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Equestria, truly a beacon of hope for the world. Everyone’s heard the stories of their heroes: The Elements of Harmony, the magic of Friendship, yada yady yada.

They also saw themselves as a sort of police force for the world, which was obviously not a good sign for many countries. It was no surprise that the Griffons wanted to go to war, especially when their air superiority was challenged and all that. However, I’m not really into that kinda thing. I just want to fly in the sky! It’s kinda hard when everyone says an Earth Pony can’t do it, but if a pegasus can fly a jet, so can I!

(This is kind of a parody of Ace Combat, the logic of the Ace Combat games applies here [i.e. multiple missile, a HUD, so on and so forth]. There is implied death [such as explosion], and lots of no -no words.)

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Honestly interested in this. Would love to see more :twilightsmile:

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