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"U still need to stay on top of things like the top of the mornin' u don't stay on top of that it's gonna stay on top of u. The mornin' has real top energy."-jacksepticeye


Twight was being extra once again, she was trying to cast spells while flying. She trying to get better at it so that she could keep up with all the other alicorns. Unfortunately, she lost her concentration. Luckily Discord caught her just in time. While she was thankful for that she was more worried than anything else. Why? Because Discord seemed to have a heart murmur, after a lot of convincing and bribing twilight finally gets him to agree to a medical exam. She just wants to make sure her friend is ok, but its also Discord. So that check-up goes about as well as you'd think.

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Sequel with Twilight experiencing her "vacation."

This was so funny:rainbowlaugh:

yeah that's exactly what I'm thinking a "vacation." I'm so glad you liked it! (I'm working sequel ideas as we speak actually. :D)

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