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On the first anniversary of Twilight’s coronation, Changeling leaders Thorax and Pharynx are asked to act as Equestria’s former rulers, Celestia and Luna, for a play re-enactment of the coronation events in ‘The Last Problem’.
Unfortunately, Twilight’s desire for the first coronation anniversary play to be special that she pushed her allies into going against their own rules of staying in their regular forms, which could risk leading to chaos.

This is my first story to not have the genre of Romance, and the first story that I myself wanted to write, and not because of my selflessness.

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Comments ( 4 )

Ah yes. The "FUCK common sense!" part of ruling Equestria is kicking in for Twilight. Why? She is too stupid to ask Celestia and Luna themselves WHY? If this is a one-off thing, I can't see why they wouldn't mind.

Sorry. But this level of incompetence kills the story for me. Either the author didn't think of it. Or they want us to swallow this level of stupid on Twilight's part without question.

"Princess Twilight, so sorry we never thought of this earlier to spare you from all that trouble, but, would you like it if we also allow changelings to transform for acting in plays?" Thorax asked.

...Seriously, why didn’t they think of that sooner? :facehoof:

I think this is a great story. I like how Thorax and Pharynx kind of acted like the Royal Sisters in a way even when not in the play, pointing out Twi's mistakes and agreeing to help her set things right.

However, I do agree with Bezier Ballad, why didn't they think of making an amendment to the law? After all, many other changelings would probably be just as eager to preform in plays-especially considering Thorax literally made a Theater Club for them as seen in To Change a Changeling.

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