because it's a bit confusing when it changes from me/I to he/him in the same paragraph

Understandable, also thanks for the honor! i have read your fimfiction about the "New Dragon in Town", its really good!

Thanks chapter 2 will be out once my editor finishes going through it

"The pleasure is mine, name is Quantum Shield."

That's.. fuck. That's a good name

In the room where the wedding would take place, the Mane six stood in their respective combat poses while the Quantum Ranger who was shielding a terrified Changeling, the queen gnawed her teeth of hate, she then concentrated her magic on her horn , everyone prepared for an attack, but Thorax started to grunt while holding his head, he staggered up and put his hand on the ranger's shoulder, who looked at him confused but curious.

gnashed her teeth in hate?

Also, run on sentence..

"You are insane?! You aren't planning taking the queen head on are you? She is stronger than Celestia!"

Well... Debatable. To quote one of my favourite,

Precious few knew just how powerful Celestia was. Yes, she raised the Sun every day and set it every night, but the unicorns had once done that too. Her power, it appeared, was not infinite. Indeed, some even argued that she was not as powerful as she seemed, pointing to her defeat at the hooves of the changeling Queen Chrysalis as proof that she was capable of being beaten. After all, either changeling Queens were powerful enough to best the strongest of alicorns at the height of their power, a scary thought, or Celestia was perhaps not as powerful as she seemed, and the ability to perform the magic of hundreds of unicorns was more a relic of her special talent and not her magical power.

In truth, Chrysalis had not matched Celestia for power; there were only two creatures in the universe that could even think of matching her for power. No, Chrysalis had merely escalated their duel to the point where Celestia was forced to make a choice. Lose, and hope that the situation could be recovered by other means, either through her faithful student, Cadence, or her dear sister Luna

Or turn Canterlot Castle and every creature in it into a puddle of molten slag as she unleashed her true, full power.

Needless to say, she had opted for the first option that day. Her pride and reputation did not matter nearly so much as the lives of her little ponies. So she had lost, and to her relief Cadence and Shining Armor themselves had stopped the invasion.

He would kick her in the belly, she would make a grunt of pain, grabbing his leg and trying to throw him to the side, he would fly to the side, however he would roll by the floor and stop and making a pose, she would roar pointing her strange sword at Quantum, who it would glow and launch a jet of green fire, that flew in direction of him and causing a huge explosion right in impact with Quantum, causing a huge cloud of smoke to form, everyone in the room had noticed the crumbling floor, regaining their composure, the Mane Six and Changelings that stopped fighting right when they heard the loud boom, seeing the queen smiling at the cloud of smoke, she immediately lost her smile as the smoke was cut in half by the Quantum sword, showing him with few minor scratches, making the queen's eyes widen, only to receive a shot in the hand making her cry out in pain, she held her wrist that had now recived a black mark, she glowered at Quantum, in retaliation she cast a spell with her horn, releasing a green ray towards Quantum, who when failed to reflect the beam, had the blaster thrown from his hand, she then taking advantage of it, used her wings to gain one impulse and flew with enormous speed towards Quantum, who when looking back had no time to react, being hit with everything in the belly and falled on the ground in pain, being dragged for meters with the Changeling Queen on top of him laughing, he kicked the queen up with both of his feet, throwing her up, and rolling back and falling on his feet, and with a charge he retaliated with a barrage of punches, the Queen had trouble keeping up, despite being one of the most powerful Queens Changelings in existence, she was still being pushed back, and with one final uppercut he trew her far away, making her crash and break a wall as a result, panting and with many scratches on his body with a few cuts, he breathed in relief as the Mane Six came running in his direction.

You might want to space that out a bit.

Also, question: Changelings are usually black. How could you tell? Perhaps a red mark would be better?

Fixed! Care to elaborate about "Run on sentence"?

Yep i know, However right now the Mane Six thinks that Chrysalis raw power defeated Celestia, that for them means that Celestia has been outmatched, i agree that Celestia is simply too strong, Alicorns in general are pretty strong, thats why in this chapter Quantum managed to defeat Chrysalis, he unleashed all his power in Ranger form, and mixed with Alicorn magic, even if he dosen't knew how to control it well, he in anger managed to defeat her, and he had nothing to lose, then even if he pushing his body to the limits might kill him

No problem bud. Love Time Force.


Essentially, it would be really difficult to find one who could say that in one breath.

Nice. Dino Thunder is cool too. Cuz of Tommy~

Tommy makes everything better, thats why he is the most iconic character

Though, IMHO, Carter Grayson (Lightspeed Rescue) is best (or boldest, at least) red ranger, let me say

I strongly prefer Jason, he was not only the original, but he also is the one that made me love power rangers

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