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Star Shimmering

"You can make anything by writing." --C.S. Lewis. Hope to entertain you all. Let’s all have fun and read together, yea?


Human he was but not anymore. For he had died and was brought back in the next life as a Slime. He finds himself in a colorful world with a land full of ponies. He would later find himself drawn into the lives of the ponies of Canterlot, the friendship they have with others but one pony however was having trouble making any, while focusing on Magic more then making some pony friends.

Will he be able to befriend his potential pony friend? Can he build himself a new life in this land where he could fit in, despite being feared by ponies?

Written by Star Shimmering

MLP:FiM/That Time I Was Reincarnated as A Slime Crossover

Author’s note - This story is Set when Sunset Shimmer was still Princess Celestia’s prodigy. Years before Twilight Sparkle, the events of the Summer Sun Celebration, and the return of Nightmare moon. Life moves forward quietly.... but not too quiet.

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Wait did this story get updated?


For the first chapter, at least for now.

WAs this story in anyway inspired by the anime/manga "That Time I Was Reincarnated as A Slime?"

Is he and she supposed to be lowercase, or is He and She supposed to be uppercase?

A few years ago on one faithfully rainy day, a knock came at the main entrance of the princess’s castle. When She answered it, she found a sleeping foal wrapped up in her own blanket inside of a small basket. This mare grew up to live in the luxuriousness of the princesses' castle, and became Celestia's faithful student and prodigy.

(That's one example of the error.)

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