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0-temp art

Author's Note:

This chapter is being uploaded solely to show art I made of reformed changeling Harry Potter aka Lightning Sunrise using a character creator. Please note that due to limitations there are a few issues with the below pic:
The horn should be smaller, whole, and the grooves should be yellow.
The tail should be longer.
The yellow patch around his middle should be a royal changeling saddle of the same color.

edit: here have a link to my Discord: My Discord

Comments ( 6 )

SO CUTE, that is the perfect picture of how Harry should look like as a Changeling, but is he yellow like in that pic making him one of the Changedlings or will he be like the black colored one's of Chrysalis Hive?

That is him post reformation which happened last chapter so yes he is my version of a changedling as the AN clearly states. The fact his new coloration mirrors that of his Pegasus form which is seen on the cover is not a coincidence. Said form is what he'd look like if he was born a pony and/or griffin and is something all Changelings instinctively do. It has great advantages in that it ignores all but the most powerful of reveal (read cast by Twilight or above) spells and takes no Mana to maintain as it is considered a true form but is disadvantaged in that neither coloration, pattern, nor cutie mark can be changed. It is also generally unique and normally only can change very slowly over time. Traumatic near-death events like being near-death from self-inflicted starvation, being rescued by someone, and then deciding you are going to live the rest of your days as their twin/sibling that never was can force it to reset to this new form, but, well, again it involves extreme mental, emotional, and/or physical damage.
Back on topic a Changedlings true forms always mirror each other coloration and pattern-wise as much as is applicable. And no, they aren't glossy incoherently colored skittlebugs.
If you are wondering what Harry looked like pre-reformation his chitin, wings, mane, and tail were black and yellow. More specifically his saddle was yellow and his wings were yellow edged with black. And his eyes were exactly the same.

Cool pic. Now, out of curiosity, the ponycreator you used was from ponylumen, correct? If not, can you please give me the link? I always search for ways to improve.

Ponylumen allows either the leg gradient or the saddle but not both.

Thank you for the compliment. I plan on getting an actual commission done something fixing the issues.

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