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Argentinian writter trying to translate his stories here


After her first adventure in the Human World, Twilight Sparkle continues her studies in advanced magic by order of Princess Celestia. But a small mistake will bring a new visitor to Equestria that will influence the new adventure that awaits her and her friends with her techniques, her charisma and above all, with his Will of Fire.

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The correct plural is Timberwolves.

wow there is alot of he when there should be she

Comment posted by Alexandermon deleted Oct 30th, 2020

That is all I needed to hear. Give me a couple of days, and the next chapter will we done.

Poor Naruto always getting the butt end of things.

Kuramua: Why did Minito seal me inside this kid of all things? 'Sigh' Here we go again.

"What a bummer" -Shikamaru complained scratching the back of his neck- "That Naruto always getting into trouble from which we have to get him out"

"Whar a drag"

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