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I like to write stories about the shippings: TwiLuna, MoonLight, NightmareRarity, RariLuna, NightmareNightmare, ChryLight and TempestLight


Luna and Twilight have been together since their first Nightmare Night. But when Twilight has a bad dream, she wakes up in the middle of the night and worries that one day the dream will come true. But Luna assures Twilight that this dream will never come true and that they will continue together.

A fix-fic for those who didn't like what happened in the ninth season.

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A fix-fic for those who didn't like what happened in the ninth season.

These kinds of stories generally have to have the AU tag because they match the tag's usage definition to a T and deliberately are made to 'fix' things and respond to disliked content in the show.

Luna calling Twilight "Love" so much was rather repetitive, and I agree this should have the AU tag.

“But why not? Is he that bad that you don’t want to tell me?” asked Luna, now confused.

Twilight Sparkle started to cry even more. “Yes, Luna. He is very bad…”

You should replace both "he"s with "it"

“And I will not leave of rule Equestria with my sister.”

The grammar here is incorrect. I'm not sure how to fix it, though.

Overall though, this was a cute fic!

Sorry about the mistakes. But i already corrected

Another cute fic I say.
Wished there was more fics out there on the sisters(or at least Luna) deciding to not retire ever or at least decide to return from retirement.
Really not fond of how the writers made Luna want to retire like that. Theres just.. a bunch of issues from that.

what are you talking about? The royal sisters do not retire... never!
*frantic eye twitch* NEVER!
They're just on a short holiday trip... just two weeks *twitch*

A fix-fic for those who didn't like what happened in the ninth season.

THANK YOU! X3 :heart:

Bet you did it for me in addition to the many not liking Season 9, right? :3

Yes. And also because I also didn't like the ninth season and because I saw other fanfics where the season 8 and 9 and when the epilogue of season 9 is nothing more than a dream.

It was adorable. Thank you for writing

I don't know if you read this story, but I wrote a story where Twilight is heartbroken by Luna's decision to retire because she fell in love with Luna since her first Nightmare Night. I also have a series where Luna visits Twilight after the Last Problem episode and they even get married.

Which one is that called? :0

The story where Twilight gets heartbroken is I'm Fine, okay?

I'll check it out then.

Okay. I also did a series, which is currently being written, where Luna comes back to Canterlot to see Twilight, and later, they get married.

I remember reading those too :0

It would be nice if we could consider some of that a bad dream.

Its Funny you didn't mention Discord trying to boost Twilight's confidence by pretending to be Grogar, uniting Chrysalis, Tirek, Cozy Glow, and resurrecting Sombra.

I just added this, and even the trio's petrification

It makes no sense for season 9 and its pointless for Luna to retire since she's been trapped in the moon for a millennium. I always thought the royal sisters were gods.

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