• Published 17th Jul 2020
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Sunbeam - TheMajorTechie

Twilight Sparkle has stepped down. This is how Equestria crumbled.

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So it finally happened. Celestia's gone out to fight. The Whirlybirds apparently helped a little bit, but whatever Klugetown has been sending was able to hold up and move forward. Starlight's in charge again for now, and Celestia's flown out on a special armored Whirlybird. Still no mention of Luna at the moment. With the war going on, I don't think very much attention is being put on her.

Anyways, after Celestia left this morning, a bunch of the nobles started rallying more ponies to volunteer for the Royal Guard. The descendent of Prince Blueblood even went as far as saying that he would join the guards if he has to. They're also talking about holding a vote to rename Equestria's Royal Guard force to something else, but I'm not really sure what they have in mind. I'm just hoping that this whole thing can end soo--

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