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Towan for short

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Oli #1 · May 2nd · · ·

I would love to see a sequal. Ty for this amazing Story.

Comment posted by Oli deleted May 3rd

woah. I didn´t expected but danm that was hot. I wouldn´t mind a sequel. 12/12 for excellent pervyness!!!!!!!!

Sequel please.

Oh, FLurry Heart got corrupted and hard soul vore'd too; this is fantastic! That was one of the best elements in the other fic for me, so great to see it appear again, but in a different way. :twilightsmile:

Also wow her parents are not going to be happy finding their daughter has a permanent stain on her soul if they ever find out. Really loved the ending; not much fics that have impregnation show birth (and interspecies baby too :heart:), so thanks for having that!

Also I spoiled the comment so people won't yell at me.


Shining is constantly cockblocking her

He already called dibs


Bet if Spikes wasn't family, she'll go to him only for Shining to catch them afterwards

Ruffian #9 · May 4th · · ·

Yay..... Why


Great story i'd love a sequel where Flurry raise Felgrad and watch how he'd get revenge on Celestia as well as Flurry going full demon near the end

I think this story can be a sequel of Sealed in Tartarus, if you rewrite this story happen 2 years after Twilight was dragged to Tartarus.:twilightoops:

"When Flurry gave birth to Felgrand's avatar, Twilight stayed in Tartarus with her own trio sons took turns in impregnating her for fun.":twilightblush:

Are you interested in my idea for rewriting this story?
Let me know your thoughts.:twilightsmile:

Sadly less comments than I had hoped for. But that just means I have to value the few I got more! :pinkiesmile:


Glad you liked it! :yay: Sequel is less likely though. I mean, it is an alternate take of another Commission, so it is more likely for Sealed in Equestria to get a sequel. Albeit that does depend on the Commissioner and if he wants a sequel in the end.


Yup. Variation with different Soul Vore. I prefer the one in the original one more though. Munching on souls is more fun! :pinkiesmile:


Funny thought. Dibs on the daughter. Lewd, and also quite the hot topic. :moustache:


Shining keeps Spike faaaaaaaaaaaar away from Flurry. Believe me. Girl is into exotic and her father already had to stop her once before. Poor Spike has been traumatized ever since! :trollestia:


While interesting, I don't think it is the best idea. Celestia being on alert about Felgrand seeing a colt colored like him could raise alarm bells. And adding this would really mean referencing it all and having a more oppressive atmosphere. Sure, one could connect overprotective Shining here, but it isn't worth the effort. And two different kinds of Soul Vore is something I do like in two different kinds of stories. Like each method is the normal one in their respective stories. In short I rather have this be a more lighthearted story. I do appreciate your idea though. Drawing connections is something I do find rather interesting. :twilightsmile:

I mean it seems like she got what she wanted

Will we ever see an update to Twilight story

‘Gonna give it to aunt Twilight. Libraries can be fun after all!’ she joked, giggling like an overeager schoolfilly.


Twilight is alway right

Feels like Corruption of Champions. Which is a good thing.

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