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Star Shimmering

"You can make anything by writing." --C.S. Lewis. Hope to entertain you all. Let’s all have fun and read together, yea?


Human he was but not anymore. For he had died and was brought back in the next life as a Slime. He finds himself in a colorful world with a land full of ponies. He would later find himself drawn into the lives of the ponies of Canterlot, the friendship they have with others but one pony however was having trouble making any, while focusing on Magic more then making some pony friends.

Will he be able to befriend his potential pony friend? Can he build himself a new life in this land where he could fit in, despite being feared by ponies?

Author’s note - This story is Set when Sunset Shimmer was still Princess Celestia’s prodigy. Years before Twilight Sparkle, the events of the Summer Sun Celebration, and the return of Nightmare moon. Life moves forward quietly.... but not too quiet.

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Is this a reboot? I swear I saw this cover before.


In a way yes, but the plot to this hasn’t change. This is also my comeback to this story since I left it in the shelf’s for a VERY long time.

its about time a chapter came out:scootangel:

Besides some spelling mistakes I really liked this. Good job bro and good luck on the story.

Oh I hope he gets a new name like Maelstrom

Or Vulcan

Or Orion Odyssey

Is this like Tensura?


You mean “That time I got reincarnated as a Slime?”

So what do you think of the name suggestions?

While there were several grammatical and spelling errors, none of it got in the way of my comprehension or enjoyment.
The most jarring misspellings were a consistent mixup of "were" and "where", as well as using "witch" instead of "which".


I know. I’m still a bit new to writing and trying my best to improve it; and it’s sometimes harder without an editor so I’m on my own here on this one. Which is why I’m taken pro cautions on the next chapter.

It's nice to know I was somewhat able to help with this story at one point!

If ya need an OC, I'll loan you my main drake, Astral Flare.

when will the next chapter come out:ajbemused:


Chapter 2 is still in the works, just a bit busy with studies at the moment so that’s why it was put on hold for long.

Comment posted by sinewystatue382 deleted September 10th

so when will the next chapter come out?:pinkiecrazy::heart:

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